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  1. Yeah, that did the trick. I got projects and tasks. All is good. Great work,. Katiee!
  2. Yes, it looks just fine on the profile page even after logging out and in again. I'll get you those files as soon as I get home.
  3. I have now tried to setup projects on the new profile page and sync with two of my hosts, but I'm getting blank results. No projects, no tasks, after syncing with the pool.gridcoin.co manager. I have tried everything I can think of, from simply adding projects to the host on the profile and syncing, to entirely detaching from the pool manager, removing all projects and adding the manager again. The event log greets me with successful logins and "fetching configuration file..." but no joy.
  4. I've received a couple of small transactions. Could it be the pool that's starting to pay out?
  5. Excellent work with the pool! It's a true pleasure being able to help out as one of the early testers. I did not receive any payment from you though. Not that I expect much for the little work my laptop has done so far, but I thought you might want to know that if it was supposed to go out to me (cibban [ at ] cibban [dot] se) it didn't work. Will there eventually be a possibility to set resource shares etc?
  6. First (Closed Beta) Gridcoin Research Pool

    I had "% of work" for all my hosts appear two days ago, not much but some, but now it's zero again. All hosts are crunching away. Could this have something to do with my email and the first host being added to the pool pre webpage?
  7. First (Closed Beta) Gridcoin Research Pool

    The simplest way I found is to install boinctui and synk with BAM. In the notification area you will get two numbers. The first is the pool's ID and the second (Host ID i think it's called) is the BAM! ID you should use for the pool. You could of course just sync with BAM! in the Manager GUI or with boniccmd, and look at the log file.
  8. Starter Coins for Beginners

    Thank you! I will pay them forward. See you on IRC.
  9. Starter Coins for Beginners

    Greetings, guys and gals! I'm just another newbie, really green but eager to get going. I just love the GRC concept, as I would do that BOINC crunching even if I didn't get paid. I actually did, some years ago. I have requested my 20 starter coins at USCore but my client is still syncing so I have not received them yet. I get that 20 is a little low to start with, so I humbly ask if anyone could spot me a little more. I will either pay it back or pay it forward, at the lenders discretion. Thanks in advance! /CB PS. Being a noob I obvoiusly forgot to paste my address. :-) S7k2oFFHWfkgz88yJQr7sGpJgqkhx1KazD

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