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  1. rtw93

    German Thread

    Beacon hab ich schon geschickt... Naja Urlaub wäre schon gewesen^^ Studium und 2 jobs halten einen auf... Uhm ok IRC wieder/immernoch aktuell oder nutzen immernoch alle slack?
  2. rtw93

    German Thread

    Hey Leute, bin jetzt gut ein jahr raus aus dem thema GRC... Kann mir jemand ne kurze zusammenfassung geben was sich so getan hat und wieso ich auf einmal keine CPID mehr habe und als investor fahre (obwohl ich nie aufgehört habe zu crunchen und mich eigendlich auf ne fette zahlung gefreut habe) XD
  3. Erweiterungen zu diesem Tutorial findet ihr auf http://gridcoin.ninurta.name/
  4. New German tutorial on gridcoin.ninurta.name Its about how to use BOINC on a Digital Ocean Droplet hope you enjoy it: http://gridcoin.ninurta.name/boinc-auf-digitalocean/
  5. rtw93

    German Thread

    Wir haben ein neues Tutorial auf http://gridcoin.ninurta.name/ Es handelt davon wie man auf einem Digital Ocean Droplet BOINC nutzt. http://gridcoin.ninurta.name/boinc-auf-digitalocean/ Hoffe es gefällt euch und ich würde mich über feedback freuen (gerne auch im IRC)
  6. A little tip to everyone: its realy easy to mine this coins^^ so you can start mining and get more
  7. Started mining Today^^ Its realy easy to cpu mine it. So it makes fun to mine it. Nice coin^^
  8. I dont know how, but after starting the wallet today everything was fine... Thanks fore ur help dudes^^
  9. ahdFJhF2785RxijwzSqv8gFVqjoCxy7jZh thanks
  10. Are all your projects still using the same cpid? Are you on the same blockhash/block as gridresearchcorp.com explorer.gridcoin.asia and grcnode.co.uk ? Anyone that's experiencing sudden issues, they should scroll through their debug.log files when the client is off to try and detect what's causing your issues. & look for what, exactly?! :/ You've populated the "email=" in the config file, correct? Once that is in, "list cpids" should show the calculated cpids. You also have to ensure the path to boinc is correct if it is not in the default (c:\programdata\boinc). You should then see your projects in list cpids. At that point, the execute advertisebeacon force should work, but while the client thinks you are an investor, it wont send it. The web site wont pick up a cpid that has not been advertised or staked. I tryed it with adding the path yesterday.... Still investor... When i use list CPID i dont see my projekts... [ { "Command" : "cpids" }, { "PoolMining" : false } ] well i dont know what to do... i use GRC 8 month without any problem... plz help xd
  11. I have the same problem like fineziq since few days... At first i was thinking it will fix it self but now i take a look to the nn and i cant find my CPID in it... (e514c72084f6b6dc5526bb0c47041ef7) At the block explorer i still can find my cpdi... http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/?cpid_dashboard&CPID=e514c72084f6b6dc5526bb0c47041ef7
  12. same... but this was solved after rebuild blocks and download them... but i lost my CPID one day before... -.- to be just investor sucks...

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