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  1. Yup - No problem ; Fixed! Rob Rob, can you fix the credit problem on my finance account?? Thanks in advance. CPID: f6a5fdbf4e0742e13e3937b68ed76739
  2. I just followed the process myself a couple days ago. After some initial bumps in the road, it seems stable. I did have an issue similar to yours, and I think it was just because I only added one or two projects. After it didn't seem consistently able to pull WUs, I just added my account manager using some commands online and it is working consistently since then. It's an idea to try if all else fails.
  3. Likewise... Had a great 1 day with a magnitude and POR. Glad to know it's problem being worked on. Thanks, Quez!
  4. Glad I'm not the only one. I'm relatively new, but things were running well for a week. Received several POR over multiple days, then my last just before midnight on 9/26. Seems consistent with others' problems beginning around 9/27. Any news related to this? Or do we just keep crunching and hope for a fix soon? **Update - Not two hours after typing this up, my magnitude is back and I received POR. 6 days with 0 magnitude and no POR, but it appears fixed at least for now. Hopefully everyone else too.

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