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  1. Hey, I am getting the same error w/ my wallet. Do you know how this was resolved? I have tried everything in this thread along w/ trying to delete beacon but w/o any success. I haven't gotten a return tx yet and it's been a few days. Do you know where to get the public keys the beacon is using?
  2. Ive tried the backup process twice now, and both times I sent the money it's released from my wallet is sent, but I don't get a return tx. I've waited 2-3 days and still no return tx. Sent to the right address with the right message as well. Tried the other backup and it still gives me the same error.
  3. CPID Constantly invalid. Fresh install. Missing keypairs and Can't clear beacon. Hey everyone, So I believe the problem I am having is that I am missing my keypairs in my config file. I checked my previous config file and there is only 1 other file with a keypair and that file gives me the same error. "CPID Invalid". The CPID is showing up as it always has for the past 2+ years. My wallet looks fine aside from this. Here is my "execute beaconstatus" [ { "Command" : "beaconstatus" }, { "CPID" : "2b28dd6fd317650b0615ce4913d5bae9", "Beacon Exists" : "Yes", "Beacon Timestamp" : "06-10-2017 10:15:33", "Public Key" : "04060aeea31d7464c0e62db1375c321915d101be45b11a2b493eb452ebdd382b43f6a78ac13d9c6795b1fc2e45a31647a5808341e38b97693addc3820a4b49cd9b", "Private Key" : "", "Local Configuration Public Key" : "", "Magnitude (As of last superblock)" : 650.00000000, "Block Signing Test Results" : false, "Errors" : "Private Key Missing. Local configuration file Public Key missing. Local configuration public key does not match beacon public key. This can happen if you copied the wrong public key into your configuration file. Please request that your beacon is deleted, or look into walletbackups for the correct keypair. Failed to sign POR block. This can happen if your keypair is invalid. Check walletbackups for the correct keypair, or request that your beacon is deleted. ", "Help" : "Note: If your beacon is missing its public key, or is not in the chain, you may try: execute advertisebeacon.", "Configuration Status" : "FAIL" } ] and here is my "execute advertisebeacon" [ { "Command" : "advertisebeacon" }, { "Result" : "FAIL", "CPID" : "2b28dd6fd317650b0615ce4913d5bae9", "Message" : "", "Errors" : "ALREADY_IN_CHAIN", "FAILURE" : "Note: if your wallet is locked this command will fail; to solve that unlock the wallet: 'walletpassphrase <yourpassword> <240>'." } I have tried the "delete beacon" pdf, but at the end of the walkthrough the returned grc value is 0.00011 grc, not the corerect ammount. I sent RT_Money a PM on here a while back (few weeks now) asking to manually delete my beacon but I haven't recieved any word back yet. Is there anything else I can be doing to solve this issue? I tried fresh install, I tried reloading a few different config files, and the above items. Thanks!
  4. You don't have to do any work on the wallet computer. You can pause/suspend your work as long as networking is enabled.
  5. I'm on Win10 x64, ran wallet as admin, ran update. wallet updated and I'm running latest right now, no problems.
  6. Just got this when I restarted my computer. After that wallet basically froze. It wouldn't quit, or change screens. I could load up the menu options like console though. After this every launch did the same error. I tried Retry abort and ignore. Same. Debug doesn't bring up anything either. Reinstalled, looks fixed. waiting for sync.
  7. My "crashes" are really weird. Windows reports that GRC wallet has stopped responding, and it says to quit the program. i hit quit, but the wallet is still fine, there's no issues at all. I'm 100% sure that there isn't a "quit and restart" option that I'm hitting. The wallet isn't crashing but windows says it is. I'll try to get a log as soon as it happens next time.
  8. How can you calculate how many GRC you would make per day? You say it's 500/1000+ Mag, so is it linear? 1000GRC/2000 Mag? (Of course, when RA launches, not right now since there's a low mag cap right now).
  9. Is this issue prevalent in the beta? I'll throw up a VM tonight and load up the beta client and help out. Anything specific you would like to test?
  10. My dual xeon rig pulls around 350-400w according to my UPS depending on load. My M1000e's pull at minimum 128W with all blades off and around 1700w with all blades on and low-load. The current peak draw is 5200w at 100% load.
  11. Word on the irc is that the frequent bad superblocks (0 mag issue) is due to users staking on an old wallet. Is there a way to force update the old wallet users? Or kick them off the chain? Yes, we can do that in the morning possibly with a protocol version increase; will look into it. Thanks! Awesome! Thanks, lets hope that puts an end to these bad blocks.
  12. Word on the irc is that the frequent bad superblocks (0 mag issue) is due to users staking on an old wallet. Is there a way to force update the old wallet users? Or kick them off the chain?
  13. Hey, so is that 0 mag issue something with the current superblock, or is it an issue with the wallet? Just want to clear some confusion me and a few other users on the IRC are having! Thanks Rob.

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