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  1. Hi all, writing to you here, as some people on WCG have expressed the offer of me becoming a captain. Check posts here: World Community Grid - View Thread - Team Gridcoin As I'm mostly involved there & not much elsewhere (on other forums). So posting here their suggestion, hoping that some agreement can be made & some leverage for contacting WCG to make "someone active" as a captain on WCG. WCG Gridcoin team has now over 4000 members & we couldn't participate in THOR challenge, as we don't have active captain on WCG. My opinion we need an active captain for a team of over 4000 members. It doesn't have to be me, but can be anyone else who is active on WCG (forum also) & can put WCG Gridcoin team in some challenges. So what do you think? Do we have a candidate?
  2. KLiK

    World Community Grid

    There has been some developments in WCG, so just to let you all know: https://www.worldcommunitygrid.org/forums/wcg/viewthread_thread,40876_offset,0#584818 Hopefully, Gridcoin will sign the DPA & Gridcoin team (& donations) will live on WCG...
  3. KLiK

    World Community Grid

    Will we recieve the coins that have been put to Gridcoin team, as we kept on crunching (like it's not tomorrow)?
  4. Just mined 300 GRC after 2 months around midnight...don't know how, don't know why? After 2 days ti came, even though I've run the GRC wallet weekly to sync & last week I've run it all week. :/
  5. Executed beaconstatus for it: "Public Key" : "044f214bb7dc338e0e697809b506abf15949e816fa9dfba78a2a2fb4c09c888520cb666770bc320cc48dd10bde686dc263e5c073cb705d69aa89823155db4b562c" Thanks for the helping out.
  6. Well, I'm not a programmer...so some thing are just "too complicated here"...maybe it seems like "whining", but "GRC wiki" is poorly written...so have don't know how to get some answers...especially when my friend Google doesn't know it! LoL :D Eventually I'll leave, as the alternative for going solo is to go to pools. Which is not a viable thing for me, as I like to "collect badges" on WCG, so have to micro-manage the projects on my profile - something that's not possible with going into pool! Why? Well, my machines get slower & slower, as more people pour in. So the magnitude goes down & eventually I'll cross below the magical number of 5 MAG... Unless I upgrade enough to keep on going. Several times I've told group that they "favor the big accounts on GRC", but they probably don't care about that. Several times I've told them to pay out backwards from 6th month forward & that could keep everyone happy. They ignored that also. Don't know how is in companies that you work for, but in those that I work: workers have to get paid. Everything else is secondary! & back to help out to development, as I'm not a programmer - can't help. My expertise is limited to suggestion which are proven in mathematics & physics. That's what I can do, that's what I do. Use it or don't...I can always go cash-in all the GRC's...but seems like lately there had been problems also there...ups! ;) @Marco Nilsson: thanks...will get you information when I get home.
  7. MRC wouldn't need to be possible if the calcs were adjusted by formula: coefficient of latest payoff date: latestpayofday / 180 That way, the guys that didn't get paid of for a long time would get a chance from stakers who have more money on the account. But GRC accepted the path to value more "large capitalists in GRC" & to make GRCpools, then those who didn't get paid for a long time. Too sad, as it's the same path "banks & neo-capitalists go". ☹️
  8. https://gridcoinstats.eu/cpid/6b075145fca06c9f0ddce6df72331be0 & also, on GRCstats I can't see my other address. Which has 800GRC on it.
  9. Same with me...can't stake from March... Wallet is up & running...it gets some 2-3 days before the staking should work... Right now it has written that it's staking...but nothing for last 2 days! I swear to God, sometimes I wish to get out of this "little project"...& go somewhere else, especially when there's alternative (like Byteball or others).
  10. v3.7.10.0 didn't help, still stuck on block 1154171. execute syncdpor2 doesn't help execute restart doesn't help :(
  11. I'm still stuck with v3.7.9.0 or v3.7.10.0 on block 1154171. :( execute syncdpor2 doesn't help. restart of wallet, doesn't help
  12. Has anybody else got stuck with syncing with v3.7.9.0?

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