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  1. I am sending out small batches of payouts and just keeping an eye on things. Of course, there is a backlog of payouts for the last few days...
  2. It looks like your best bet is to uninstall and purge the datadir for one of them, then resinstall boinc and connect to the pool.
  3. Are they VMs? Are they sharing network adapters? Did you copy their configs? If one is overwriting the other then they may have the same MAC Address and they look the same to the project sites, thus they end up looking the same on the pool.
  4. You are attached to the project using your personal account instead of using the Account Manager with the pool. When you are attached correctly, you will see grcpool.com as the Account name in BOINC. You will need to detach your projects and use the pool Account Manager to attach projects. Let me know if you have further issues.
  5. Latest wallet could be the answer, but I am also experiencing the issue with pool #1 is stuck on 1,010,000 while pool #2 and #3 are moving along fine...
  6. Great! I'll start working on this again in August. I am in the middle of doing a refactor for some backend stuff over the next few days.. then will get started. Are we able to essentially start from scratch or are there some previous items we need to include?
  7. If you need any pool support and are in a serious point for testing/development something let me know. I had set some APIs up but pulled them since it didn't seem we were ready. I think with the growth of the pools, pi grid should probably have its own pool due to the mag limitation, and I think it would be interesting to see what an army of pis could do. Could restrict that pool to pi users only, and have the projects tailored to their needs. This would give me an opportunity to start down the subdomain path also. https://pigrid.grcpool.com - let me know. Brian..
  8. teamgridcoin.slack.com is the slack team your GPU is being used by Moo Wrap: http://moowrap.net//results.php?hostid=869871
  9. Hi.. Note while looking at stats in the client, you need to look at Host stats for your personal stats. Looking at user stats give you the stats for the pool. If I look at the 'buddy' host as you have it, there has been zero GPUGrid worked performed by that host. You can view your host stats on the page http://www.gpugrid.net//show_host_detail.php?hostid=434729 Feel free to chat with me on slack or email me if you would like to continue the investigation. Thanks, Brian...
  10. With all the Steem articles flying around, i thought I would post my first... https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@bgb/a-grcpool-com-six-month-retrospective
  11. I can hold and distribute if needed. Not sure what the real status is of those funds though... what is preventing the distribution today?

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