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  1. I have been so long out of the picture (years), that I have to relearn what is going on. Easy enough.... I will continue to look through here. Also need to buy new equipment as I have nothing to mine with at the moment. Cheers... and Yarrrrr!
  2. Yarrrrr you would! I would even pay 9 pieces of 8 for that booty!
  3. DeathsHead


    Space Balls? Yarrrrrr!
  4. I do like myself some beaver... especially drunken beaver. I dont know about the coin... but beaver gets my YoA! Yarrrrrr!
  5. I think this is the thread you were looking for? https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/676-sifcoin-sic-information/ Yarrrrr!
  6. So I have been gone for a while and things have changed around here. Bitcoin - Down Litecoin - Down Alt coins - Virtually no value at all. Big rigs are still mining the major coins keeping the pressure up but the number of people (average joes) mining from home computers seems (to me at least) way down. Even on this site, the participation numbers seem way down from when I left. This is actually all good news (in my opinion). I left Crypto just right after it peaked. I saw realestate making a comeback and thought it was time to shift gears. I rode that out for a while and I am going to go out on a limb here and make a few predictions. I see the realestate market in the beginning phases of starting to fall again. I dont think I would have enough time to make any more deals in this area so I am back out of that. I see the stock markets are at all time highs and in my opinion are only 1 major event away from a crushing meltdown. (bigger they are the harder they fall) Domain names are going through a transition as well (but there is still $$$ to be made there). What all of this says to me is that when the shoes drops, people will be looking for a place to put their $$$. We are looking at deflation followed by intense inflation on the way (again... my opinion). Call it a hunch but if/when things go down, I can foresee cryptos getting back in the swing of things again. Most people will come to the party too late. Those who are here now (early if you will) will stand a better chance. I am not sure if any alt coins will survive but I will make the prediction that the major player coins will see a resurgence. I could be completely wrong, but the timing is right for a upswing. Once market manipulation gets out of the way, we should see a major sea change in how business is done and in that probably see a upswing in the value of the major crypto currency coins. Just food for thought. Yarrrrrrr!
  7. All it requires is a stick of butter (soft but not melted), flour (sifted.. no lumps here), vanilla (real), chocolate chips (60% cacao), baking soda, baking powder, and nuts (lots of them... enough crazy people to follow me and get the job done). Oh and at least one developer with more time then sense on their hands. Feel free to apply with a "Hell Yarrrrr!" Oh... punch and pie. Yarrrrrrrr! See... I knew you guys missed me.
  8. Yarrrrr Yarrrrrrrrrr Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Ok, now that I got that out of my system. I am sorry you had to witness such flagrant use of Yarrrs but I had some pent yup Yarrrrrrrs that I had to get out of my system. Yarrrrrrrrrrr! Cheers
  9. Sorry that I have not been active guys... In the process of purchasing a home and its has been consuming a lot of my time. Hopefully it will be better here shortly. Yarrrrrrr! Cheers
  10. DeathsHead


    Watch Yarrrrrrrrrr mouth when speaking of the Fonz. But I agree with gettingold... that is John Travolta from Grease (I think). With that said, Vinny Barbarino was Welcom Back Kotter. Yarrrrrrrr Cheers
  11. Along the same lines.... Dont sneak up behind me... I will stick (stab) you like a pig! Yarrrrr Cheers
  12. I feel ya matey.... You would have a better time poking your own eye out then dealing with them. I say put on your best pirate face and keelhaul the lot of them. Yarrrrrrr! Just my thoughts (now valued at $89.60) Cheers
  13. ROTFLMAO That is one of the best things I have heard in a long time! "Respect that Piggy, Want that Piggy, Buy that Piggy, Have faith in the Piggy Coin.... Dont be scared little Piggy, your going to the moon... " I will hire you or who ever did when ever I come out with a coin to do my music. I love it.... funny as hell! That song gets a YARRRRRRRRRRRR OF APPROVAL! Yarrrrrrr! Cheers Thanks for the laugh.
  14. Its coin coin, so nice you say it twice. Feel free to use that as a slogan! Yarrrrrrrr! Cheers

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