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  1. Ooooo, see now, THIS I like. I've been over here much longer than that "other" place, which I really don't like, no worries, personal preference. So it was nice to see someone else speaking about ONION over here, where I am usually, though conspicuously absent lately, griping at the guys about something over in the GRC section of the forum. I know at least one person over there in that crew became interested in DO *waves*, because he gave me a shout over on the community forum. Even though they let me post here, I think this is a much more sane forum, :P. It constantly amazes me how motivated people tend to be in the cryptocurrency communities, it's almost an evangelical zeal sometimes. DeepOnion has definitely got the community behind it, and with the new exchange opening up soon, Kucoin, I'm positive even more of that community involvement will pay off with a nice positive (slow and organic) sustainable growth. Huge expectations here for the DO project, and so nice to see it mentioned on this forum!
  2. Since V8, haven't staked, did shortly before V8. Very small time to stake now reported, usually 3 to five days, but the client seems unstable, I've changed nothing and it becomes unresponsieve after 36 to 48 hours.
  3. Glad you pointed out that article :). If it helps, I7-7700 with an SLR'd pair of GTX 1070's tears Collatz Conjecture (especially the mini-collatz) and GPUGrid a new one and you can rush some mag that way fairly well.
  4. I was doing some project tweaking, and noticed this : base R159 proven On 14th of July, denravonska, a member of the team Gridcoin found the last prime for base R159. The prime 172*159^561319-1 has 1.235.689 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database. Good job! 6 Aug 2017, 6:18:16 UTC I missed that previously, so congrats :)
  5. I need to get this in one place, for simplicity at least - In the V8 Steemit article, a bit ago, it has been stated (in regards to Gridcoin being altruisitic), " That may be the perception by some, but this has never been an official stance within the Gridcoin network. For-Profit and non-scientific projects are likely going to be a reality in the future. " I would like to ask, a very polite, "Huh?!" Define non-scientific, please. We have been typing away here pushing and scraping to prove the worth of GRC because of it's benefits to humanity and it's altruisim and now it's "likely" to go with for profit and non-scientific projects? When did that get decided? By stating that, you just totally de-railed @dc7ds statement above, that amounted to, if you don't like GRC being less profitable, go find another more profitable coin.
  6. I am kind of wondering if you meant the comparison between ass and gift :P. @Marco Nilsson I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate the feedback and how things have gone in the last few comments. To the end of a little experimentation of my own, I have, in the last day or so, I should have marked the exact time, re-tasked my own hardware that normally mines (all non-ASIC) to see just what is going to happen. Already I have seen pending credits in a day that I recently saw in a week, and I intend to push that higher with some in project tweaking where it's allowed. I'm literally unplugging HDMI to avoid the heat buildup from the exhaust on the plugs. We just had a superblock, so, by the weekends end, I may see something interesting. Part of that is because I am stubborn, have never used the pool with Gridcoin, and wish to stay my course, no offense to the pool or it's users, but I'm in enough other pools already. You devs have your version of crazy, I have mine :P. I find myself wondering though, why we have a majority "vastly overestimating the significance their magnitude has on their stake weight". Maybe I need to look back at GRC's whitepaper to determine where that concept may come from? /shrug The 1.5% annually, I should probably know this already, is only going to be paid out on what is in your wallet, correct? Then that is another little hit if staking frequency is going to drop and has probably already been considered.
  7. Ok, I'm not trying to be a total ass here, it just comes naturally, call it a "gift". I went with @dutch's analysis (which originally used 135k to stake daily), in the same article that was kind of amended to 40k, which is what I based my numbers on and they were rough numbers. So, I made the "ahem" bold assertion that with the rising price of GRC, someone would need to lay out US$ 2000 to stake every other day. Ok, math is generally good there, inputs are off. Let's again, work backwards from what I think I know. 20,000 GRC multiplied by 0.04 to 0.05 (one penny fluctuation in price) means an initial layout of between 800 and 1000 US$. Market capitalization of GRC increases, which I assume is what anyone with even one GRC wishes, and BAM! (hey look a pun) those new to GRC say, hell no. Gridcoin is in a competition for the hearts, minds, wallets, hashes of those who are involved in crypto. To win them over to the greener side of crypto, GRC hits them with it's benefits outside that, we've all talked the talk and we're onboard with GRC being it on a stick. We aren't gonna win those people over though to push GRC where we want it to go though if they can lay that out for a Baikal miner instead and make ROI in a month on the next signature campaign driven altcoin. (I kind of recently did that, and I'm a crypto-country-bumpkin.) I am not saying V8 isn't necessary, I am saying I have a vast dislike for it, how it came to be, why it's necessary and it's associated researcher "debuff". I'll probably be aggravated about it fresh everytime I see the post-exploit release notes, so I'm not going to look at them anymore.🏳️ In the last couple of statements, have I missed anything? Assertion, it now costs more to be altruistic and see a gold star than it did before. If market cap goes higher, new crunchers that are not prepared may be discouraged because of entry costs, therefore a priority is reduction of entry costs or some mechanism of making new crunchers feel giving up easy money is worth it.
  8. @Marco Nilsson Thank you for the info! Sooo, about to head to sleepyland...I'll be very short. V8, as it is being implemented, is indeed, a "debuff", CM's term, to the researcher. Or did I misunderstand?
  9. @Marco Nilsson Thank you for reading and trying to take the time to inform us (me). There are persons who are being silent for the most part, that are watching / reading and making decisions but not getting involved, and that is in part due to what is perceived to be an ill-reception. Apparently, I am a masochist, and I'm sure that the devs feel the same way inside their own space, so they certainly have my understanding for that. The terms, "small miner", "medium miner" are not well-defined for many of us, and I'm certain that the lines between them are permeable. It is easier to define an "investor" versus a "researcher". With that in mind, would someone who is "in the know" care to attempt to define some general statistics so that we can determine where we fit into these descriptions. A good baseline of definitions for these terms would be great for promoting understanding and foster communication. Is someone considered a small researcher / miner that carries less than 10k GRC and does less than 500k research credit a day? For dev purposes in determining how the community is affected by decisions, where are they drawing the distinction? I am not asking for anything to be written in stone, just to develop a common language to foster easier communication. Thanks!
  10. @Quez Thank you for taking the time to drop in as I honestly (everyone can breathe safely) have no desire to make an appearance in that channel. That in mind, if you read this, I might make a request, since those of us not there, but who are trying to be active in other places might feel our input in those places is not being heard (the radio silence other than an announcement of an update is deafening), to please ask them to give a quick read, won't take ten minutes and remain caught up on our discussions. Open another tab and simply type an ominous sounding, "The devs are here, we see you" or something would be fine, not necessarily a direct engagement with us lowly, "small" miner / researcher peons. I'm making lite, and please take it in good fun, but there is a, and I do NOT want to use the term elite in any way, separation in those affected by V8 in what we feel is a negative way, and those that are not affected in a negative way who also happen to be devs.
  11. Thank you! That is, I think, a very good illustration of my point across all these post-One Million Exploit comments. The smallest thing can potentially incentivize someone to reasearch, in my case, I like seeing my rank climb, it's subjective. Rob's concept behind Gridcoin, unless it has changed, still is brilliant, a doesn't cost anyone anything - might as well be a cookie or a shiny gold star - incentive to research. Post this very disappointing choice by Brod to make a mockery of the system in such a public fashion, there is less incentive, the shiny gold star sticker is less shiny, that is my opinion, but it is not my opinion alone. I saw where a researcher, relatively new, divested his entire GRC portfolio today in response to all this junk. If you say that was silly of him to do, I agree, but it was his choice, and was in part due to some of the effect Brod's choice had on the project. Please consider before becoming argumentative about my assertion, it happened, it might not have happened if Brod had not hurt the project. We don't get to know the answer. Some version of V8 needs to happen, but I don't agree with how it's being implemented. This is a massive change in how GRC does business, and I'm here discussing it, and in other places trying to keep up, sure would be nice though if we could all get on the same page and we felt more secure in knowing what was about to happen BEFORE it happens.
  12. In the spirit of competitiveness, which can be "rewarding", lol, yesterday I passed scalextrix, dtbahoney, and custominer in Collatz, can I have a cooki....I mean, can I stake now :P And I don't intend to be caught, lol, I do enjoy seeing the numbers roll by :)
  13. @barton26 I did see that, and I used @cm-steem's numbers, thus it was lower to begin with, 50k versus 135k I think it is. Staking everyday would be closer to what I saw with a balance of 10k, and started out solo-mining GRC with less than 100 GRC, a little more than two years ago. I'd be happy at this moment with a staking of a week (seven days) but I am not seeing that now. Newbies are simply not going to be able to start the way I did, to be certain. There was a simultaneous posting going on, hey, that's great, conversation is GOOD! Hey, I'm open to critique, feel free to look at my stats under my username and tell me if I "should" be staking that much, and since I am not, why. Profitability is definitely a word that is being thrown around, agreed. A phrase / request I see being thrown around is "Hey, comment, let us know, what do you think, etc. etc.. Here's what I think, and I don't believe I am alone why are the current solo miners being penalized and forced, to maintain profitability, into the pool. They lose voting rights, the coin loses de-centralization and imo a better fix (and no, I admit to having NO clue how to do it) would be one that doesn't penalize those who fit into the same slot as I being a solo-miner. Time Since Last Reward: 1 week, 1 day, 2 hours, 3 minutes, 19 seconds ago Estimated Research Owed: 37.83 GRC Estimated Interest Owed: 1.38 GRC That's me,. right there, so, honestly, I may have missed something obvious, how often (and yes, it's always open and unlocked) should I be? In one day my rank will pass grcpool.com-3 in Collatz, so, forgive me if I feel I am doing something right on the research end and there's a disconnect between me and staking, somewhere.
  14. I am basing that in part off of the information that I found in @dutchSteemit post, link above, and the additional information from @cm-steem in the comments of that article. Assumptions made, stake every other day, which is less than I used to do, maintain a balance of 50k GRC for that purpose (as opposed to my two plus year high of 10k casually researching), and the current rate of 0.04 US$ / GRC, and rising. So, 46k multiplied by 0.04 (and change), in order to stake less often than I used to do though I research a hell of a lot more.

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