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  1. I did not upgrade yet to .7 But just noticed in Baretail that the debug.log had this: V03/30/17 05:50:53 Hack attempt from - (banned) I don't know if that could be caused by me running .6 and other person is running .7 or somebody trying to sabotage the chain (or trying to hack my wallet) I'll be upgrading now, don't know if I can catch that again.
  2. Make sure that for [email protected] the Gridcoin team is joined. It has to be joined for each project.
  3. If you run testnet, prod gets upgraded too when testnet goes through mandatory upgrade.
  4. Diagnostics window doesn't seem to read the Boinc datadir path from the config file and errors out, complaining that the path needs to be added to the commandline. (My datadir is not located at default location)
  5. After upgrading from v3.5.6.4 to v3.5.6.5 my magnitude dropped from 245 to 0 (Using the wallet's upgrade button) superblock in NN window shows 1-1-1970 date. Great year, heheh. Gonna wait to see if it straightens itself out over the next 24 hrs:-) P.S. NN window shows mag of 145 which is a lot more believable, heheh
  6. I'm pretty sure that automatic 'unlock for staking only' was the idea. Not full unlocking.
  7. If I had to guess, I'd bet that the previous invalid cpid you posted about has something to do with this? :S I thought we were no longer looking up cpids using netsoft? Actually, I resolved the corrupted CPID issue, turns out there was a copy of [email protected] stuck that was still using the Pool's mangement system. Once I removed it and re-synced with BAM! then "list cpids" returned all projects with the proper CPID, however the wallet's main screen still says "CPID: Investor" as does "execute explainmagnitude"... You're fully solo crunching, right? Did you configure your gridcoin client to use the email address that you use for boinc projects? your gridcoinresearch.conf file should have email=youremail If so, try 'execute resetcpids' in the console and leave it for a bit of time. Yes, fully solo, all projects in list are being managed by BAM and not the pool. It is configured to use my BOINC email. I did the execute resetcpids which I suspect was not necessary as all my cpids were being listed correctly by list cpids but maybe... What I believe the problem to be is that the client has problems with directory persistence when using a custom datadir= specified at launch. For example, when autoupgrading or using downloadblocks, the client which has had a custom datadir= specified at launch restarts using the %appdata%\gridcoinresearch directory. Also, when using the "Sync" button on the "Neural network" page and when using "execute syncdpor2", the client will write the "Neural network" folder/files to %appdata%\gridcoinresearch instead of the data directory that was specified at launch. I suspect that at some point some piece of information was written to %appdata%\gridcoinresearch instead of the custom datadir I specified at launch and when I deleted the %appdata%\gridcoinresearch folder, it "broke" my client. EDIT: I have opened an issue ticket on gridcoin's github, hopefully this will be fixed soon... Did you try adding the datadir= to the config file? Mine for example has as the first 3 lines: datadir=E:\\CoinData\\GridcoinResearch\\ boincappdir=C:\\BOINC\\ boincdatadir=E:\\BoincData\\
  8. Just a minor issue with the new release. The Live Ticker is showing only Goog now for me. Besides that: I always wanted to know how to add other currencies to it:-) I tried replacing LTC with PPC in one file, but there must be something more involved then that. Maybe there's no easy to edit file?
  9. Sounds like the files in your backup are corrupt. I'd launch with the original set and make a new backup. I used to have a problem with Acronis corrupting my bitcoin datadir backup, I started using Macrium Reflect (Free version) and haven't had the problem anymore. In my case Acronis wasn't handling the shadowcopy correctly and I think the latest version has it fixed. But I'm satisfied with Macrium now, :-) P.S. a way around backup problem is to shut down wallet before running backup. That way files aren't being changed while you run the backup program.
  10. in v3.5.5.5 the testnet wallet does not seem to read the datadir= in the config file in time. It is creating a new testnet directory in the default directory and starts a new wallet.. Adding -datadir=*** to commandline does work.
  11. I remember it got reduced to ~32 connections while we had attacks going on. The highest number of connections I can get on other wallets is ~64 connections. I think 64 is enforced by win10 in my situation:-( edit: which makes me seriously consider slapping a cheap computer together from spare parts to run Linux on it for my wallets, heheh
  12. Maybe too many requests for the blockchain file at one time:-)
  13. Actually happened to me too. I did a rebuild blockchain next and let it run for a few minutes and then restarted wallet. Then using download blocks ran normally. Maybe restarting and doing downloadblocks might have worked too, don't know.

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