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  1. Windows Wallet is currently updated WALLET UPDATED TO VERSION Released: 2015/Nov/10 NON-MANDATORY RECCOMENDED (Mac and Linux to follow suit in the next few days[/s])
  2. ------------------------- BINARYCOIN ------- [bIC] ------------------------- ----------------- ---ABOUT--- ----------------- CryptoCoderz Presents Binarycoin CryptoCoderz is a group of individuals who have set out to provide excellent service and reliability to all projects that we are involved with. In this case we proudly bring you "Binarycoin" a wonderful extremely FAST coin using the Scrypt algorythm and based originally upon Bitcoin source 0.6.3 With this takeover "Revival" the goals have been set to further this project towards its intended goal which is; implementation, integration, reliability, usability, safety and security. There will be many periodic updates as this coin continues to be improved upon through the group's efforts as well as the Binarycoin community that we cherish. Quite a few new nodes have been launched to solidify the integrity of the network with a Roadmap coming soon along with a dedicated website launching to host everything within the day. Thank you all for giving Binarycoin a shot and let's all work together to form this project into something that can benefit the world and everyone in it! ---------------- ----Website---- ---------------- [COMING WITHIN 24 HOURS PLEASE STAND BY] ---------------- --RESOURCES-- ---------------- Windows Wallet is currently updated WALLET UPDATED TO VERSION Released: 2015/Nov/10 NON-MANDATORY RECCOMENDED (Mac and Linux to follow suit in the next few days[/s]) Linux: COMING SOON Windows: DOWNLOAD WINDOWS CLIENT (v0.6.4.1) Compiled by "CryptoCoderz" OSX: DOWNLOAD MAC OSX 10.?+ CLIENT (v0.6.4) Compiled by "paolo77" DOWNLOAD MAC OSX 10.8+ CLIENT (v0.6.4) Compiled by "ctgiant" Source Code https://github.com/Binarycoin/Binarycoin Previous BitcoinTalk Thread https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=383604.msg4126842#msg4126842 CryptoCoin Talk Thread https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/42780-ann-binarybic-scrypt-15-sec-blocks-84m-coins-binarycoin-revived/ ------------------ --Block Explorer-- ------------------ [ORDERED - COMING SOON] --------------------- ----Specifications---- --------------------- Algorithm: Scrypt Max Coins: 84,096,000 Block Time: 15 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 0.2 days Premine: 9 blocks as test [by original Dev] Starting difficulty: 0.00024414 Block Subsidy: 20 BIC per block Chain Start Date: 23 December 2013 - 17:52 PM ---------------- ---Config File--- ---------------- Sample binarycoin.conf Not required as wallet will auto-generate one for you listen=1 server=1 maxconnections=50 rpcuser=yourusername rpcpassword=YoUrVeRySeCuRePaSsWoRd port=28950 rpcport=28920 rpcconnect= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= ------------- ----Ports---- ------------- TESTNET - 22040 RPC - 28920 P2P - 28950 --------------- ---POOLS--- --------------- ------------1------------ -------------2-------------- --------------------- ---EXCHANGES--- --------------------- !!!Thank you all at CRYPTOPIA!!! Yes, yes they did... WOOT THANK YOU C-CEX!!! ----------------- ---SOCIAL--- ----------------- COMING SOON ------------------------------- ---SERVICES / OTHER--- ------------------------------- COMING SOON
  3. Hello everyone, The delayed teaser pics are here... There are still quite a few changes that we plan to undergo before it hits bunny-coin.com but all buttons besides the mining section are going to be working at the release of this wallet which we are not renaming completely. Also the bunny-coin.com site will sport a chatbox during the 4.1 upgrade! Hopefully it will be useful in some way for now and later down the road it will have a "tipbot" programmed into it. No more crazy version hops, upcoming wallet will be V4.1 and feature the logo/theme slector, and the links you currently see. The mining feature of the wallet that we've put into the UI is disabled until we can figure the best method of approach (Having the wallet be able to auto-config for the user with actual miners and offer pools/solo options, not just simply call the rpc console mining command to start mining with just the cpu which will do nothing for anyone...) Thank you all very much for the support that has been given to us as it continues to motivate us. PLEASE COMMENT AND LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK! :-) Also any thoughts on this for the middle of the coin? Wallet concept: Logo Concept(s):
  4. @Hobyist pool - ^^^^^^ hopfully that helps a little ^^^^^ but it seems like the wallet acts as a wrapper that controlls the payout of every 60 blocks. Still looking into it. @ EVERYONE - As an update guys a NEW POOL HAS BEEN LAUNCHED. Moar details in the next 30 minutes!
  5. Hello all! Firstly let me apologize for such a delay on this! Literally the night that was scheduled to release all of the updates our server went down. Thankfully we had backups >.< ... and a spare server The website http://bunny-coin.com/ has been updated with the new V4 wallet. Bunny-Coin.com now also features a sporty new "block chain" download and re-fined "config file" download. These downloads (once extracted) have basic (hope fully easy to follow) READMEs that if followed will automatically setup the block chain and/or config file. With the upcoming V5 release we plan to introduce functional improvements. Heya Hobbyist! If you haven't already go ahead and email us @ [email protected] I'm looking into this myself very diligently as at the moment once again the chain has stopped... So much to do so little time. Thank you very much for lending a hand with this! BunnyShibe That can absolutely be done! We'll see about implementing that into the new version that is currently being worked on. Perhaps the entire menu could be simply grafted out of their wallet.... muwahahahah. (staying up late makes me wierd) On a serious note though thank you for your input on this! Seriously that is a great feature that completely was not thought of by anyone on our end. :-D @Everyone, One Again: sorry for the delay and that it is again this time just appearences. The next version will also feature new additions to the website and raffling (working out the details). If anything wasn't covered by this post we apologize but it is quite late here. The last post that we made is still our current roadmap (with now some added things). Looking forward to continuing to work with you all. Comments, Suggestions, Zzzzzz....
  6. We will have some more updates today. Also will be updating the website that the BETA wallet is hosted on. (in case anyone missed it the site is: http://bunny-coin.com/) Planned site updates for 06.09.2015: 1. Bootstrap/Blockchain download availability 2. Updated Config file and better instruction set 3. Updated Disclaimer 4. Link to "official" site (Anyone know who manages it?) 5. Updated graphics and logo (Will be the "Middle" choice from a page back) 6. Create and Add "setup" guide for the wallet (until this is completely streamlined through wallet updates) Planned Wallet updates for 06.09.2015 1. Updated graphics 2. Upload to github (For those who rather not download the updated source from our site) Goals in next update rollout (This will be added to): Site: 1. (None Yet) Wallet: 1. UI - Add "button" links for official site, faucet, bitcointalk thread, and other handy resources (this should be incorporated in the wallet in our opinion). 2. UI - Add "button" for "theme changing" and incorporate original designs as a select-able theme that can change on the fly. Another thing that we have been thinking of doing (with the community's approval) is to start raffling off items for BUN. Nothing crazy but to start moving BUN around. The goal will be to take the "raffle earnings" and put them towards a charity that the community can voice their opinion on. This is to be 100% of the raffle funds earned and this will be tracked, info made public, and everything logged in detail. Then the documented event(s) will be available to anyone who requests them, (Alternatively will be available as a PDF or some other readily usable format). Let us know how this sounds to you all. As a final word before we take off and begin work is this: 1. Please bear with us if things take time. At the moment we are not a large group at all. Most of the time it is one person on at a time and we have busy personal lives BUT strive to push this coin forward. 2. Excuse us and the fact that we have yet to contact reddit properly (Or reply to any responses if a member has already). This is something that we will take care of today. While it is impossible to appease all, appeasing the majority is what the plan is. Again questions and comments welcome. Give me a fatter to-do list too! (Okay not obese! just a bigger list)
  7. Are devs anywhere out there still or is coin abandoned?
  8. Hello fellow Bunnies, As promised, after some changes we are posting up the altered Bunnycoin BETA logo. Let us know what you think! We put them together so comparing them is easier, the last two are the new options. Whichever on is liked more than the other we will recompile it into the wallet. NOTE: Some exciting news is the newly recompiled wallet (may be this compile (V4 with new logo) but the goal is set for V5 to introduce a new feature. Thinking about keeping it a surprise?
  9. Hello again, The Beta wallet is now live and available for public testing. Get you very own copy @ http://bunny-coin.com/ Then stay tuned for UPDATES, we will be rolling them out. As always everyone is encouraged to communicate with us! Thank You Bunnycoin community!
  10. Hello everyone! It is very nice to meet you all. We've spent quite a lot of time making all new graphics for Bunnycoin and were enjoying the progress thus far, so we felt we might as well share it with the community. CHECK IT OUT (YouTube): (.mp4/1:12m-runtime) DOWNLOAD IT: Get your very own copy @ http://bunny-coin.com/ Then stay tuned for UPDATES, we will be rolling them out. (This is not an official release and is not treated as such). PS: SADLY FOUND A BUG AND "PATCHED" IT! I WILL NEED TO RECOMPILE WITH STATIC FLAGS BUT THE NEW DOWNLOAD (.zip) INCLUDES SOME .dll's THAT ARE REQUIRED FOR THE WALLET TO LAUNCH AND RUN. (standard libgcc dll files nothing crazy) NOTE: NOW TESTED SUCCESSFULLY WORKING IN- Windows 8.1 Pro (x64) Windows 8.1 Pro (x86) Windows 7 Pro (x64) Windows 7 Pro (x86) Simply extract contents to a single folder and run the qt.exe DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY! ATTENTION: This is a BETA wallet, therefore we offer NO SUPPORT. USE THIS SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK That being said there are no malicious intentions with this wallet nor will there ever be. This wallet was created to provide a friendlier and more inviting user experience with Bunnycoin's cryptocurrency system. Until this wallet has been further improved upon, tested and ran by the community it will not be an official release and all releases will state "BETA". DISCLAIMER: Neither I nor anyone else in our group claims to be the developer of Bunnycoin. So in otherwords: WE ARE NOT THE DEVELOPERS OF THIS COIN, However, I am the developer of this particular wallet compile for Windows builds (Computers). This software has only been tested so far to work with Windows 8.1 Pro (x86) but should work fine for other similar versions of Windows. You are more than welcome to comment and provide suggestions! We are looking forward to hearing from everyone.

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