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  1. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    @dtbahoney do you need something with the poll? I can help start something.. just let me know and lets discuss it here
  2. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    You can follow the CLI part of the Google cloud tutorial.http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/index.php?tutorial Start at step 7. Google cloud doesn't allow vm. The images you launch on Google cloud are vms already and don't allow virtualization within the image. The best projects to run on Google cloud have short work units and are math/integer based. previously an advertisement from my mobile phone overlords, now just an obnoxious message to let you know I posted this from my mobile. Guys, Need more volunteer, we went down a rank.
  3. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    Lets do this guys. Cosmologyathome #1. Anyone knows how to run this on a cli linux? It seems crunching "PLANCK" needs vm.
  4. Like what rtmoney says. He can basically run a wallet in a different comouter concurrently and steal future earnings. But he can't steal whats already in the client wallet. Unless he got a copy of the wallet and the hash password. But thats a different topic. Not email-team related
  5. Pretty expensive experiment. But seems a pivotal issue/milestone that needs a solid answer/fact, I'm sold on this idea. We need to vote from our wallet if we gonna spend a ton of grc foundation fund for coinmarketcap. A different sidenote. I been part of boinc for more than a decade now. Since then I was never part of a Team. Didn't need and see the reason why. Contributing for the betterment of humanity is my reason for doing it. So for me joining team gridcoin was easier. I think they implemented group in a way to make crunching fun(gamification) and for socializing. So not to be bored out early and also to have a sense of belonging. By taking this choice away. Forcing a group. Its kinda a hard tradeoff. Its like forcing them to choose money or friends. When in the end of the day all they want is to help science. Why not just have 3 best thing in one? Have their friends have their money and most important "a better future"? P.s We need to support also individual boincers with no TEAM if we are goinh to do this.
  6. This issue might be confusing but this can be solve by looking at our goal/mission-vision. A good example is we allow "INVESTOR ONLY" this means you don't even have to contribute to boinc. What the difference if he/she is from other team? We are still true to our goal "to progress science and to reward thier contribution" If you look at my previous post I had some suggestions, like for Investor mode lesser GRC reward. For the different team less administration(voting) rights. If joining TEAM GRIDCOIN if for a marketing purpose and not a security one, I think we should retought this stance. From gridcoin.us website Gridcoin provides benefits to humanity through contributions to scientific research. It is the only crypto-currency that rewards individuals for BOINC contributions without the need for a central authority to distribute rewards. Even just by using Gridcoin as a currency, you'll be helping establish the Gridcoin economy - ensuring the thousands of BOINC contributors are able to cover electricity costs.
  7. How about a team whitelist? Any thoughts? For high/top team contributors, its hard for them to switch teams. But for sure, they would really love to offset, some of the financial cost they incured to be a top contributor. Thus doesn't see teamgridcoin as a competitor. But as a friendly and open team. Basically to loosen the hostility in recruiting. But whitelisted team should be limited in grc administration. Like thier votes are just half a point. But no penelization on minning/income. Example criteria/requirments for whitelisting a team 1.) team must be on top 100 on any boinc project(a sign of commitment to boinc) 2.) half of members are active 3.) accepts that their voting power is only half a point(harder to be come a majority and swing the results into thier favor)
  8. Yes. We need commited members not just any people who are involve in boinc. Even if this means a slow growth/adaption. We are sure that our members are dedicated. For me, I put grc security first. Having a secure and stable env, is a testament that we are a serious and valuable alt coin. Just a sidenote. Can we do a team "whitelist"? Like what we do on projects? I think this is a feasible solution. Of course it has requiements/criteria to be a whitelisted team.
  9. "Regarding boinc projects not being secure ,boinc had existed for well over a decade ago the software is pretty solid. It could be the case that some new projects could be misconfigured but the main projects are most likely correctly configured and secure." Please this is a false sense of security. Saying its been running this long aleady means its very secure. Maybe they are secure/solid from the known attacks/exploits. But doesn't mean they are invulenerable. Please don't forget nothing is unbreakable especially if there is money/value at stake. Its a cat and mouse game. And lastly, these are underfunded scientist I doubt they have the greatest and latest security availble. A 25 year old security bug in the public before patched https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shellshock_(software_bug) A bug in what supposed to be the very essence of security(3 yrs in the public before patched) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heartbleed Even the most secure os by design has security bugs Www.openbsd.net
  10. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    You can specify boinc dir in gridcoin config file. Its somewhere in the documentation. http://wiki.gridcoin.us/Mining_setup
  11. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    Can he just run/fork his own grc classic. Where he can do whatever he want with his coin without the foundation overhead/burden. Let him worry how to exchange it. Or if he is truly generous. Wait for other people who didn't convert and claiming thier so called rights. Let them create thier own fork/community (of course minus the copyright/i.p of grc foundation). The only thing he doens't have the privilege is to convert it to grc research. Since he forfieted that optional convertion period. P.s I think convertion period was a optional/voluntary Privilege and not a right. Since during those time grc classic can be exchange in exchanges Just my 2cents.
  12. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    Hey guys, Got an email from WCG asking me to share my story, for today's "Tell your volunteering story to the White House" webcast and discussion. If you want to submit yours, link is below. Citizen Science and Crowdsourcing: Share Your Stories! https://m.whitehouse.gov/webform/citizen-science-and-crowdsourcing-share-your-stories
  13. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    Woot finally... in ccex "Grc to usd" > "grc to btc to usd" Breaking free from btc dependence.

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