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  1. yeah.. forking issue atm with the network.
  2. is your wallet updated? to there was a fork.
  3. are you fully sync? when did you join the projects?
  4. yeah.. I'm in for removing team requirement even way back then. BOINC enthusiast find excitement on team competition. moving to just 1 big team removes that competition/excitement/accomplisment feeling. We already prove that gridcoin is one of the biggest contributor to BOINC. now lets bring the fun back. by removing the team requirement.
  5. this was topic very long ago. during the move from classic to what's now. browse the 2015 posts.
  6. first upgrade your wallet to 3.7.x.x
  7. yes you can. You don't need your boinc doing tasks.
  8. @grc-lib-front how about freeing us from Team Requirements? Sorry for the hijack!
  9. here.. http://wiki.gridcoin.us/Gridcoinresearch_config_file
  10. I'm selling small amount of GRC to newbies. paypal or western union.
  11. depends on the project you are on. but 2-5 grc
  12. yes your former credit will count in boosting your magnitude(dont mistake this that you will be back paid. this is just a booster). basically the higher the magnitude = bigger payment.
  13. hi. there is no direct convertion from boinc research credit to gridcoin. what you will get is a "Magnitude advantage" against those who are just starting out. more magnitude bigger payment. so just keep boincing. and staking your wallet. you will eventually see your grc payout. btw. if you grc mine solo. you must have at least 2k on your wallet to earn grc. or you can join a pool(you will be using the pool RC and the grc earned will be divided amongst the pool user)
  14. @dtbahoney do you need something with the poll? I can help start something.. just let me know and lets discuss it here
  15. You can follow the CLI part of the Google cloud tutorial.http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/index.php?tutorial Start at step 7. Google cloud doesn't allow vm. The images you launch on Google cloud are vms already and don't allow virtualization within the image. The best projects to run on Google cloud have short work units and are math/integer based. previously an advertisement from my mobile phone overlords, now just an obnoxious message to let you know I posted this from my mobile. Guys, Need more volunteer, we went down a rank.

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