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  1. Oh, sorry, my question was really bad "asked". My real question was : is the git "source" version 1.5 ? (And my way of asking with my poor English was : "if I compil now, am I ok ?") but I'm quite sure the answer to this is yes (Edit: typo)
  2. Maybe a stupid question, but if I use the git sources for Debian/Ubuntu, is it ok, or will I have to build it/reindex it soon ?
  3. Great work since 1.4... Trying it now on Win 7 64 Bits. A bit later on Debian.
  4. @kingscrown is it still not done ? I was on holidays, but it seems to be ok from my side
  5. 5) Add a max stake value of 500 coins. Not sure to understand this one... So if I have a big block who stakes, the "stakes coin" will be limited to 500 ? If yes (no problem for me), I'm not sure to understand the why. But maybe it's just wrong from my understanding... One month of "away from crypto" for holidays, and I losed all my English-crypto language...
  6. So I heard Tranz did the same, but I change a little thing for lazy people like me : So no need to find the -X 34 It's just : ./vanitygen -H F1Meska -H for our favorite coin of course I didn't try the oclminer, according to what I read, it's not working with recent AMD SDK (or drivers). usage on linux : git clone https://github.com/Meskalyn/vanitygen.git cd vanitygen make ./vanitygen -H F1Hobo Still trying to play with the "F1" stuff, or E1, please not Fmeska will work, no FMeska, no idea why, I'm not the only one having this problem. Untested on windows, neither mac. If tranz wants to use my "little modifications", his git may be a better place
  7. 2GB of RAM (and quite free for some rest), HBN daemon is running now smoothy with 500MB. I'm trying to reproduce it, this morning, the daemon as crashed :/
  8. It's not "that ressource hog" (BTW, I have no idea what mean "hog", but in this sentence I guess ) It's just a shitty server. For my "meskahbn", it's quite a long string. I also know there is a version for GPU "mining" the vanity address, I didn't get a lot of chance with the compilation, but because my HBN are "moving" only when I'm "coin controling" my coin, I can leave this running for some days. Also with the "-i" (insentive) the adress may be ugly, so for know, I'm waiting to find the good stuff to put in the code, as Tranz said, it's not "possible" with a capital letter after the first E o F, I have no idea why yet, I may try to do some tricks in the code.
  9. Fucking long pseudo haha I launch a "presstab" on a really slow server, but it will be case insensitive and should take 73.5 days for 50% chances :/ If you have better materials, the 1st tranz modification work (there is a typo) but work fine: ./vanitygen -X 34 Epresstab -i -k Difficulty: 402577370400 [39.88 Kkey/s][total 2834432][Prob 0.0%][50% in 81.0d] But really slow one :/ Don't have any more ressources for some days, I'm trying on the biggers one some better results for mine (for now). My : ./vanitygen -X 34 Emeskahbn -i -k -t 3 Difficulty: 402577370400 [993.90 Kkey/s][total 210736804420][Prob 40.8%][50% in 19.1h] Should finish "soon"
  10. I don't know if it's related, but I get this exception : EXCEPTION: St9bad_alloc std::bad_alloc HoboNickels in ProcessMessages() (It doesn't make the daemon to stop being sync), I just restarted it now, maybe it will work, but no idea. Anyway, we should really try to find a way to speedup the sync process
  11. I had the same problem as you Tranz with the letter. I played with the "case insensitive" function (-i) and wait to have something "fun" appearing. If you're interested in some address and you trust me enough, let me know what you want, I can do some, but I will have access to the privkey, so you really need to trust me, and I don't like this kind of responsability.
  12. I'm compilating my seednode : seed01.scrypt.io with 5000 as a limit presstab. So let me know if it works or not. This server is located in Canada, so depends on "where" your daemon is, but the bandwidth is 100Mb/s and it should be working fine. If it's working, I have 3 seednodes I can upgrades too, I think it may be really good if it's working fine. Edit: 04/30/14 10:18:04 getblocks 804776 to 18b2f3c5783754bd3870 limit 5000 04/30/14 10:18:04 getblocks stopping at 804776 18b2f3c5783754bd3870 So it should work fine. Let's give a try
  13. Finnaly get it work Thank you Tranz for your feedback (I had to do some more workaround, but it help a lot) So new custom HBN address : EmeskaxRg2N7dXCZfdQZiDHNUFFKcUUepu I may try to publish a fork from vanitygen for HBN if someone is interested in
  14. @Litethis your account should be unlocked now, I didn't send any mail this time, I let you try it. If not working let me know, I send you the email from my computer to your account.
  15. Where is this limitation ? Maybe for futures releases, an option for this may be good. With 700+K blocks, syncing is a real pain. I'm ready to open my seednodes to 5000 (as testing), I think it may be completly ok

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