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  1. Boxmining : DASH Core CEO Interview - Ryan Taylor! https://youtu.be/4chQrvNF5lg
  2. https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2017/11/124938-dash-forms-partnership-kuvacash-fight-inflation-zimbabwe-cryptocurrency/ Digital currency for payments Dash announced on Tuesday it has formed a partnership with KuvaCash to launch a program that is designed to solve Zimbabwe’s ballooning inflation, collapsing currency, and declining national economy. According to Dash, KuvaCash is a Dash-record $550K USD undertaking, funded directly by the Dash treasury via its unique governance model, and aims to provide Zimbabwe with its first-ever peer-to-peer localized cryptocurrency payment service for anyone with a phone-number-based messaging system. The company noted that locals currently have to wait hours in bank queues to access their money and are experiencing exorbitant fees on transactions. The Zimbabwean Government has notably tried to address the crisis by issuing bond notes matching the price of the U.S. dollar as a fix, but this remains a stop-gap measure, rather than a permanent money system. CEO of Dash Core Ryan Taylor stated: “I have been advocating for quite some time the potential benefits Dash can provide to economies with less stable currencies, and Zimbabwe seems a prime location for these benefits. This project in particular is well-researched with value propositions, branding, and go-to-market strategies tailored to the local market. Combining the ideal network – Dash – with a well-considered strategy should lead to a high probability of success.” Dash revealed that starting in the second quarter of 2018, KuvaCash will roll out a cash replenishment model to instill confidence in residents, allowing them to cash out their digital currency into USD fiat at any time, reduce transaction fees, and provide enhanced financial security and liquidity. Finance and Technology Director of KuvaCash Andreiko Kerdemelidis commented: “The informal economy has U.S. dollars in circulation, but they are no longer being managed by banks and are physically quite dirty. People are scrubbing bills and hanging them up on clotheslines to dry, selling the cleaner bills at a 10-20% markup. The bonds the Zimbabwean government introduced in 2009 (pegged against the USD at a 1:1 exchange rate) are a stopgap measure, we don’t know what the long-term plan is for these notes but it is fair to say that Zimbabweans currently prefer USD bills to extant mobile-phone based payment solutions or bond notes. KuvaCash will give locals an ideal alternative to improve their ability to do business and buy everyday goods and services without hassle, overpaying on fees, and using secondary markets. The people of Zimbabwe deserve a far better solution and we plan to give it to them.” KuvaCash is currently pursuing a money exchange and remittance license in Zimbabwe and the project is expected to receive government and reserve bank backing.
  3. Why Bitcoin Cash When You Can Dash?

    https://goldstockbull.com/articles/why-bitcoin-cash-when-you-can-dash/ Bitcoin Cash made a resurgence last week, with many people thinking it might overtake Bitcoin (BTC) in market value. Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, Craig Wright (the fake Satoshi) and others were busy promoting and pumping Bitcoin Cash (BCH) last week. Their main argument is that Bitcoin transactions are too expensive and it takes too long to confirm transactions. This assessment is accurate, but I believe it is a temporary condition and that we don’t need a new hard fork of Bitcoin in order to address the issue. Why? Because several cryptocurrencies already exist that offer very fast transaction speeds at near zero costs. Not only have they been around for years, but they are technologically superior to Bitcoin Cash in many ways. Take a look at the graphic below for a comparison of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash. Note that transaction speeds are approximate and subject to change. Over the past 24 hours the average block time for Bitcoin Cash was 9 minutes and 21 seconds. Bitcoin Cash is being promoted by people that stand to benefit financially from the increase in its price. It is not being promoted because it offers superior technology than other cryptocurrencies or anything substantially different than what is already in existence. Those that have accumulated large amounts at low prices or held their free forked BCH want to see it overtake Bitcoin. That is not surprising. But they are attempting to hijack the Bitcoin brand and take control from the Bitcoin Core developers. While many are understandably frustrated with the pace at which Bitcoin Core developers are addressing the rising costs and slow transaction speeds, these are also the same folks that have built and maintained the network into the trusted rock that it is today. Under the guidance of the Bitcoin Core developers, Bitcoin has proven to be secure and the value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed from around $900 at the start of the year to nearly $8,000 today. They have implemented Segwit, which paves the way for the Lightning Network and other Layer 2 solutions that will address both the speed and cost issues that Bitcoin is currently facing. I hope they pick up the pace, but I can’t support a shift to a new forked coin with no other significant benefits than a larger block size. That is not enough to risk a major civil war, disruption of trust, confusion among new Bitcoin adopters and the potential of a significant amount of lost/stolen funds absent replay attack protections. If I want an investment vehicle to store and grow my wealth, I choose Bitcoin (BTC). I can make occasional transactions that don’t require instant verification usually for a few dollars at most. In fact, I have used Bitcoin to buy many things over the past several months. Making payments online via Bitpay returns a confirmation usually within seconds and many stores offer discounts for purchasing with Bitcoin. On the other hand, if I want instant transaction verification and very low costs, I use Litecoin or Dash. They both excel as a transaction layer cryptocurrency and have both been around for years. Bitcoin itself will likely have these abilities within the next 12 months. In the meantime, I see no urgent need to fork Bitcoin again into B2X or dump my Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash. I am sure those manufacturing and running ASIC mining farms would be happy if everyone did this, but I don’t think it would benefit the larger community of cryptocurrency users or advance the cause. Everyone will have to make their own decision. Those concerned with Bitcoin’s scaling issues can opt to reduce their exposure and hedge their positions by increasing exposure to other altcoins. There are several cryptocurrencies, with quality teams behind them, offering major points of differentiation in the market, addressing real-world needs and building new features sets that will benefit end users. I do not believe Bitcoin Cash is one of them. On November 12th, I published the article titled “Why I am Not Buying into the Bitcoin Cash Hype.” Since that time, the price of Bitcoin has advanced by 39%, while the price of Bitcoin Cash has plummeted by 53%. Bitcoin Cash may yet have another rally with relentless promotion, but my money says that it will fail to keep pace with Bitcoin, let alone overtake the price in a “cashening” type of event. DASH Is the Elephant in the Room With all of the attention on using cryptocurrencies for transactions, coins like Litecoin and Dash have benefited. While Bitcoin Cash dropped over 50%, the price of Dash has rocketed 35% higher and Litecoin is up 16% in the past week. I have increased my exposure to both of these cryptocurrencies and believe they remain undervalued at current levels. Dash is digital cash that you can spend anywhere. Using their InstantSend feature, transaction confirmations take less than a second. They also allow you to protect your financial information and remain anonymous. PrivateSend ensures your activity history and balances are private. Lastly, Dash transactions are confirmed by 200 TerraHash of X11 ASIC computing power and over 4,500 servers hosted around the world, ensuring high levels of security. Dash features a next-genearation P2P network. Miners are rewarded for securing the blockchain and masternodes are rewarded for validating, storing and serving the blockchain to users. Masternodes represent a new layer of network servers that work in highly secure clusters called quorums to provide a variety of decentralized services, like instant transactions, privacy and governance, while eliminating the threat of low-cost network attacks. Dash was also first to implement a self-governing and self-funding business model. In Dash, everyone has a voice and the ability to propose projects directly to the network. Anything you can do – from marketing to development – that helps Dash grow and improve can be funded. This means Dash funds its own growth and adoption, consensus is guaranteed, and everyone is accountable to the network. Dash wants digital currencies to be so easy to use your Grandma would use them. Their upcoming release, Dash Evolution, will enable users to signup and access Dash from any device and transact as easily as you can with PayPal, but in a fully decentralized way. I don’t think Bitcoin Cash will go to zero. It may very well increase in value and carve out a niche among the various altcoins in existence. But changing the block size does not make it “the real Bitcoin” and anyone expecting it to become this will likely be disappointed. To get all of our top cryptocurrency picks and research, plus our ICO tracker for initial coin offerings, monthly Contrarian Report newsletter and weekly trade alerts, click here. Subscription prices will increase in 2018, so make sure to lock in the current price levels if you want access to our research. Remember, we are never paid to promote any investments, eliminating conflict of interest. We are a small operation with a personal touch and you can always email the founder, Jason Hamlin, with questions. Our newsletter consistently receives the highest ratings (just Google ‘Gold Stock Bull review’) and is a bargain compared to the insane pricing of some of the larger newsletter companies covering cryptocurrencies.
  4. https://freekeene.com/2017/11/19/keene-bitcoin-vending-machine-becomes-cryptocurrency-vending-machine-adds-dash/ Keene Bitcoin Vending Machine Becomes Cryptocurrency Vending Machine, Adds DASH! by Ian | Nov 19, 2017 | Announcement, Bitcoin, Cool, Cryptocurrency, DASH, Economic Freedom, International, National, New Hampshire, News, Update | 2 comments DASH, Now Available at the Crypto Vending Machine in Keene, NH! Recent drama behind the scenes with Bitcoin has resulted in the world’s most popular and oldest cryptocurrency, that sadly can’t scale to increased demand, and as a result, has escalating, ridiculous fees. Luckily, thanks to an NH-based upstart from the Seacoast called Anypay, now merchants can accept DASH at point-of-sale. In fact, here in Keene, New Hampshire, local mom-n-pop retailers Corner News, Hot Hogs BBQ, D’s Cafe, and Route 101 Local Goods all now accept DASH at the register via the Anypay app. It’s a relief to be able to use cryptocurrency again retail in real life, with fees that are sane. Fees for sending are usually no more than 1-3 cents’ worth of DASH per transaction, and they’re expected to get even lower with DASH’s next upgrade. Compare that with Bitcoin’s recent, insane $10+ median fees recently. Over the last couple of days they’ve dipped, but are still over $6 worth of BTC just to send a transaction. It’s sad – Bitcoin is broken, yet amazingly continues an upward trend in value, just today setting a new record high of over $8,000 USD per BTC. Right in the midst of the DASH retail explosion happening in both Portsmouth and Keene, Lamassu, the manufacturer of Keene’s first Bitcoin Vending Machine released a long-awaited system update that has expanded their software to allow for multiple cryptocurrencies to be vended. Since DASH is uniquely positioned as “digital cash” and has growing point-of-sale support in the Keene area, it is now the first additional cryptocurrency besides bitcoin to be offered as a vended product in this region. Route 101 Local Goods is at 661 Marlboro Rd. in Keene, NH That means DASH is now available in Cryptocurrency Vending Machines (CVMs) across southern New Hampshire! In June, Portsmouth became the first city to offer DASH in its vending machine(s). One month later, Manchester’s original Bitcoin Vending Machine at Murphy’s taproom had added DASH. Route 101 Local Goods, the location of Keene’s CVM, is at 661 Marlboro Rd. and is open Mon-Sat 10a-6p, and Sunday 11a-5p. They accept multiple cryptocurrencies at the register and offer some really cool NH-sourced, hand-crafted products for sale. It’s a perfect place to do all your holiday shopping. Thanks to Lamassu (originally based in Manchester, NH) for the system update to allow people to have a choice in the crypto-marketplace. If you’re a crypto-libertarian and you aren’t planning a move to NH, here are 101 Reasonswhy you should.
  5. https://www.cryptocoin.news/news/altcoin/dashing-over-bitcoin-why-dash-gained-40-in-value-fernando-gutierrez-explains-3414/ Dashing Over Bitcoin, Why Dash Gained 40% In Value, Fernando Gutierrez Explains By Jillian Godsill - November 16, 2017 Last week the cancellation of the Hard Fork in Bitcoin had the markets jumping and in particular the altcoins gained a lot of ground (60% in some cases) before things levelled off. Dash was one of the alt coins to be so positively affected and while it jumped all over the place it settled back to a comfortable gain of a net 40% to lie at the $430 mark. Given its gain in value since the start of the month this might be argued to be a function of more than just the cancellation of the SegWit2x or at least the head of legal at Dash, Fernando Gutierrez would argue as such. Based in Spain, Gutierrez has been involved with Dash for three years. The first non-developer to be appointed to the board, Gutierrez is genuinely cryto-curious, a specialisation from general curiosity before. ‘My wife is relieved,’ laughs Gutierrez. ‘Previously my curiosity led me to online learning constantly. I was doing all-nighters taking online courses on everything from sociology to physics. Now I am just concentrating on cryptocurrency.’ Gutierrez is self-deprecating as he is also a fully-qualified lawyer, economist and owner of a number of successful business across gaming, video and health service – a true renaissance man. Gutierrez argues that while the hard fork naturally impacting the markets, the surge in price for Dash was inexorable. ‘The same weekend we begun trading on Asian exchanges which pushed our price,’ he says on the phone from Spain. ‘And coupled with the release of new software, Version 12.2, we had a lot of good things to talk about, not least the fact that the very schism that divided Bitcoin was being addressed by our upgrades; notably the extension of the size of our Block to 2Mg. It was a natural flight to our coin.’ The argument of Dash being a safe haven must be tempered by its somewhat unruly past and in particular it’s first launch day where 2 million coins were mined creating a dubious instamine. The founder claims that the community did not wish to see a relaunch and mining has continued at a more sedate pace where on average 3k coins are mined daily. Despite this start, Dash has set up to tackle the payments industry and operates a number of separate technologies which separates and arguably improves on the core Bitcoin structure. Most notable is the two tier structure. Miners mine new blocks and are paid a percentage (originally at 80% and now to 45%), while Masternodes are used for payments – Private Send, InstantSend and governance of the eco system. To become a Masternode requires the holding of 1000 Dash coins, an expensive business at today’s prices, and anyone cashing in and going below that volume automatically loses their vote. Skin in the game is the rationale behind that. 10% of fees go back into Dash to pay for full time developers. This is key according to Gutierrez. ‘We can afford to pay developers and that is another reason to favour Dash over Bitcoin and other coins,’ he says. Gutierrez feels that the cancellation of 2x signals strongly that Bitcoin is abandoning the payment model. ‘Slowed transactions and higher fees can only mean one thing – Bitcoin is going full-on for the storied value model,’ he argues. ‘They are not properly addressing the horrible user experience. The Lighting Network is being touted as a solution but that is not in place as yet. In the short term, Bitcoin cannot compete in its current form as a payments carrier.’ The crisis of the size of the Bitcoin blockchain has ironically already been addressed by Dash – it has already increased its blocksize to that of 2Mgs and promised faster, cheaper transactions as a result. Gutierrez is pretty confident about the future of Dash. V 12.2 has brought a lot of new features to the market – ‘We don’t do fake news,’ he says, ‘we only announce when we have features locked down,’ – and Evolution is planned for mid 2018. ‘We are very excited about Evolution,’ he says. ‘We have a number of key features that are going to make Dash very engaging – DAPI and DashDrive in particular. DAPI or Distributed APIs mean we can connect randomly to any cluster of servers. This will increase speed and security. While DashDrive means we can simplify the process of payments, work outside the blockchain and swap in usernames for long private keys. Having a username on the DashDrive means we can also offer password recovery. ‘And we are launching a HD Wallet on DashDrive making it easier again,’ says Gutierrez. ‘We know that the average Dash or alt coin holder is not a deep techie. They don’t want to be bothered by security and keys and keeping everything up to date. They want to use their digital wallet in much the same way as their physical one. We are building that on user experience to simplify, speed up and lower the costs of using Dash.’ All up Gutierrez’s argument that Dash’s appreciation of value is less to do with the cancellation of the hard fork and more to do with their concerted development seems to hold water. ‘We can’t ignore Bitcoin, when it rallies, alt coins surge in its slipstream,’ he says. ‘But we are doing things for ourselves. We are building value for ourselves as well and we’re not just piggy-backing on a trend.’
  6. Trace Mayer: 13 min onwards (interesting interview -trace says that dash is the only curency that consistently outperforms bitcoin) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwe5eSf2LiI
  7. Attention! Dash currency is intensifying! Nov 15, 2017 Posted / 346 Views It has been a chaotic phase for cryptocurrencies this week especially, however, the major focus was mainly on Bitcoin and also on Bitcoin Cash, another virtual currency Dash has gone through a notable rush in a day. Previously, Dash was priced at $319 each and then in less than twelve hours later, the price had raised to $520 before moving back to $416 at time of writing. Dash- An unexpected entry in the surging market? Amongst the ocean of cryptocurrency, Dash is cited as one of the main gainers in such a turbulent situation, with up to sixty percent at its peak. The apparent query will be why and how, that too within a small period. It has been increasing in price value owing to several reasons, amongst them a current upgrade plus the chaotic phase in which Bitcoin, as well as Bitcoin Cash, have been going through. The upgrade also repairs the flaws, bugs, plus it perks up the cryptocurrency system. Another fraction of the Dash Evolution upgrade, which is predicted for late next year which aspires to make cryptocurrency extremely simple to utilize, so that everybody can gain from it. Dash currency's network is only one of its kinds, as it assigns about 10% of block rewards to finance projects. Amongst them are a few encouraging the cryptocurrency, such as Dashforce. As the network upgraded version rolled out, the news which was which was covered by the media on several websites, which additionally helped the cryptocurrency to surge. There is a severe pandemonium! At the same time as the Bitcoin’s big blockers gave up to anticipate the annulment of SegWit2x, Dash has by now commenced the procedure of setting off a block size upgrade on its network, and by boosting blocks up to 2MB. While BCH is undoubtedly the most wanted of the big block crowd, it's likely that some have placed in any case a part of their funds in Dash. previously this year, Dash received some encouraging interest from big blockers Charlie Shrem and Roger Ver. Dash has its scalability plan plus it’s chosen an on-chain path. More willingly than setting up payment channels like Bitcoin’s experimental Lightning Network or else the Ethereum planned Raiden Network, Dash aims to utilize ultra-large blocks. Dash’s founder Evan Duffield had posted on Medium formerly this year which read as: “Many projects in the space believe that on-chain scaling is unfeasible. That’s only for the reason that they haven’t explored alternative P2P architectures for higher performance. We aim to show just how far incentivized the second tier [master node] architecture can take a project similar to Dash.” Dashcoin is an involuntarily transmuting unidentified cryptocurrency. It operates a decentralized governance along with budgeting system, thus making it the first decentralized autonomous organization.
  8. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/dash-coin-rally-bitcoin-falling-2017-11 SAM JACOBS NOV 13, 2017, 1:40 PM Bitcoin had a wild weekend, as prices for bitcoin (BTC) got smoked while bitcoin cash (BCH) rocketed higher. The weekend price action saw bitcoin cash hit a record high above $US2,600 a coin — after trading around $US300 in recent months — as the battle over bitcoin’s transactional capability continues to rage. A short time ago, it had almost halved to around $US1,300, while Bitcoin remains more than $US1,000 below its levels above $US7,000 prior to the weekend. Meanwhile, among the other major cryptocurrencies (measured by market capitalisation), investors have swung sharply into Dash coin today. This monthly chart shows the scale of the move. After trading in a narrow range around $US300, a short time ago it had almost doubled to an all-time high: image: https://edge.alluremedia.com.au/uploads/businessinsider/2017/11/Dash-131117.jpg Source: Investing.com The Dash network operates on a two-tier platform, split between miners and network “nodes” which approve new transactions. To create an incentive system for nodes to help the network run smoothly, the value of each new block on the blockchain is attributed equally — 45% to miners and 45% to the master node. The remaining 10% goes into a joint pool of funds held by the network. Last week, one of the platform’s developers announced a network update which will increase the transaction size for each block to 2 megabytes (MB). That’s the size which bitcoin developers just rejected, electing to maintain a capped size of of 1MB, while BCH has an 8MB capacity. The weekend price action reveals the prevailing stand-off among bitcoin developers around what the cryptocurrency stands for and how it should be used — whether it’s a store of value (like gold), or a faster, trustworthy and more convenient means of exchange. Dash CEO Ryan Taylor has previously indicated he sees the cryptocurrency as more of the latter — an improved technology which allows for faster payments. Either way, while the technology around the major cryptocurrencies continues to develop, it’s likely to remain as an asset class for the brave — offering the potential for big returns along with high volatility. Read more at https://www.businessinsider.com.au/dash-coin-rally-bitcoin-falling-2017-11#pbJD3vhxQ1iue9FL.99
  9. https://bitsonline.com/bitcoin-6k-dash-wins-bch/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialWarfare Bitcoin Dips Under $6K, DASH Wins as Traders Punish BTC and BCH 289 Views November 12, 2017 by Jon Southurst 0 Comments Bitcoin has dipped below the $6,000 USD mark as investors initially appeared to switch their money to rival Bitcoin Cash (BCH). However it wasn’t all smooth for BCH either — both blockchain siblings were left bleeding value as traders eventually abandoned both. For now, most of the momentum has gone to DASH. Also read: New Bitcoin Core Release: 0.15.1 Comes Amid Fork, Price Turmoil Join the Bitsonline Telegram channel to get the latest Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and tech news updates: https://t.me/bitsonline Bitcoin Siblings BTC and BCH Fight, Get Punished At press time, Bitcoin is either hovering just above or below $6,000, depending who you ask. Bitsonline’s own index has it at $6,018.32 — however it dropped below the landmark on Coinbase before 6 AM EST, and CoinMarketCap has it at $5,998.81. It had hit $7,751 on CoinMarketCap as recently as 8th November. Coinbase price chart Chart via Coinbase Yesterday’s selloff could have been much worse. Traders clogged the BTC network hours earlier trying to ditch bitcoin, fearing a “flippening” of value to Bitcoin Cash was underway that could leave BTC with nothing. Ironically, the long confirmation delays this caused may have shielded BTC, preventing further moments of panic. In the end, though, it was BCH that took the biggest hit. After reaching a peak around $2,420, its price then tanked as Korean exchange Bithumb — reportedly where most trading activity was happening — went offline for maintenance and CoinMarketCap removed it from its index. There were further moves upward later, but none topped $1,800. At press time, BCH sat at $1,337 (heh). BCH price 1337 For the record, when Bitcoin was hitting its $7,700+ highs on November 8th, BCH was still around $600. So it remains a winner for the week. DASH Is the Elephant in the Room It appears traders ultimately tired of the Bitcoin siblings’ bickering, and put them both out of the car. But where did their money go next? Going purely by stat charts, it appears they quietly turned to DASH. The privacy coin was hovering around the $300 mark on November 8th, but has leapt 32.78 percent to $461 by press time, in the immediate wake of the Bitcoin war. Ethereum ETH also regained its #2 market cap spot, which it lost briefly to BCH, rising 4 percent to $321. DASH’s own rival Monero gained 7 percent and now sits at $128. Why DASH, though? Is it just coincidence, or do investors actually now see it as a viable alternative to the Bitcoin family? It certainly has the best marketing of any cryptocurrency, and never misses a chance to grab the spotlight. Whether it can hold its November gains or not is, as always, unknown.
  10. https://cointelegraph.com/news/as-bitcoin-rejects-2mb-blocks-dash-prepares-to-implement-them ALTCOIN WATCH In early 2016, the masternodes that comprise Dash’s governance system voted overwhelmingly to upgrade to 2MB blocks, with 99 percent of the network in favor. Many in the cryptocurrency world saw this as a simple attention-getting gimmick, as Dash’s development priorities became focused elsewhere. However, with the recent release of Dash version 12.2, it looks like larger blocks will be implemented soon. The version 12.2 upgrade is one step on the way to Dash Evolution, the currency’s plan to make“digital [currencies] be so easy to use your Grandma would use them.” Core developer UdjinM6 wrote of the recent update: The most notable changes are: DIP0001 implementation (which is a 2MB block upgrade); Transaction fee reduction 10x (activates via DIP0001 activation); InstantSend vulnerability fix (activates via DIP0001 lock in); PrivateSend improvement which should allow user to have mixed funds available much faster; Various RPC changes; Lots of backports from Bitcoin Core and refactoring of our own legacy code which should improve performance and make code more reliable and easier to review; Experimental HD wallet with BIP39/BIP44 support. Not needed yet Of course, larger blocks aren’t needed yet, as the currency does not process enough transactions to fill its current blocks. However, this blocksize increase follows the on-chain scaling plan announced by founder Evan Duffield earlier this year. Duffield announced that through the use of custom hardware, Dash will create a network that can scale to large numbers of transactions by using big blocks. Duffield wrote: Many projects in the space believe that on-chain scaling is impossible. That’s simply because they haven’t explored alternative P2P architectures for higher performance. We intend to show just how far an incentivized second tier [masternode] architecture can take a project like Dash. Bitcoin’s path...and Ethereum’s too Bitcoin, of course, has chosen to follow a different path. With the planned SegWit2x upgrade officially dead, the currency is now firmly on the path of off-chain scaling through the lightning network or similar solutions. The lightning network is intended to work by moving transactions off-chain onto “payment channels” and then “settling” the result to the Bitcoin Blockchain periodically. For instance, if Bob pays Alice one BTC, then he later pays her two BTC, and finally sends her 1.5 BTC, that’s three separate transactions that need to be recorded to the Blockchain. With lightning network, however, only the net transaction would need to be posted to the Blockchain once the payment channel was closed. In this case, only one transaction would be posted for a total of 4.5 BTC sent from Bob to Alice. Critics have asked how often payment channels will really be used, but until the network is deployed, it’s impossible to say. Others suggest that moving transactions off-chain damages the decentralized and immutable nature of Bitcoin. Supporters point out that transactions happen off-chain all the time, for instance on exchanges. No Bitcoin exchange posts a separate transaction to the Blockchain every time funds are moved internally. Only the final result is posted, once a user withdraws funds. Number two cryptocurrency Ethereum isn’t just sitting on the sidelines, either. The currency plans to implement the “Raiden Network” which will utilize payment channels similar to Bitcoin’s proposed lightning network. Forks welcome While Bitcoin assiduously avoids hard forks whenever possible, Dash welcomes them. The key to Dash’s upgrade strategy is the “spork” a mechanism that allows portions of the upgrade to be “turned off” if there is a problem on the network. An example is something called “enforcement.” The Dash network normally requires miners to share the block reward with masternodes; miners who attempt to keep the entire reward to themselves will find their blocks rejected by the network. However, during an upgrade, enforcement can (and usually is) be turned off. This allows both miners and masternodes a reasonable amount of time to upgrade their software while eliminating the risk of uncontrollable forking caused by one part of the network rejecting the other part. Best path uncertain It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash will be successful in solving the scalability problem. Both the “payment channels” and “really big blocks” scaling methods have their critics, and neither has been thoroughly vetted yet. It’s possible that another solution might emerge in the interim, or that both solutions could be workable. The one thing that’s certain, however, is that for digital currency to become a real force in the world, tens of thousands of people will need to be able to transact all at the same time. A successful mainstream cryptocurrency must be able to scale to Visa’s level or beyond.
  11. Dash Core Release Announcement Please Update ! (All Wallets , Miners , Pools, Masternodes,…) Downloads: https://www.dash.org/wallets/ Notes: https://github.com/dashpay/dash/releases/tag/v0.12.2.1 (CPU spikes) Update Details: https://dashpay.atlassian.net/wiki/x/ZIBlBw Dashman not working imo - will be fixed soon !
  12. Dash Core Team Q3 2017 Summary Call

  13. Dash CEO Ryan Taylor: „Dash is in many ways a better Bitcoin“ 09. November 2017, 07:25 Jakob SteinschadenFOLLOWLIKEFOLLOWFOLLOW 15SHARES Dash-CEO Ryan Taylor. © Dash, Montage: Trending Topics Dash, short for „digital cash“, is the sixth biggest crypto currency by market cap worldwide to date. Since the beginning of 2017, its price, like a lot of other crypto currencies, has seen an explosion. Whereas Bitcoin is a popular currency for traders and Ethereum ist the popular platform for ICOs, Dash tries to position itself as an actual payment method. Its website lists hundreds of online stores that accept Dash coins to buy goods and services. Trending Topics took the chance to speak with Ryan Taylor, the CEO of Dash, about the future of Dash, its differences to other crypto currencies, and his take on the current hype around ICOs, Bitcoin and Blockchain. Trending Topics: Why was Dash started as a new cryptocurrency? Ryan Taylor: Dash was originally released in January of 2014 by founder Evan Duffield. Dash is a portmanteau of „Digital Cash.“ With strong year over year growth since, Dash has become the top digital currency focused on payments and commerce, and now has a total market capitalization of $2.5 billion USD. I joined the Dash project as Director of Finance for the Dash core team last year, and transitioned to CEO in April this year after migrating from a traditional Wall Street career. I was a hedge fund analyst covering a global stable of payments industry investments for the private equity and public market funds of a $20 billion investment firm based in New York, and previously served as an Associate Partner in McKinsey & Company’s Business Technology Office in New York. The Dash Core Team is responsible for developing the currency, improving the network, and seeking new business opportunities, integrations and partnerships with merchants, retailers, consumer services and payment gateways. What is the main purpose of Dash? Dash is an open-source project that delivers safe decentralized financial solutions. It is a form of digital cash that can be spent online and at merchants and service providers worldwide. Unlike Bitcoin, Dash can be sent and received instantly, with zero risk of double payment or theft, and it boasts tremendous stability in its value. Dash has rapidly become the number one digital currency for payments because of our cheap and instant transactions, anywhere in the world. How is Dash different from other cryptocurrencies? Dash is in many ways a better Bitcoin. It is quickly incorporating payments industry best-practices that the digital currency industry has lacked. Dash transactions lock within a couple of seconds due to our revolutionary second tier masternode network, making Dash acceptance feasible at the point of sale and online, just like credit cards. Dash also differs from every other digital currency because of our unique governance and treasury model, which allows a portion of newly mined Dash to fund projects, integrations and partnerships for the purpose of increasing worldwide use. Dash claims to be privacy-centric. Other cryptos also claim to be anonymous. How is privacy different with Dash? Privacy is just one of the optional features that Dash incorporates into its overall user interface, but our objective is far removed from the true privacy-centric cryptocurrencies, some of which are targeting users of the DarkNet markets. Dash is going in the complete opposite direction; we are going for mass adoption. It’s also important to note that less than 1% of Dash transactions are privacy enabled (through a pool mixing process), and is therefore not a requirement to our users or a necessity for scaling. Do you regard PayPal as your main competitor? Our upcoming Evolution product looks and feels like online banking and will be global, however unlike PayPal and Venmo, it will be entirely decentralized, with increased security, significantly lower fees, and no middlemen taking cuts on either side of transactions. It will be an entirely seamless payment method, with no geographical restrictions. Users can pay friends and shop online as easily as they do with PayPal without losing privacy and control of their money to a third party. Services like PayPal control your money and mine your transaction data. PayPal will even reverse transactions without providing an opportunity to dispute the reversal. With Dash, you control your money and can’t be restricted from using it or having money that was previously sent to you reversed. Just like physical cash, there’s no need to pass along personal information and once you receive it; that transaction is secure. I think consumers and merchants will appreciate the advantages while retaining the ease-of-use aspects that have made PayPal successful. What is your opinion on ICOs? Is it a hype or longer lasting trend? There is a lot of hype surrounding ICOs at the moment and while ICOs certainly have their advantages and place in the market, they can also be exploited by bad actors. Because the digital token market is so new, many investors lack the necessary sophistication to assess or appreciate the viability, sustainability, and governance of projects that are raising hundreds of millions of dollars in capital. Such an environment is ripe for abuse, fraud, and waste. The SEC has begun providing guidance and clarity to the market on how it will treat ICOs. I firmly believe that regulation will support digital currencies, and that digital currencies are here to stay. They will become an extremely popular option for payments and remittances all over the world and provide countless advantages over fiat. What is your opinion on state issued cryptocurrencies? Russia, Estonia and others are thinking about it. I find that very interesting and think that in some countries, government backed digital currencies could be a significant catalyst for faster mainstream adoption. Digital currency is a suitable payment method in almost any environment. When people have the confidence that their digital coins are as valuable and useful as the dollar in their pocket, everyone will begin using it for everyday transactions. Governments like Russia and Estonia are beginning to see the tremendous advantage of using digital currency over fiat and are exploring how to implement it into their national economies. After China banned ICOs and exchanges, Beijing announced they are considering minting their own government run digital currency because the digital coin could stabilize the yuan, which has been losing value in the past two years. Some say that the blockchain is here to stay while crypto currencies are not. Your opinion? I see both digital currencies and blockchain technology thriving in the future. The benefits of blockchain, such as digital currency, are immeasurable. The fact is that digital currencies possess attributes and capabilities unique to any existing payment method, simply because they can be cheaper, faster, more accessible (particularly to the unbanked and underbanked) and are not controlled by a central entity or government. At this point, the market for digital currencies has expanded exponentially. I don’t think anyone can stop that growth from continuing. The blockchain, whilst relatively new, is becoming an absolute vertical technology, infiltrating industries like healthcare, social media, financial services, philanthropy, cyber security, identity, voting, IOT, video gaming, real estate, logistics and supply chain, just to name a few. https://www.trendingtopics.at/dash-ceo-taylor-intervidew-ico-bitcoin-crypto-digital-cash-paypal-venmo-blockchain-trends/
  14. Update to 12.2 yet ??

    Update to 12.2 yet ?? go get em .... https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/version-12-2-release.17807/
  15. OVH DataCentre down - DashCentral / DashNinja/... affected ! https://twitter.com/OVH_Status/status/928515258020433921 https://twitter.com/olesovhcom

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