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  1. bitmixer.io shutdown - creator recommends using Dash instead bitmixer.io shutdown - creator recommends using Dash instead https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2042470.0
  2. The Crypto Show - Danny Sessom (Interview) The Crypto Show - Danny Sessom (Interview) https://youtu.be/W0u-NwzUq1g
  3. Dash Core Team Q2 2017 Summary Call Dash Core Team Q2 2017 Summary Call https://youtu.be/HsIFujdYo0o
  4. Dash iPhone wallet finally on iTunes Dash iPhone wallet finally on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/dash-wallet/id1206647026?l=en&mt=8
  5. Introducing Dash Improvement Proposals, starting with 2MB Block implementation https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/introducing-dash-improvement-proposals-starting-with-2mb-block-implementation.15789/ Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the publication of our first Dash Improvement Proposal, aka DIP, related to the initial scaling of the network to 2MB blocks that was agreed by a network vote last year: https://github.com/dashpay/dips/blob/master/dip-0001.md Modelled on the Bitcoin BIPs, we will follow a similar process and start to publish key future changes to Dash as DIPs to enable public peer review prior to implementation. This is part of our transition to a more open and academic research & development process and we currently have a further 9 DIPs in draft form being prepared covering much of the Evolution architecture that we will publish over the coming months. DIP 001 was authored by Darren Tap, who joined the Core Team recently. Darren earned his Ph.D. in 2007 studying Algebraic Geometry under Uli Walther at Purdue University. Since graduation he has taught mathematics at several colleges and universities, provided database guidance to a middle size company, and has been studying bitcoin since 2011. Other core developers who contributed directly to DIP 001 are UdjinM6, Timothy Flynn, Ilya Savinov, Will Wray and Nathan Marley. DIP 001 development is currently in progress for planned release in an update in early September. @nmarley who led Sentinel development and is now an Evolution team lead will manage the DIP repository going forward. Best, Andy Freer
  6. Irish startup introduces first ever wearable Dash payment wristband https://www.cryptoninjas.net/2017/07/13/irish-startup-introduces-first-ever-wearable-dash-payment-wristband/amp/ Creators of Bitcart, an Irish-based discount gift card platform, have today announced the launch of a landmark product called Festy, a QR code and NFC integrated wristband that allows festival and bar goers to pay for food and drinks using Dash, all without a wallet, a cell phone, or credit card. Festy is linked directly to a consumer’s Dash account, so funds are not stored on the Festy platform and transactions for goods occur within seconds, while the merchants have the ability to cash out their Dash for the equivalent fiat currency. Dash is the world’s leading digital currency for payments and currently the 6th most valued cryptocurrency at over $1.3 billion USD. Dash’s InstantSend technology allows the digital currency to make instant payments. In the next update, Dash will be able to process half a million transactions with extremely low fees, roughly ten cents per transaction. With no card numbers or private keys displayed while making purchases, Festy ensures maximum privacy, and users can top-up their wristbands at branded ATMs, or make simple transfers online. Bitcart CEO Graham de Barra said: Festivals are currently suffering from an extensive cash flow issue. Standard ATMs typically charge a high rate of $3-5 per withdrawal at festivals or abroad, and the middlemen supplying the machine require high compensation. On top of that, users can wait in line for up to two hours just to withdrawal their money at large festivals. These events also see a great amount of loss and theft, lacking a secure place to keep your wallet, further proving that cash is an insufficient means of transaction. Festy ensures that your money stays firmly clasped to you, helps create steady cash flows between the merchant and the consumer, and maintains a positive festival reputation. VP of Business Development for Dash Daniel Diaz said:
  8. Bitcoin, Ether, Dash and Litecoin Now Sold at 1800+ Austrian Post Offices Bitcoin, ether, dash and litecoin can now be purchased at over 1,800 post office locations throughout Austria. This is possible due to a partnership between bitcoin broker Bitpanda and Austria’s leading postal service provider, Austrian Post. Also read: Japanese Bitcoin Exchange Bitpoint Expands into Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan 1,800+ Postal Locations European bitcoin broker Bitpanda was founded in October 2014 as Coinimal. The Vienna startup rebranded as Bitpanda in June 2016. The company claims to have over 300,000 users currently, with almost 200 million euros in transaction volume. On Tuesday, Bitpanda announced that bitcoin, ether, dash, and litecoin can now be purchased at all postal locations throughout Austria. According to the Post’s website, there are “more than 1,800 postal branches and Austrian Post partners throughout Austria.” Bitpanda believes that by partnering with the Post, it will increase both its user base as well as its transaction volume. The company’s co-founder Eric Demuth said: Digital currencies will become central points in our daily lives, but they are not in conflict with classical currencies. Buying Bitpanda Vouchers At any post office counter in Austria, customers can buy Bitpanda’s paper vouchers in denominations of 50, 100 or 500 euros. After purchasing, they will receive a code per voucher to redeem for their choice of the four cryptocurrencies on the Bitpanda website. This service is called “Bitpanda to go” and is exclusively offered through the Post. “All you need is an email address,” the company explained. There are currently three verification levels; starter, bronze, and gold. A fourth level, silver, will be coming soon. Only the starter level is needed to redeem vouchers, which only requires an email address to verify. For other services, “the verification level of your account determines how many bitcoins you can buy/sell each day. A higher verification level will lead to higher limits in your account,” the company detailed. Some Other Redemption Cards Bitpanda is not the first to offer physically-sold, redeemable vouchers for bitcoin. In nearby France, the European bitcoin broker Bitit offers prepaid gift cards for euros that work similarly to Bitpanda’s vouchers. The cards are now part of a network of physical gift cards that are sold at over 150,000 locations across Europe, according to the exchange. South Korea’s Coinplug exchange also sells bitcoins at convenience stores. Their vouchers called Okbitcards are available at over 4,000 7-11 and Ministop locations across the country, redeemable through a smartphone app. In Canada, Bitaccess offers a similar service using Flexepin vouchers at 6,000 locations. In next-door Switzerland, the nation’s federal railway company, SBB, started selling bitcoins directly from their ticketing kiosks late last year. https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-ether-dash-and-litecoin-1800-austrian-post-offices/
  9. Why Dash Why DASHhttps://youtu.be/-mQdaUq9Qvc
  10. Dash Evolution: Masternodes (welcome to HK ; ) https://youtu.be/SR6bjhFze-o
  11. The Crypto Show: Evan Duffield Of Dash & Mike From PermaClone Cannabis Clone Colars The Crypto Show: Evan Duffield Of Dash & Mike From PermaClone Cannabis Clone Colars https://soundcloud.com/heryptohow/evan-duffield-of-dash-mike-from-permaclone-cannabis-clone-colars
  12. Dash, Litecoin Prices Overcome Sluggish Market to Achieve All-Time Highs https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/dash-litecoin-prices-overcome-sluggish-market-achieve-time-highs/ The past week has not been great for the crypto markets, as most coins have struggled just to tread water. However, two top-10 cryptocurrencies–Litecoin and Dash–have weathered the storm and produced double-digit percentage gains in the past week. Get exclusive analysis of bitcoin and learn from our trading tutorials. Join Hacked.com for just $39 now. Litecoin Price’s 1,200% Explosion As recently as March 13, the litecoin price was only $3.85. Since that time litecoin has grown more than 1,200%. In the past week alone, the litecoin price has increased a remarkable 23%, reaching as high as $55 before settling down to its present value of about $51. Litecoin has also experienced significant volume in recent weeks. On July 5, Litecoin’s 24-hour trading volume surpassed the $1 billion mark for the first time, briefly giving it a higher volume than both bitcoin and ethereum. Chart from CoinMarketCap Part of the reason for litecoin’s price movement is the overall surge in the crypto markets. The bitcoin price, for instance, has more than doubled in that time frame. However, the litecoin price has outpaced many of its altcoin peers because of a flurry of positive developments. In April, Litecoin miners agreed to activate SegWit, and on May 10th the scaling solution was successfully implemented. In June, BitGo announced support for Litecoin, and before long European exchange BitStamp integrated BitGo’s Litecoin multi-signature security service to support Litecointrading pairs. That same month, Developer Charlie Lee resigned from Coinbase to work full-time on Litecoin. Dash Price Reaches All-Time High Dash has also had an impressive week. Since last Thursday, the Dash price has increased 15%, enabling the anonymity-centric altcoin to cross the $200 threshold. On July 6, the Dash price rose to an all-time high of $225. It has reversed course since then, declining to its present $206 value. Nevertheless, this has still been a banner week for Dash. Advertisement: Chart from CoinMarketCap Positive news from both developers and businesses fueled the Dash price increase. Earlier this week, BitInstant founder Charlie Shrem revealed he is working on a project to create prepaid debit cards that users can fund with Dash. The service will convert the Dash into fiat currency, so cardholders can use the debit card even at businesses that do not accept cryptocurrency payments. Investors have also been bullish about the new Dash roadmap for mass adoption, which includes the deployment of Dash 12.1, scaling solutions, and mining decentralization. Market Cap Share Chart from CoinMarketCap Collectively, litecoin and Dash have increased their market cap share by more than 23% during the past week. Litecoin now controls 2.59% of all cryptocurrency capital with a market cap of $2.6 billion, while Dash’s $1.5 billion valuation gives it a 1.52% share.
  13. 2 guys on a Porch ; ) 2 guys on a Porch ; ) https://youtu.be/My7l1cAXm_E
  14. KeePassX NOW finally has an Updated Version + Active Dev Team in Place https://keepassxc.org KeePassX NOW finally has an Updated Version + Active Dev Team in Placehttps://keepassxc.org(same fork as old software - Open Source - Active Dev Team - old database file work as before - mobile version still on MiniKeepass as before)i encourage to change over - i did Remember#1 problem in the crypto World:people losing their Passwords !! USE a password manager NOW !!!
  15. Dash Reveals Roadmap For Mass Adoption Advertisement: TwitterLinkedin FacebookReddit Weibo Dash Evolution has been designed as a scalable and user-friendly currency platform for mass adoption. Evan Duffield and Andy Freer of Dash Labs and Dash Core CTO, respectively have developed a roadmap for reaching this goal, and have provided a summary of this roadmap on Dash.org. Get exclusive analysis of bitcoin and learn from our trading tutorials. Join Hacked.com for just $39 now. The user capacity will increase with each development stage. Dash plans to double the number of developers with each release. Dash is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies, having surpassed $1 billion in market capitalization in recent months. As of Thursday, Dash was the seventh largest crypto with a $1.345 billion market cap, according to coinmarketcap.com. The developers will use each incremental release as a framework for more development. There are various new technologies needed to create such an experience, all of which will strengthen the infrastructure supporting the network to ensure it can handle the transaction loads and data storage needs of a mass market. Masternodes will be tested using “state transitions.” The system will give a mathematically predictable way to determine the quality of masternode service. Masternodes falling below a threshold of activity will be removed from the masternode list under a new system called “masternode blocks.” New Software To Deploy A software called IPFS will deploy DashDrive. IPFS is a P2P file system that can handle most network sharing, syncing and redundancy operations. DashDrive is an internal facing system that holds user objects within the network. There is no public facing system for storage of non-Dash information. Network operations will scale in a way that will allow exponential growth. Masternode hardware requirements will increase to serve more users with greater functionality. The network will eventually finance the creation of masternode specific hardware which will increase the throughput significantly. Dash 12.1 Complete Core developers have focused on deploying Dash 12.1, which links existing Dash codebase with future Evolution releases. The team will soon open a large amount of private documentation to ensure complete transparency. Dash has also created a new team based in Hong Kong called Dash Labs to focus on developing custom hardware under Duffield and Freer. Dash Labs will create the first open-source versions of different hardware types. The goal is to keep digital currency transparent while minimizing the economic advantages of closed-source, proprietary technology. Advanced, open-source ASICs would remove most advantages of privately developed ASICs. Mining centralization could be reduced as a result. Also read: Dash enters the billion dollar cryptocurrency club Future Milestones Listed Following are roadmap milestones: DashPay Wallet Alpha, September 2017 DashPay Evolution Wallet Testnet Release, November 2017 DashCore 12.3 Release, December 2017 DashPay Evolution Wallet Livenet Release, February 2018 13.0 – Evolution v1 – Mainnet, June 2018 14.0 – Evolution v2, date to be determined 15.0 – Evolution v3, date to be determined 16+ – date to be determined https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/dash-reveals-roadmap-mass-adoption/