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  1. You are not alone with this problem
  2. I have appreciated the generous stake interest, but HBN exchange rate has languished probably because of seemingly ever increasing coin creation. At the same time I experience more and more difficulty connecting my wallet to the network. I haven't been able to stake for months. The computing resources needed seem to be increasing without limit. These factors do not bode well for the coin's future. We need to do something and quick to breathe new life back into HBN.
  3. Way to go! I finally got my wallet working again, thankfully. On!y a million more blocks to go and I'll be fully synced and staking again.
  4. Awhile back in the summer i noticed my wallet wasn't staking anymore. Then I realized I had zero connections. I have tried rebuilding new wallets on my linux machines, and my windows pc, but nothing connects. I am pretty sure my firewall isnt blocking any of the ports. I do have mojocoin, jumbucks, and bitcoindark wallets all running just fine. It is only the HBN wallet that has stopped. Can anyone enlighten me about what's going on?
  5. I keep staking wallets going for HBN, MOJO, BTCD, and JBS. I like staking coins because they grow like money in the bank. I've chosen these coins because they have performed the best for me over time. I don't pay much attention to traders and market prices. Instead, i hold my coins as a hedge against the uncertain future of government fiat currencies. Maybe someday I'll be glad I have them. In the meantime running the wallets on small low power linux boards and powering them with solar panels is a fun hobby.
  6. Not dead, just sleepy. I gave up on n mining after i got a couple electric bills. Staking is the better way to go for me. Have you tried connecting to a pool just to verify it can be done? Do you need a complete copy of the blockchain in order to solo mine? Maybe you haven't synced with it yet, hence nothing mined? good luck on the mining front.
  7. My wallet was staking nicely on my Radxa Rock unix board. I shut it down to make some changes and now it doesn't stake anymore. My balance doesn't change. Daemon commands all seem to work, but getwalletinfo reports 0 connections and the i.p. address is now I keep the .HoboNickels folder on a mounted hard drive. Two other coin wallets reside on this system and they run fine. They stake, show multiple connections, and have real i.p. addresses. HBN won't stake whether these other wallets are running or not. Does anyone have any suggestions how to get me back in business?
  8. Focus on getting the wallet running. You'll need it to deposit mining proceeds. When you get a decent balance, the staking income from the wallet will be far greater than what you could earn by mining. BTW the miner you mentioned is a SHA256 miner and HoboNickels is mined with Scrypt miners so you can't just plug in, connect to a pool, and make HBN directly. You could mine a SHA256 coin, sell it on an exchange, and buy HBN however. The HBN wallet can also be set to mine and stake simultaneously.
  9. Welcome to hobonickels. The qt file is the hobonickels wallet and once you have some coins in it you'll enjoy watching it stake. My linux computer is a Radxa Rock single board computer which I run using a command line interface. This requires using the hobonickelsd daemon (i.e. the wallet without the graphical user interface). You can build the daemon from source files by following Tranz's thread for raspberry pi
  10. Hi, I just figured it out. In case someone else wants to do this, create a folder called .HoboNickels in your home directory. Copy HoboNickels.conf into it. Nothing else. Start the daemon like this: hobonickelsd -datadir=<path to your data folder> fyi I'm running the wallet on a Radxa Rock Pro sbc under Debian. Although its new, i am quite pleased with the board and its capabilites so far. it has 2gb of ram and 8gb of flash on which resides the wallet and OS. The large blockchain data files live on a separate usb hard drive that was easy to implement on the Rock. There is a huge performance increase over my little Raspberry pi which started out fine, but ground to a halt under HBN's demands for resources after a couple months.
  11. I'm running the HBN daemon in unix. I'd like to keep all or part of .HoboNickels data folder on a separate drive. I tried using the command line option, -datadir=hdd/.HoboNickels but the daemon apparently still looks for data in the default location. How might I keep the large data files on a different drive?
  12. I'd like to submit this song for Woody Pines Hobo and His Bride he was a hobo she was his bride he courted her near the jungle fire the long steel rail they chose to ride together on and on and on
  13. I'm entering for Woody Pines. here is the song Hobo and His Bride He was a hobo She was is bride. He courter her By the jungle fire. The long steel rail They chose to ride Forever on and on and on
  14. agreed. HBN is my best investment as well. It's hard to argue otherwise as you watch your holdings grow every day. Spreads are too wide though with thin trading volume. We need more people involved.