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  1. @bitcoinmom Thanks for sharing. I need to understand how cash settled bitcoin futures will advance bitcoin's demand, price, or acceptance.

  2. Is HBN trading?

    Is HBN trading? Coinmarketcap seems to have stopped showing trading for HoboNickels. It has been stalled for a little over a day now. Does anybody know what's up?
  3. Barterdex and Hobonickels?

    Thanks Tranz. If I can assist in some useful way, please contact me.
  4. Barterdex and Hobonickels?

    Maybe its not feasible or worthwhile, but thanks for looking. I wish i knew enough about wallet programming so i could help.
  5. Barterdex and Hobonickels?

    Supernet has been working on it for quite awhile, but you're right, the announcement only came today
  6. Barterdex and Hobonickels?

    No I haven't tried it yet, Tranz. I had some BitcoinDark that I swapped for Komodocoin. Komodo/Supernet is doing some cool stuff including BarterDex. Their Agama wallet, which handles a number of different coins, will eventually have BarterDex built in and a holder will be able to freely exchange one coin for another via the p2p exchange. The idea i had was to incorporate barterdex into the Hobonickels wallet. If you haven't checked out Komodo and Supernet, I urge you to have a look.
  7. Barterdex and Hobonickels?

    Barterdex and Hobonickels? What are the chances we could link Hobonickels to the barterdex.supernet.org peer to peer decentralized exchange?
  8. HBN 1.5.5..0

    I read up more and see the error of my ways. It takes 10 days for coins to mature.
  9. HBN 1.5.5..0

    hi Tranz, Here is another followup to the high stake weight situation. My wallet slowed way down after a few days of furious staking, and now it has apparently stopped altogether. I see a message when i mouse over the icons in the lower right corner saying I am not staking because i have no mature coins. Everything else seems to be in order, i.e. up to date, connected, and unlocked. My last transaction was on 8/14, so it has been three days the coins have been sitting in the wallet. Shouldn't some or all of them have matured by now? --Regards
  10. HBN 1.5.5..0

    The newest version seems much improved for starting time. Out of curiosity, do orphan stakes affect weight, or is weight unchanged when an orphan is produced? Staking has now slowed WAY down from when it started. It's not as fun as when i was so busily adding to my holdings, but I'm very pleased with the improved way 1.5.5.x operates. Nice work, Tranz!
  11. HBN 1.5.5..0

    Tranz, as a follow-up, I have the new version,, running now. I caught up on the blockchain and pasted my old wallet.dat in. Everything seems to be working fine and I am staking furiously. The last time the wallet staked was March 3, 2017, more than 5 months! There were 35 staking transactions in the first 45 minutes. However, only 13 of them actually had confirmations. Is this what you would expect? If you need more specific info i can send you my prestaking getinfo and getmininginfo output and a list of the transactions. I wonder if there might be a way to speed the initial startup, or failing that, add a message for new HBN holders in the startup window, that re-scanning will take some time. Thanks for your dedication Tranz.
  12. HBN 1.5.5..0

    Sure thing. Anything I can do to help you out. I will delay syncing my wallet til after i hear from you.
  13. HBN 1.5.5..0

    A ton of weight... That would be me. I'm hoping to get my wallet going again with these recent changes. Thanks for your dedication, Tranz
  14. No peer connections on Wallet

    You are not alone with this problem
  15. HBN Money Supply

    I have appreciated the generous stake interest, but HBN exchange rate has languished probably because of seemingly ever increasing coin creation. At the same time I experience more and more difficulty connecting my wallet to the network. I haven't been able to stake for months. The computing resources needed seem to be increasing without limit. These factors do not bode well for the coin's future. We need to do something and quick to breathe new life back into HBN.

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