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  1. What advantages does Redcoin have compaired to other cryptocurrencies? Thank you for your input /Wolfram
  2. RZCPRUEtafXj3bDXuKipYeFtSX3DQW2um1 Thank you sir. What would happen to the coins if you send them and I am not connected to the internet or my computer is switched of?
  3. It is unclear to me if it possible to mine with Redcoin qt alone and the difference between input and configuration for solo- vs pool mining. I have started Redcoin qt, choosen "solo mining", set up the config file according to description and pressed the button start mining. (Without filling in the fields server, port, username, password) I am sitting on a seminew laptop( for experiment purpose only i know I should have a GPU for more serios mining) the processor is running on 96% -100% CPU usage. What is supposed to happen when and if I find any coins? What averege time would you ruffly expect for finding any coins on average new laptop? It would be nice with a youtube instruction video, it would be an advertisement for redcoins also.

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