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  1. How much of a balance do I need in my wallet to have a chance of getting interest or staking? Currently I have a balance of 163 from mining a few years ago.
  2. Once you are synced though, you should not be sending all that much out. Let us know if that continues. You will send out some blocks to about 1/10th of the network whenever you have the block before them. Blocks are only like 1k each. Just now before I posted about this I was fully synced, the wallet was constantly uploading for ~ 20 mins and had sent out over 600mb.
  3. As far as I know there isn't a way to prevent the wallet from uploading or even restrict it's upload speed. You could however search up a network limiting program. I personally use NetLimiter to stop Gridcoin from eating all my upload bandwidth. I think you might try to limit your maximum number of inbound+outbound connections in your gridcoinresearch.conf: add this line: maxconnections=5 Thanks I will try this.
  4. Is there any way to stop the wallet from uploading? I'm finding that it's using quite a lot of my internet data.
  5. Thanks, I wasn't really sure if I should have deleted some of the stuff in appdata or not (I know not to delete the wallet though).
  6. I had not had the wallet running for a few days as I found I was on a fork and hadn't gotten round to resyncing yet. Last night I opened the wallet to leave it to finish syncing, this morning I found it had stopped with some error message about being unable to communicate with the server (sorry I don't remember the message exactly). Now the gridcoinresearch.exe is missing from the program directory, I tried running grcrestarter.exe but nothing happens. What is the best way to fix this problem? Just to delete the program directory and reinstall?
  7. After my last POR payment of ~150 on 2015-40-01 (which was much less than my previous payments of ~250) my time to earn suddenly became very big again and my total owed, next estimated payment and I think a few other values started to show 0. Time to earn has now dropped quite a bit and I'm seeing some higher numbers which were previously 0. For some reason the wallet says my last payment time was 03-31-2015, which is actually the second last payment I had, but it's the last one with a kind of "golden" background (what does that actually mean?) After reading this thread I'm thinking maybe I dropped off the blockchain as well? My MiningInfo 2 says "RSA Weight: 25138", how does RSA weight indicate whether you've fallen off the blockchain? Might it be that I tried testing out a few other projects and it caused my magnitude to drop slightly or something? I only ran a few WU from other projects so surely it wouldn't have dropped much.
  8. Ok great. Fyi it seems that the wiki is incorrect in stating that there is GPU support for World Community Grid, according to a thread on their forums there is none https://secure.worldcommunitygrid.org/forums/wcg/viewthread_thread,37740_offset,0#488602.
  9. I'm finding when I do "list network" [email protected] doesn't show in the output list, but according to the wiki it is a whitelisted project so why would this be?
  10. My status is again only showing investor and list cpids tells me "Project missing in [Netsoft] credit verification node." Having a look at isup.me it seems that boinc.netsoft-online.com is down at the moment so I presume that's why I was having the same issue before, but just want to check. Also I don't really understand "staking" I assumed it would mean you would temporarily lose access to your staked funds but when I have seen coins in stake they only stay there for a very short time say a few minutes, is that normal?
  11. [email protected], Collatz Conjecture, Malaria Control. I think it went back to normal after I closed and restarted the wallet. The same thing happened again a few minutes ago and I closed and reopened the wallet again, and again seems back to normal. Could it be internet connection issues or does the wallet not connect with BOINC if it's opened first or something?
  12. Since I think sometime yesterday my client is saying "All BOINC projects exhausted" and has changed to Investor mode. When I do "list cpids" I get, "Errors" : "Project missing in [Netsoft] credit verification node. Please contact Netsoft to add this project. (Wait at least 24 hours for new projects to propagate)." What could have caused this? Also when I do "list rsa" it seems like my account info has been reset.
  13. Ok thanks. I tried grcrestarter downloadblocks and I got it to open. Is it normal that I don't see any previous transactions yet, I assume I need to wait for it to sync? Edit: Seems back to normal.
  14. I had a PC issue and had to hard reset now when I try to start the wallet I get an error. "Program: F:\Programs\Grid\gridoinresearch.exe File: src/kernel.cpp Line:722 Expression: pindex->pprev || pindex->GetBlockHash() == (!fTestNet ? hashGenesisBlock : hashGenesisBlockTestNet)" What is the best thing for me to do to fix it without losing anything? I guess I might have to rebuild the block chain? Must I just uninstall and reinstall or is there something I will have to manually remove? Can I still keep the transaction history? I was going to just upload a screenshot of the error but I can't figure out how to make an attachment here.

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