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  1. The site had a technical problem with the withdrawal (according to the admin). But issue is fixed and payments are processed....
  2. Hi @all join this dogecoin faucet where you can claim up to: 1000-9685 0.74052000 9686-9885 1.48104000 9886-9985 2.96208000 9986-9993 5.92416000 9994-9997 11.84832000 9998-9999 23.69664000 10000-10000 47.39328000 the faucet works like freedoge.co.in.... automatic payment to faucethub as soon you reach 10 Doge. To claim "automatic" u can use a software like Mouserecorder and set it up to claim every hour by itself. It´s only a coinhive captcha... i would appriciate if you use my ref-link DOGE FAUCET click here...
  3. I don´t think this is going to work. I would suggest to try to mine differnt things. If you mine with GPU you should take a look at BTG Mining (btgpool.pro). And if you like to mine CPU+GPU you should take a look at nicehash.com (easy setup and you have a good overview of your earnings/statistics)
  4. @edmelis if you do solomining that can happen but not if you´re mining in a pool. Can you tell us in which pool you are mining, what miner and what GPU you are using?
  5. Freedoge.co.in Freebitco.in Virtualpub.io Bitfun.co Moonbitcoin/Dogecoin/Litecoin/Dashcoin bonusbitcoin.co satoshiwars.com cryptomininggame.com Contract-miner.com All Sites where you can claim satoshis and make a decent profit after a while without having invested a single satoshi. And all sites are serving the community for a long time (except the last two, they startet few weeks ago) So i wonder how do you feel advertising scam sites? What does this say about yourself?
  6. And thanks to people like you these scam sites are getting more and more successfull to scam people. Don´t promote and tell others how "great" these sites are if you obviously know that they are scam. People that just started into cryptocurrency could believe your words and will get scammed. And no not all sites are scam. These where you have to invest surely are. And this is one of them...
  7. I guess people will be sorry because they lost their money... THIS IS JUST ANOTHER SCAM..... Who like to bet with me on that? A little background document.pdf
  8. RULES WHICH WILL RESULT IN A WARNING, POINTS, OR SUSPENSION. Using short URLs for referral links. I suggest you remove the short URLs.
  9. same scam as quantumhash.... same persons behind this. Just a different design

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