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  1. Terrific, thank you.
  2. Thanks NeuralMiner, but I'm not seeing that field:
  3. Hi NeuralMiner, I tried to join SRBase today but it says "Not accepting new members." (or something close to that) I also see on the homepage an invitation code. Can I somehow join this project by using the invitation code, and if so, how? Thanks.
  4. Hi VAZ, That's good to hear, I was BOINCing too for about a year before I discovered GRC. It's a strong community too, and with that in mind, I'm feeling very helpful tonight, so I will gift you 500 GRC. I would not do this if you had said you were not going to be in it for the long run. Welcome to the Community and I hope it's fruitful for you. You need to create a "Receive" address in your wallet by going to "Receive" then click the "New" button. It'll create an address, then right click and "Copy" and PM it to me. Feel free to checkout my history in the official Gridcoin forum. I've been around for a couple of years and can be trusted. Somebody helped me to stake, so I like to "pay it forward." Hopefully some day you can also help somebody.
  5. HI VAZ, I'm not sure that you can provide a payment address if needs an address that has staked a block. An unrelated question: Do you think you'll be into Gridcoin as a long term miner?
  6. Hi Enzo, Neither Rob nor the other developers are responsible for this forum, it's merely a place to post information. Rob and the developers are not responsible for or the other faucets or other related sites either, other private parties maintain those sites. Rob and the other Gridcoin developers are responsible for the development of Gridcoin coin itself as well as the official Gridcoin website: Regarding this forum site you should probably contact Support, which is a link at the top of the page if you have technical questions about it. I know whenever I access I also press the double arrows " >> " to go to the last post, then I read backwards if I'm interested in other information, as well as using the links I receive in my emails.
  7. So following these steps is probably a good idea for everybody? 1. Ensure you're on the latest version of GRC Wallet. 2. Follow these instructions: 3. Use !snapshot howto section 4. Get snapshot from: or alternatively use newer snapshot by bzaborow above:
  8. I really like the new site. It collects all of the other resources off the web and provides a central resource for them. Also it incorporates the new logo and color.....quite awesome.....everything. Way to go everybody who helped with that project, it should bring more people to Gridcoin. I noticed an extra CR/LF at the end of the fourth paragraph:
  9. I assume you've looked up that address? Here it is at
  10. The beacon problem I reported on Tuesday resolved itself. After I fully unlocked my wallet, my beacon was automatically sent. Also, has it been discussed about putting another ad on boincstats after the team requirement has been removed?
  11. Noticed a new "Unable to send beacon" message today. My wallet was unlocked, but for staking only. Everything else normal with wallet. Then I locked and unlocked and unchecked the "For staking only" checkbox, and the message included the stakeweight: I did "execute beaconstatus": Not sure what this all means.
  12. Thanks for the update, installation from the wallet was clean. I see the "unk" reported above. Also noticed "COPYING," not sure what that references. Client messages look better, a semi-colon now appears after the first one and I no longer see the Syncing message when wallet is already in sync. Good job at all of the fixes included in this update, I can tell the dev team spent a lot of time on it.
  13. Thanks for the quick write-up JRingo, the explanation makes sense...