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  1. Announcing Letsgetstaking.com the one stop shop for everything POS. Now selling virtually any altcoin for paypal/google wallet, etc. http://letsgetstaking.com Letsgetstaking has also recently launched a staking pool, available on both NXT and Colored Coins. http://letsgetstaking.com/pool Launch/Discussion thread for letsgetstaking.com https://forum.gethashing.com/t/letsgetstaking-com-lgs/5394 Launch thread for LGS pool https://forum.gethashing.com/t/lgs-letsgetstaking-com-staking-pool/5530
  2. To celebrate our upcoming 30 days of operation, we are giving away a total of 200 CSC. You will need an address from a wallet that supports colored coins/open assets to be able to claim the free coins. You can learn how to get one from our website, http://www.cryptostakecoin.com/colored-coin-walk-through/
  3. Thanks for that. I have been trying to get HBN synced for nearly 3 weeks. At first I was able to DL a bootstrap that left me 6 months behind iirc, and then as of a few days ago I was still 3 months behind the blockchain. I am using a spare laptop to reindex the bootstrap with the wallet.dat I am using and hopefully it will get through it eventually, I can then zip and upload it to my AWS instance so I don't have to have it running locally.
  4. Yeah, I left that out of my last reply. And yeah, its gonna take hours or days, I am using an aws instance and its more than enough for simple staking, but syncing and indexing pushes the cpu past its max.
  5. Thanks for that. The qt refuses to scan the bootstrap, it insists on going to the network. Any thoughts? Edit: I might have gotten it to work. Had to use -reindex and I renamed the file, -rescan refused to work and launching qt with only blk001.dat in the folder didn't work either.
  6. Could someone kindly post a more recent bootstrap? I am having a hell of a time getting HBN synced from scratch and the bootstrap floating around is ancient in blockchain time.
  7. Quick bump. I edited the post to reflect changes since our official launch, added our website, reddit, etc.
  8. We are officially launched. First round is limited to 50k shares, this will allow me to focus on the management side more than the promotion and CS side of things. Once we are established I will consider opening another round. Crypto Stake Coin is a first of its kind, fully managed asset backed by a basket of Proof Of Stake Coins. The aim will be to keep the basket as evenly weighted as possible. Dividends from the staked coins will be distributed on sundays. Increases in value of a coin that throws the weight off will be sold off and distributed as dividends with the sunday payouts. The official thread/forum can be found here http://forum.gethashing.com/t/proof-of-stake-mutual-fund/1225 Our website can be found here http://www.cryptostakecoin.com You can view the asset profile on coinprism here https://www.coinprism.info/asset/ANuuvGvVXzpLh8qLxv3oqYNrGoRWxgmu9Q In the spirit of openness and transparency we are publically sharing a spreadsheet that is tracking all the coins holdings, buys/sells, etc. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rGajpzQ8qLvce6e6P5XfNcWu6FCEukGNILBqn9buU74/edit?usp=sharing You can also find this same info on our website. If you have suggestions for a coin that we should stake please suggest it. As long as shareholders are willing to take the risk, I am willing to stake any coin. I am open to any questions/suggestions. The official thread will be at gethashing so if I don't get back to you quickly here, you can find me there under the same username. You can also find us at the following Facebook Reddit My profile on keybase Twitter

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