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  1. http://24hourponzi.com I have payed and i have gotten my payout!! its a small list you still have a chance now if you get in before it grows bigger! Send BTC and get 130% back when the next person sends. Minimum: 0.005 - Maximum: 1.5 Any deposits UNDER the minimum or OVER the maximum will be counted as DONATIONS! Do NOT send from a Web Wallet! Blockchain.info Wallets are OK!
  2. [ANN] COMIC BOOK COIN -- Coming Soon!

    interesting looks neat
  3. PeerCoin PPC Information

    can i use the asic miner to mine these SHA-256 Algo coins?
  4. Guide To Mining Dogecoins In The Cloud

    digital ocean doesnt like cloud mining they keep taking off peoples droplets
  5. It's a Cryptsy Christmas Giveaway! FREE coins

    i love you thanks for the merry Christmas ! oLdw4G9enenQWH6MYxRvvXpJmRopay6SgQ
  6. i like this and its a good idea i have also idea for coin maybe we can work something out? and get to talking haha
  7. New Crypto Market Cap Site

    this i did not know haha
  8. New coin development assistance?

    i will look into it if i need any advice can i ask here?
  9. New Crypto Market Cap Site

    are all coins on that site?

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