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  1. Hi, Any reason why coinmarketcap is taking so long to list Solarcoin? They have already twitted 2 days ago they were working on it! It should not take so long when Solarcoin is already listed on 2 exchanges with API!!! I was also wondering why we still don't have the kimoto gravity well difficulty block re-target implemented or digishield or even change to a every block retargeting since it is clear that there are some hascows coming to raise the difficulty from time to time! This is hurting solarcoin miners!!! And if someone is doing this manipulation on the hashrate difficulty it is because they have some hidden agenda!!! Any comments?
  2. Hi, My bitcointalk.org username is buddynuno and my wallet address is: CfDFynz5Ar8736Vo9qLxuw87bKwJcDX7AL
  3. Any idea why the nethashrate just jumped from 300 mh/s to 900mh/s??? I only see 2 pools hashing solarcoin but there are 500mh/s from an unknown source???
  4. Hi, I am trying to log into http://lyc.majorminers.com/ and I get the following message: Unable to login: Account locked. Please Check your Email for instructions to unlock I already sent an e-mail last night to the mining pool admin but I still have not got any e-mail to proceed with the unlocking of my account! I am waiting for instructions from you! Thank you
  5. What is going on with http://pcn.sumpool.com/index.php? Payouts are being withdrawn on autopayout and the wallet address is mine but i don't see any balance in my wallet!! Care to explain what the problem?
  6. Would be nice to have a wallet sync! So addnodes please!
  7. I don't want to try another pool. I want my coins that are held by https://aph.charityminingpools.com/
  8. Well, regarding this matter. I can only say if Auroracoin can do it, why not any other coin do the same for anyother country? Iceland is not the most famous nor does have a super fan club also and still people invested in Auroracoin!
  9. Well, I am not affiliated with this coin but I was mining it until https://aph.charityminingpools.com/ stopped letting us to login to the mining pool website because there is no frontend! Although we can still mine the coin on the backend! This might suggest they are about to pull a scam by not letting miners withdraw the coins and then shutdown! So I would like for Aphroditecoin developer to resolve this issue with the mining pool operator!
  10. Why is https://aph.charityminingpools.com/ not accessable?
  11. Where the heck are people hashing 200mh/s? http://gox.minebig.com/index.php is only pooling 100mh/s but the networkhashate is 300mh/s? People solomining at this difficulty rate?
  12. It is solved. Maybe it was because my e-mail was open on my laptop but I was doing the edit on my other pc so probably had something to do the diferent IP's requests!
  13. https://gael.charityminingpools.com mining pool is not letting me to edit my account details. I have unlocked it and received an e-mail. Followed the link and the fields are still in bold so I can't enter my info or edit. Reply with a solution for this. Thank you
  14. Any particular reason why it will skyrocket in May? Why not sooner or even later? Why haven't yet?

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