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  1. Sorry for pushing this topic up again but nobody had a feedback for me. Is this the expeted behaviour that the vote weight is using the current balance and not the total balance? I had the same, vote when the majority of your coins is not in stake Sure thats an option but is it itended to work like this or is this just a glitch? Maybe a feature? time based voting?
  2. Sorry for pushing this topic up again but nobody had a feedback for me. Is this the expeted behaviour that the vote weight is using the current balance and not the total balance?
  3. I did the WUProp voting today and got the message that my weight for this voting is calculated by balance and mag. But for balance the current balance (total balance minus stake) value is used and not the total balance. In my case the most coins were staking so my balance was very low 0.6% of total coins. Is this correct?
  4. Hard to say as I dont know what the "single/first point of contact" is. I think it would be great to mention it on gridcoin.us (and maybe all related sites) or integrate the twitter stream? At them moment we do have a lot of chanels: IRC, Slack, cryptocointalk, bitcointalk, reddit, twitter, severals web pages, facebook, etc. and nearly each of them does have different "owners", a statement from rob would be great to show "support"
  5. cool, thanks for creating. I'll fire up my machine for these. Any thoughts about project rains for motiviation? I think only a few people will see this thread so maybe we can push it somewhere for a better visibility? as erkan already mentioned: DDM is still down and all other projects doesnt have enough or no data at the moment
  6. The new version seems to behave better in regards to the orphan blocks sync issue. I had the same behaviour reported by spassbold that the wallet became unresponsive but I left it for a while and it recovered and most important this time I get in sync without any restarts. Diagnostic feature works for me as well
  7. As you are already doing the rain just give me youre wallet address and I'll send you 10K for more rain
  8. Unfortunately the current issues seems to affect our chances to win
  9. I can confirm that behaviour on Windows 10 as well. I takes several restarts to get in sync after some days off. Its my start procedure for several months now... edit: I checked the debug.log, the wallet is not lazy, its processing orphans but always the same block IDs...forks? After each restart its processing several hundreds good blocks and starts getting orphans only
  10. Welcome to Gridcoin, just read your issue. Just for clarification did your CPID changed in Gridcoin Client or do you have a new CPID e.g. at boincstat?
  11. Please try add parameters windowwidth=1920 and windowheight=1080 to your config file (adjust values as needed). Maybe this helps already
  12. versuch mal http://imgur.com/ und dann einfach den Link reinpasten
  13. Nein das hatte nix mit falschem Herunterfahren zu tun. Gestern gab es offensichtlich ein Problem in der Keychain. Auch ich war auf einem Fork und alle Transaktionen von gestern waren weg. Macht nix solange man dann wieder auf das richtige Ende kommt korrigiert sich das von selber. Normal würde ich das jetzt nicht unbedingt nennen aber wenn es dabei bleibt unter Schluckauf verbuchen und alles ist gut. Kam in der Vergangenheit auch schon vor und verloren geht dabei nix. Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg bei der Jagd nach dem Ressourcenfresser, als Außenstehender kann man da nicht all zu viel ersehen aus den reinen Daten und Graphen allenfalls Indikatoren.
  14. Same here, all blocks and payments from yesterday were oprhaned.

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