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  1. I have found that some faucets pay much higher then other's here is a list of my favorites Faucet that pay directly to your wallet: 1. Alien Faucet http://bitcoinaliens...ucet/?ref=89402 Pay's every 5 mintuts 3 mintuts for february 100 to 10,000 satoshi 2. Weekend Bitcoin http://www.weekendbi....com/?ref=98207 pay's every hour 1000 satoshi but 10,000 on weekends 3. Dance Faucet http://dancefaucet.c...com/?ref=43649 pay's every hour 500 to 100,000 satoshi 4. Freebitco.in http://freebitco.in/...229&tag=source1 pay's every hour $0.001982 to $200 worth of bitcoin 5. 777bitcoin http://777bitco.in/?...eferrer=146314 same as the above 6. Moon Bitcoin http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=cedcb5a87e56 coin build up slowly you can collect then when you want 7. Tree Bitcoin http://treebitcoin.c...Referrer=30679 pay's every hour 200 to 100,000 satoshi increces with your balence Faucet that pay to a online wallet account: 1. Freebitcoin Lottery http://freebitcoinlottery.com/ 0 to 2.4 bitcoin a day 2. Bitcoinker http://bitcoinker.co...ef=81a8f447e97e pay's every 15 minutes 400 satoshi or try your luck at 100, 200, 1000 satoshi
  2. Faucet's that Pay directly to your wallet Freedoge http://freedoge.co.in/?r=17892413 to 1,333,120 dogecoins 1 hour by far the most profitable faucet iv'e found payout's change depending on the price of dogecoins Doge Checkin http://cur.lv/httal0.3-2000 coins 5 minutes Crypto Spout http://cur.lv/httdy10-20 coins 24 hours Moon Doge http://cur.lv/httij coins will build up slowly in your account you can withdraw them after 5 minutes Freedogeco http://cur.lv/httkw9-108 coins 1 hour In doge we trust http://cur.lv/httr21-2 coins Dogefaucet http://cur.lv/httpz0.5-5 coins 1 hour has a minimum withdrawal amount of 150 Faucet's that Pay to your faucetbox account Land Of Dogecoins http://cur.lv/htu3gaverage payout of 7 dogecoins 1 hour City Of Dogecoin http://cur.lv/htu571.5 to 2000 coins 10 minutes Cryptoblox http://cur.lv/htu9n4-500 coins 1 hour Free-Coin http://cur.lv/htubd1-5 coins 30 minutes Hybryda2005 http://cur.lv/htufq1-3 coins 1 hour Doge fauect list http://cur.lv/htvnm1-10 coins 1 hour Dogecoin Puddle http://cur.lv/htvps15 coins 4 hours Doge.Altcoin http://cur.lv/htvs60.5-1 coin 1 minute Doge Faucet Rocks http://cur.lv/htw4l1 to 5 coins 1 hour Games Coindoge http://cur.lv/htw605-86 coin 30 minutes Pocket Coin http://cur.lv/htwao Zarabianie http://cur.lv/htwbj1 hour GP Faucet http://cur.lv/htwds2-25 coins 15 minutes Doge Doge http://cur.lv/htwe71-2 coins 1 hour

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