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  1. P2Pool for Phoenixcoin

    What's a gcminer? You can see a list of blocks found there. Once a new block is found, you get a payout.
  2. Orbitcoin ORB Information

    If you never mined on the unofficial v1.3.2 fork Mad Max released with a quick fix to restore broken PoW mining in January of 2014, you hadn't lost anything. It was before Red Mist asked me to start work on v1.4 in February of 2014.
  3. Orbitcoin ORB Information

    If they were registered in the UK and filed for bankruptcy, a single formal complaint to the Bureau of Industry and Security triggered a criminal investigation with the results forwarded to a crown prosecutor. This is a criminal offence, not an ordinary bankruptcy.
  4. Orbitcoin ORB Information

    i got back my ORB ... it's work for ORB We weren't talking about ORB. We are talking about BTC. If they don't plan to run this exchange any further, they can sell the software. In the end, they have to offer some compensation. All depositors have equal claim rights, so they may expect up to a couple of BTC per person. Those who have a lot more are in trouble indeed.
  5. NeoScrypt GPU and CPU miner

    Added NSGminer to this thread to keep all miners in one place.
  6. Orbitcoin ORB Information

    NSGminer v0.9.1 released with my NeoScrypt OpenCL kernel v6. Should be compatible with the latest AMD Catalyst drivers. Also delivers a little performance improvement over the previous release.
  7. Orbitcoin ORB Information

    Could also create an ORB exchange. That's a huge responsibility and time consuming job. Front end, back end, coin daemons, hot and cold wallets, stuck deposits and withdrawals, angry tickets, etc. Who wants some?
  8. Orbitcoin ORB Information

    If we had anyone in the team speaking Chinese, we could approach BTC38 and Jubi at least. They pay more attention to those who communicate this way. Getting our web site and wallet translated to Chinese won't hurt either. Cryptsy is in a crisis, so ORB needs another major exchange to take its place. May it be Bittrex or Poloniex. However the latter is picky.
  9. Orbitcoin ORB Information

    Bittrex will list ORB for a fee, however if a coin doesn't generate at least 0.1 BTC in average daily trade volume, they delist it. ORB is listed on multiple exchanges already, so it may or may not meet this criterion on Bittrex. There is another altcoin exchange, ExchangeD.I2P. It's on the DarkNet. There are pros and cons about it, though seems interesting. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1092682.0
  10. Orbitcoin ORB Information

    150KH/s for 750 Ti is what the others also report. This is a very good result considering low power consumption of this card. I shall add NVIDIA OpenCL support to NSGminer eventually, though it may not be as fast as CUDA. Although I have no NVIDIA hardware currently other than an ancient 9800GTX.

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