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  1. 1-million coins premined. Dev has attempted to hide this by not showing the total coin supply in the block explorer main page, but if you look at block 1, it's there. This represents a 66.7% premine if you consider 50,000 PoW blocks at 10 coins per block resulting in 500,000 coins before the end of PoW. If staking blocks occur concurrently to PoW, the premined portion will be even higher than 66.7%. If the premine stakes, it will be even higher than *that*. Not much going on with this one, other than attempted enrichment of the dev. The undisclosed premine is a dead giveaway. Edit: oh yeah, 8000 blocks have already been mined. So it's more like a 72% premine.
  2. Though I would buy the same deal again, I think it's better for distribution if I don't get to buy any more big chunks like that (but some other interested parties do). Have at it, interested parties!
  3. Nope, pure PoS, ICO on Yolobit. That website resolves to a microloan company that doesn't seem to have anything to do with this ANN. Careful.
  4. Yeah, I'm reluctant to try messing around with coin control until I earn a regular stake. But it seems like something is hella broken and your experience confirms it. Dev's on point with his twiter bot though. Never seen so many heads of cabbage in my feed. i guess that doesn't much help a messed-up blockchain...
  5. Staking does not appear to work properly. I've been attempting to earn a stake for over a week and have been unsuccessful.
  6. It's cool that this coin made a comeback!!! And it trades at novaexchange: https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_LAB/
  7. Hey, the pool has not found any blocks for 24h. I think the blockchain might have become stuck Any idea what is wrong? And don't worry about bitcointalk. Cryptocointalk is a much better alternative!
  8. Thank you very much - i also knock on doors to exchanges to make sure that the coins getting a price. To you and pool+node - can i get your names? So i can give it a thx to the youcoin website It's OK there is no need to credit me. I was interested in the idea that you are already a coder and you are taking an interest in cryptocurrency, so I was interested in supporting your coin's network by mining. Good luck with the exchange!
  9. Looks like there's nobody mining for the last few hours. I put another 1 Th/s on the network and will keep it there for awhile until I can whittle the difficulty down from 1M but Walletbuilders coins can take awhile for this as their difficulty algorithm is slow to adjust.
  10. Reading through the e-dinar website, it's quite clear this is a multi-level-marketing scheme first and foremost. I did see mention that it is a sha256 Proof of Work cryptocurrency with a total eventual supply of 22 million coins issued over two years, but could not find a wallet or source anywhere.
  11. According to site, today's launch was postponed until Feb 26th. It was not updated in OP here.
  12. Developer has not logged in for eight days and counting. I've stopped PoW mining but I continue to support the network via staking which is working properly. It appears there's still about 16 Mh/s of PoW hash on the network but my wallet is only connected to one other node. I will assume that node belongs to the developer-- if it goes offline I'll come back to report this coin dead.

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