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  1. New Official Snapshot. Update strongly encouraged. I'm just spreading the message. https://www.reddit.com/r/gridcoin/comments/7umvsu/new_official_snapshot_update_strongly_encouraged/ https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@tcblack/new-official-gridcoin-snapshot-update-is-strongly-encouraged
  2. If you're looking for information about Gridcoin, try visiting the website, http://www.gridcoin.us You'll find information about Gridcoin, along with links to the wikis, how-to, downloads, etc. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask and one of our community members will try to help as best we can. Welcome!
  3. The in-app upgrade function is broken. For now it's best to uninstall Gridcoin and then install using the msi from gridcoin.us Good luck.
  4. It is because of the current 35% magnitude boost that is currently (and temporarily) in place. For more explanation of this, see this article and comment section... https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@erkan/new-superblock-july-30-980239-35h-birth-time#@bullshark/re-erkan-new-superblock-july-30-980239-35h-birth-time-20170730t121410146z
  5. Changing email= is the only thing that really matters. Once the wallet sees that when it's starting up, it basically ignores all the info relevant to mining (cpid, BOINC path, etc).
  6. I'm honestly not sure what these numbers mean, nor have I ever paid attention to them before. FWIW, mine is currently sitting at 26.666666667
  7. To change to an investor, close your wallet and change your conf file to say email=investor. You can also change it to say cpid=investor. You only have to change the email part. Either way, save a copy of your conf file before changing anything so you can go back to mining when you want.
  8. That is correct, Andrew. If the project isn't in the superblock, then the network doesn't count the project in your magnitude. Once the project is in the superblock again, your magnitude for that project will return. Payments look back at work done for past 6 months, so as long as a project isn't out of SB for that long, you will still be paid for all of your work when it wasn't in SB.
  9. Newest superblock added back all missing whitelisted projects except for Rosetta. See, nothing to worry about. Thank you for all of the contributions from developers and other volunteers who put in lots of time and effort for the betterment of GRC and the Gridcoin community.
  10. Deceptive implies there is intent. I do not think that is the case. Gridcoinstats.eu is merely displaying what is happening, it doesn't control what is going on with regards to the magnitude, mining payments, etc. I'm sure it's just a temporary glitch in the newest superblock. You won't lose any coins owed once the correct projects are included back into the next superblock.
  11. Well I guess this explains why my magnitude dropped to 2 after the last superblock. Neural network shows 200, but 198 of it is in those that are newly showing as excluded. I think it's just a glitch, unless I missed something too. Not sure if it's related, but it happened in 1st superblock after the new leisure update was released. Hope it's fixed soon.
  12. I have not just started this, I've had a Gridcoin Wallet for over 2.5 years (and I have almost 80K GRC I have earned, so I know that's not the issue). All of my problems started on May 20. I upgraded to the version before that day and my beacon started acting crazy and broadcasting repeatedly. I then saw others were having issues with it too, so I downgraded back to the version before that where I hadn't been having any issues. Ever since then, my CPID has been invalid. After checking the execute beaconreport, it turns out that I had been doing the beacon removal from the wrong address. I just sent delete beacon again from the correct one, so I hope that was the issue. I just received the corrrect 0.00022 amount back, so hopefully I can advertise again and get this straight. Thanks for everyone's help/input.
  13. I am on, but I uninstalled and installed again. I tried delete beacon again and tracked coins. They are not being received by the recipient. I sent a message to RTMoney on Tuesday and he has not even read it yet. This is very frustrating and I'm now approaching 3 weeks since staking (1 week of lost GRC) because of this problem. CAN SOMEONE ELSE POSSIBLY HELP ME?
  14. It's been a very long time since I've written here. I've been having issues with my (invalid) beacon since about the 20th of May. I have tried every method of troubleshooting that I can find, including trying to delete it. I've sent several small transactions to the address to delete with no success/response. I have removed the program and re-installed/upgraded to the latest version, still nothing. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. I'm seeing a similar problem. Magnitude is showing 0 on Wallet GUI; however, NN shows Mag as 540. Here's RSA and explainmagnitude reports from console: [ { "RSA Report" : "1443390259" }, { "CPID" : "0b994a7810d0dd2365e4cc898bb2f4c5", "Last Block Paid" : 341751.00000000, "DPOR Magnitude" : 0.00000000, "Payment Magnitude" : 0.00000000, "Payment Timespan (Days)" : 14.00000000, "Total Earned (14 days)" : 0.00000000, "DPOR Payments (14 days)" : 4281.00000000, "Outstanding Owed (14 days)" : -4281.00000000, "InterestPayments (14 days)" : 74.42000000, "Last Payment Time" : "09-27-2015 17:48:48", "Owed" : -4281.00000000, "Daily Paid" : 305.78571429, "Daily Owed" : 0.00000000 }, { "Magnitude Unit (GRC payment per Magnitude per day)" : 1.82500000 } ] [ { "Command" : "explainmagnitude" }, { "1" : "CPID,Project,RAC,Project_Total_RAC,Project_Avg_RAC,Project Mag,Cumulative RAC,Cumulative Mag,Errors", "2" : "0b994a7810d0dd2365e4cc898bb2f4c5,[email protected],43333.33,3227142.86,38833.33,42.88,43333.33,42.88,", "3" : "0b994a7810d0dd2365e4cc898bb2f4c5,[email protected],135,4320,85,99.8,43468.33,142.68,", "4" : "0b994a7810d0dd2365e4cc898bb2f4c5,climateprediction.net,2360,22500,440,334.97,45828.33,477.65,", "5" : "0b994a7810d0dd2365e4cc898bb2f4c5,[email protected],870,128000,860,21.71,46698.33,499.36,", "6" : "0b994a7810d0dd2365e4cc898bb2f4c5,[email protected],550,308000,2040,5.7,47248.33,505.06,", "7" : "0b994a7810d0dd2365e4cc898bb2f4c5,world community grid,110,280666.67,2360,1.25,47358.33,506.31,", "8" : "0b994a7810d0dd2365e4cc898bb2f4c5,primegrid,22333.33,1858571.43,26500,38.38,69691.66,544.69,", "9" : "NN Host Version: 407, NeuralHash: 166d3ea5b35ece77acf9c335d2de86e9, SignatureCPID: b2cd85a72a5629e69ea57bfb70b20c6c, Time: 9/27/2015 1:27:21 PM", "10" : "Total RAC: 69691.66", "11" : "Total Mag: 544.69" } ]

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