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  1. Hello, great work. After some hours spent trying to understand how magnitude is actually calculated (googling and wiking) I found your calculator, very useful! Still can't figure out how why the Neural Network Multiplier is that number. A brief guide to optimize magnitude (how to optimally distribute resource shares) would be very useful too. Many thanks, Giorgio
  2. Thanks I'll try to add some more nodes, but on the wiki that addnode=node.gridcoin.us should be enough. I'll try nevertheless Mind that you have posted your email in your previous post. Btw, aren't these just for Classic wallet? rpcuser=User rpcpassword=Pass rpcallowip= rpcport=58115
  3. Similar issues, now I lost more than two weeks of incoming daily Mined - PoR (more the last 14 that maybe will be hopefully one day took into account). I saw transactions, then wallet crashed weeks ago, then they disappeared. These last days, wallet keeps restarting, sometimes it connects sometimes not. When it connect, sometimes it sync sometimes not. When it sync, often it stop minting and get out of sync again. Could I (we) expect any serious help? I don't like to complain, I know how much work is done to keep up such a great project, but I'm seriously tempted to abandon it, which I really wouldn't. Thank you for your attention
  4. same here, as posted earlier before, since two weeks.. I got as desperate to try to contact Rob few days ago, waiting the answer
  5. hi, thanks, tried, console says (for both commands) - "wallet check passed" : true - and nothing changed also, wallet disconnects at times, and "estimated days to get reward" gets higher, 142 now.. someone knows what's wrong? some GRC dev or admin? aside from running BOINC for humanity benefits (which is yet sufficient for doing it) it starts to get frustrating to keep solving problems (since 3 weeks) to try to run the wallet, and this is bad to me, ok np, but also to GRC..
  6. Hi, yes, sorry I forgot to mention, I did backup the wallet.dat and restored it in place after reinstall. No there are no transactions on the GUI page where I used to see them. Yes, list rsa shows 1400GRC owed 14 days. It's been running since 10 hours.. Also on the tab it states: Staking 120 and when hovering the arrow it says Estimated time to earn reward is 120 days. What's wrong? I have 60k GRC and BOINC running smoothly since 3 weeks on a Radeon R2 290... 10k RAC on BAM http://boincstats.com/en/stats/-1/user/detail/4651d5673898d350eda2c9c424b931e6/ Not important but I always wondered why in any version of the wallet I had, since december, there has never been a folder named %appdata%\Roaming\GridcoinResearch\walletbackups - the only folders are chainstate, database, txleveldb What a mess this project
  7. Hello, - what does "credit below reserve (zero)" mean? I tried to search the wiki and the forum but found no info. - how to increase/optimize magnitude? it just depends from computing power used for BOINC? - I had some "Mined - PoR" transactions but then wallet had problems. I re-installed it and all earned GRC are gone. Are these recorded somewhere? Any solutions? Thanks
  8. Hi Caraca, thanks but I'm talking about mining on the pool, hashing with Gridcoin Classic. btw this is my (entire) config file rpcuser=myuser rpcpassword=mypw rpcallowip= rpcport=9332 server=1 listen=1 addnode=supernode.gridcoin.us addnode=node.gridcoin.us addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= xthreads=1 threadlimit=1 email=mymail UpdatingLeaderboard=false suppressminingconsole=false cpumining=true gpumining=true boincdatadir=C:\\ProgramData\\BOINC\\ dev0_gpu_thread_concurrency=20480 dev0_worksize=256 dev0_intensity=19 dev0_lookup_gap=2 dev0_enabled=True dev0_name=0 - Hawaii - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. chkFullSpeed=False chkMiningEnabled=True chkCGMonitor=True poolmining=true pooluser=myuser miner=myworker poolpassword=mypw poolurl=http://pool.gridcoin.us
  9. nope after several attempts I still can't mine on the pool.. is it still active? authenticate button return "authentication successful".. am I missing something? --- my cgm0 file "pools" : [ { "url" : "", "user" : "mypooluser", "pass" : "mypoolpass" } --- my gridcoin.conf file rpcallowip= rpcport=9332 poolmining=true pooluser=mypooluser miner=myminer poolpassword=mypoolpass poolurl=http://pool.gridcoin.us ---
  10. thanks spablauw for the support. I wish this cumbersome process would be simplier to get people into this activity, I'm pretty sure there's a bunch of abandoned rigs (or power wasting with no rewards these days). solved some problems.. 2 - added on the wiki ( first time in my life, yey : ) 5 - solved by chance. yes the wallet is synched. to get started I used a .conf (can't remember where i found it) with this line "suppressminingconsole=true".. removed it, works. now I'll try to mine.. well you're saying not to mine with classic but as far as I understand that's needed to secure the network until april/may.. and got into new ones.. 6 - Added World Community Grid project (signed up on their website first as required), but when trying to join the team thru the team page (with the process above) it says "no response from project".. I tried to join thru the WCG website, ok but still can't join on BAM (nor it appears in BOINC Manager) 7 - Burnt some Classic GRC, transaction confirmed since two hours, but no coins show up in the Research Wallet (synched to last block..)
  11. hi, got a burning transaction confirmed since two days, but no coins showed up in the research wallet. updated the blocks, last block generated 30s ago. balance is still 0. tx id d7fcab40d8e0c2943fe7e3c9104842e2e7d765b8997c2a810a6d5ec0ea53d098 what to do?
  12. Thank you Spablauw, so.. 1 - I still don't get if I need to mine with Classic Wallet or I can just use Gridcoin Research + BOINC. and what's more convenient, since resources are limited.. 1b - Found that out (whichever) 1c - What I meant (actually unclear my question, sorry) was more resources to BOINC or to mining? as far as I understand there's no mining with GRC Research, so this apply just in case I need to mine with Classic 2 - Finally find that out, that's incredibly unclear !! (for next newcomers, on this page http://boincstats.com/en/bam/teams/, select all projects, click join team button, THEN you can search for gridcoin -type it manually- and finally SELECT it and join. there are some projects where gridcoin is not an option. i.e. climate prediction or asteroids.. ?) 3 - ok thanks. I'll try that soon. 4 - ok thanks! hope I'll get the rig running soooon. argh.. 5 (2nd post) - still can't launch Mining Console on Classic Wallet Any further help still much appreciated !! : )
  13. I installed Classic Wallet and succeeded syncing it. Moved GRC from Poloniex to Classic Wallet, ok. Tried to mine, no way.. Mining Console won't launch, neither show up. Tried to reinstall the msi (got the last from gridcoin.us), nada.
  14. Hello, I'm just starting with Gridcoin and BOINC. I read most of the guides, wikis, faqs... but I'm still very confused. In the last three days I've succeeded in: - Setting up BOINC and BAM! - Running and syncing Gridcoin Research Wallet Questions: 1 - [a] Will I get Gridcoin just running BOINC and Research Wallet or Do I need to setup Classic Wallet in order to mine Gridcoin? 1b - If : RPCUser, RPCPassword, refers to pool worker? BAM! credential? none of these, just invent some? what for? where will this be of any use? 1c - If : should I use CPU & GPU to mine? or is it better (I guess so) to dedicate resources to BOINC? 2 - In this wiki (http://wiki.gridcoin.us/Mining_setup) it says: When signing up for BOINC projects be sure to join team "Gridcoin" this is required to receive Research credit Where can this be done? The only place I see is here > http://boincstats.com/en/bam/teams/ but it lists the project I joined. There's no project Gridcoin, therefore I can't join any Gridcoin Team.. 3 - I also read somewhere I need some GRC to get started, I bought some at Poloniex. These are GRC Classic though right? And I can't send them to GRC Research Wallet, right? So I have to install the GRC Classic and burn them? 4 - In the Research Wallet, after 2 days of contributing my magnitude is still 0. What's wrong? I got some RAC confirmed.. Here are my stats (http://boincstats.com/en/stats/-1/user/detail/4651d5673898d350eda2c9c424b931e6/) Any help much appreciated !! Thanks, Giorgio

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