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  1. Please go to grcpool.com if you are looking for a pool. pool.gridcoin.co has been more or less abandoned by the administrator.
  2. Beacon Deletion

    Are there any questions left? I sadly do not speak Russian :)
  3. Problem with private key and delete beacon

    I just tested with my own CPID, if you send a small amount (I used 0.0001) to the beacon deletion address SAuJGrxn724SVmpYNxb8gsi3tDgnFhTES9 adding the "Delete Beacon" string in the message field from the address that is displayed next to your CPID in "execute beaconreport". Attention, you can ONLY use this address as input! have a look at
  4. Problem with private key and delete beacon

    Hey there, did you double check sending from this address? I.e. select it like in your screenshot and then send a small amount to the deletion address? Quez
  5. Duchamp Sourcefinder

  6. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    The whitelist has been renewed. Next time will be in May (180 days till beacons decay), already noted in my calendar. If there are no objections, Duchamp Sourcefinder will be added tomorrow. Happy Crunching! Quez
  7. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    Dear Rob, dear all, summarizing the current situation, we have 2 proposals that may lead to the salvation of our technological challenges. Although I initiated the proposal of Gridcoin 4.0 (the "piecemeal solution"), I see many upsides in the proposal Rob has announced and that he defended against different forms of critizism. What I can see from a high level perspective is a concept that is not perfect and that is not built on the perfect blockchain technology (cf. Graphene, ETH) but that may work within months or even weeks - in essence: we can do it! We live in a very very fast ecosystem and we have to act fast. I see an opportunity here as Rob has invented this whole project and got it working mostly on his own. He delivered so I say let him deliver. We can work on the flaws together as a community once the first version is released (some flaws have even been discovered and fixed within the very short time of the existence of this proposal, e.g. the different stakeminer). We can find another, better suited blockchain or tweak the proposed one to fit our needs (yes, I want voting for everyone & smart contracts & 1Mil+ transactions per second & sidechains & childchains & sharding & whatever, but we can't do it right now). If we can have Robs proposal working in the first half of 2018, we will be able to attract the media, part of the massive investments that are currently flowing into the crypto ecosystem and we will most probably see a rising number of devs. Don't get me wrong, I like that we have several devs now, but we need full time devs and a team to show their faces* to grant us the possibility to grow beyond the top 100 coins. How can we get to the top 100? I have no masterplan, but Rob seems to have one and thats why I back him. I often said in the last couple of weeks that we do need to do more than cleaning up messes. Yes, we still will need people to solve user issues, we need people to plug holes, be it security or something else and at this point I'd like to thank those of you who found and plugged a security hole (or more!), we also need a strong community to be able to absorb newbies to become an even bigger community. But what I feel has been missing the last few months has been a vision that actually could be fulfilled in a timeframe that can be planned and that is not in a too distant future. Actually, it seems I have been wrong. the vision has been there, in Robs head and in Robs lab. It was just not visible yet. I'd say, lets follow Rob's lead again like we once did when Gridcoin was born and like we did when Gridcoin changed to PoS. Kind Regards, Quez *it's sad but I feel it is necessary to get bigger investments so join me in here:
  8. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    Maybe we should distinguish between "voting"/finding a consensus about the magnitudes and voting on polls. In my last post I meant polls as I think many people are worrying they will lose their voice.
  9. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    Okay I can see two main reasons for not being open for the concept if I can condense it to this correctly (not counting in more specific questions from @huppdiwupp etc.): 1. No clear pro and con list of technologies to be able to understand Rob's decision. 2. More centralization than before. 1. I know Rob has his reasons but I am also certain he will provide more info about his deciding-process. 2. Just to make things clear, we need the Magnitude Nodes for the magnitude calculation and for voting, right? We can't have unlimited Magnitude Nodes because we would DDoS BOINC servers but otoh we want as many nodes as possible to vote. What if we just ignore the voting feature of the current DASH Masternodes and adapt our own voting system in a secure manner? We would not have any more centralization than necessary and take one very important part back into the equation to rate Gridcoin. Lets brainstorm for a second in case our current voting system is not compatible. A smaller fish chooses his delegate. The people in control of the Magnitude Nodes vote, but smaller fishes can send a contract (small transaction) to change it's vote dependent on the balance the wallet holds. If the Mag Node has 1 Million GRC as says "yes", it needs 1Million+1 GRC to push it to "No". Just a thought. If it is possible we can scratch that from the discussion now and put it on the roadmap.
  10. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    Dear Rob, thanks for putting this together and thanks for making this a solid proposal! We are probably at the brink of pushing Gridcoin into its final direction, i.e. its final(?) codebase. I think it is necessary not to rush anything here. Literally I think this could be a decision whether Gridcoin grows beyond a 1 bil USD marketcap or stays an underdog forever (especially the marketing momentum of the decision is important!). General Questions First: What do we want to be? Gridcoin is supposed to be a next generation blockchain that incentivizes international crowd computation, erases the energy-wasting properties of POW and the Matthew effect of pure POS, I think we all somehow agree on that. How can we do that? We are already doing that, but we lack scalability, usability, userfriendliness, public attention and the incentivation to hold GRC. While some of the issues may be solved by sticking to the current codebase and filling holes, most of the issues could be solved by changing the codebase so I am in favor of looking into that possibility and I am open for any solution presented. What do we have in relation to others? Additionally to the above mentioned eco-friendly blockchain security we have on-chain voting for everyone, a feature that has definitely not been advertised as it should have been and I agree with others that we should keep it at (m)any costs. Questions and remarks about the technology decision Why Dash? You have already stated this in the paper and in the thread that it solves major problems for us, but we intend to be one of the biggest currencies out there, so eventually we should inherit smart contracts, right? Why don't we fork Ethereum, increase the POS block creation part to 100% (past Casper) and build our own superblock-, POR payment- and voting-logic on it (again) that is build as modular as possible, maybe as smart contracts*, to be able to inherit all features Ethereum may roll out in the future. It would be a massive marketing possibility! It is just a gut feeling of course, but I guess adding smart contracts to Dash will be more difficult than adding our features to ETH. Am I wrong here? Personally I would love to promote GRC as a blockchain that is capable of having smart contracts on an energy efficient, non-Matthew-effect basis that even promotes international science. (*If we can't use the original ETH tokens for POR production securely, we could issue POR tokens on our own blockchain and run automated bots on DEXes that always keep 1 GRC = 1 POR, but I guess that won't be necessary.) Have you looked into different blockchains or has Dash been the most obvious one that could serve for our features? I have quite a strong tendency towards ETH being one of the most sophisticated blockchains but maybe others are worth taking a look, of course. CM is repeating the name graphene over and over, but I just realized it is used by many different tokens I think maybe CM has a point here. I need to ask you (and @jringo and @C.M and anyone who would like to add an opinion) from a marketing perspective now: do you think choosing Dash could potentially have the same marketing momentum than saying that Gridcoin forked ETH to make it eco-friendly and sustainable? I believe with Dash or any other smaller blockchain technology we would not have such impact. Seriously, I can see a factor in GRC price of *10 from the day we write a roadmap to do so and another factor *10 when we incorporate the foundation funds in a legal way to pay ETH / Solidity devs to a) keep us on the newest updates of ETH and b) maintain the blockchain and c) add more business cases for us. There is another upside rebasing to ETH. There is a big developer community focusing on Solidity and we as blocklink AG (I am CEO) could employ said devs to offer services and maintainance for the smart contracts as well as the blockchain itself, seen as give-and-take relationship. This can only happen if a popular blockchain is chosen. A small remark on the ROI of Robs proposal If 30% of the block reward go to masternodes and 60% to researchers equaling 50k GRC/d, then it is 25k GRC/d for masternodes. Then lets assume 200 Mil GRC are in escrow for masternodes, we will have a 4,6% interest rate p.a. (this means an ROI of ~20+ years).
  11. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    I disagree that mumble or any form of audio or video recording should be a baseline and mandatory for any proposal. Not because of privacy issues, but because of simple productivity. We need something permanent as investors and many many reseachers and people that are interested in the project do not have the time to listen to it. It is a cool channel for brainstorming, but not as a base of persistent descisions. Transcribing it is good, but you will never be able to condense all important things without biasing it. And if you do not condense it, it is simply too much text to go though so you lose time again. I think Geebell does a good job as far as I hear, but we can not trust anyone to speak for someone else. I myself sadly do not find the time to join the mumble sessions so I know what I am talking about as I experience it from a researchers side as well as from investors side. Kind Regards, Quez
  12. The one thing missing to GRC

    I agree, thats why I put my info here :)
  13. New Coin Launch Announcement - GRC - GridCoin

    The manual backup problem is known and will be fixed in the next version. If you do not see an outgoing transaction, it is not possible you lost the Gridcoins as far as I know. Try "repairwallet" in the debug console. You can also restart the wallet with -rescan flag if repairwallet does not help. Or you use an automated backup from walletbackups folder. If nothing of this helps, please join Slack in channel #troubleshooting, you can find the necessary links here: https://gridcoin.io/#getInTouch
  14. Wallet Back up

    Please have a look at github, is there already an issue opened? If not, please open one. https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/issues

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