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  1. I have also posted on Steemit, feel free to upvote :) https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@quezacoatl1/gridcoin-io-introduction
  2. Dear Gridcoin Community, we are happy to announce the Gridcoin information portal gridcoin.io including a Gridcoin teaser video. Please help us spread word about Gridcoin supporting our Thunderclap . "We" are blocklink, we will estabish blockchain technology information channels focusing on the complete ecosystem but with clear affiliation to Gridcoin. We have full time employees getting into contact with the community shortly. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube Kind Regards and lets get ready to rumble! Quez
  3. Mercosity, CM, all, this topic is probably being read by thousands of people. Please think about that before you start typing in here and maybe again after you are finished typing, and consider a private message. Once something got mostly personal it does not belong here. Quez
  4. A short roundup on what happened the last hours regarding the security paper(s): Martin Grothe (one of the authors) joined our Slack group. Rob and Martin had a productive talk which you can read in #development. At least one of the bigger issues has already been tackled by Tomás so it is not a concern anymore. Martin will reassess the latest codebase and has signalized interest in becoming a Gridcoin developer. Due to this little hiccup we may have found another valuable developer. Please do not quote me on this and post it everywhere on Steemit etc. (yet). I feel the community is growing in numbers and the activity increases daily. Both on the members and the developers side. You have proof if you join the crowded IRC and even Slack becomes so active I can't read everything anymore :D The only thing that does not reflect the things I see is the price... yet :) Kind Regards, Quez
  5. Sourcefinder should have been removed from the whitelist temporarily (from next superblock on) until it has new work. Please let me know when it has (if I do not recognize it myself), then Rob will rewhitelist it. Sorry that it has been white listed in the first place when it had no work :)
  6. The 35% increase is a quick fix to the problem that the magnitude multiplier decreased. The payments should be equal to before. It has been implemented to avoid a mandatory. Both, the increase and the decrease will be gone with the next mandatory which is not far from happening. Kind Regards, Quez
  7. Attention, this coin is not $GRC as indicated in the topic. Please change.
  8. Hey BGB, a pool subdomain for pi-specific projects would be brilliant. That way people could take maximum utilization for their small boards. A larger dev team will resume working on PiGrid again on September 1st. There is other organizational stuff that needs to be finished first. We could start API testing as soon as development is continuing. Quez
  9. Please have a look in the BOINC projects forum. Or maybe post there. They will most likely have an answer. :)
  10. This Superblock is perfect, we have 24 projects contained and we have 24 projects whitelisted !
  11. Vaskor are you synchronous with the network? If not, that could explain your 0 balance. And when did you last send a beacon? If you open a new thread, please give the link to it that we can switch.
  12. Dear CM, I have some remarks and proposals: - main page - (Ticker: GRC) seems like a link. Adding one or changing colour to every similar word? It is a bit strange to have it in the link colour. - always use the same format for POS, POR, POW, not "proof of stake", "Proof-of-Work" and "Proof of Research" etc. - we state 48k GRC / day on the homepage, 50k somewhere in the forum and 40k as Rob's latest comment regarding this (https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/topic/1331-new-coin-launch-announcement-grc-gridcoin/?do=findComment&comment=396082). I suggest using the term "approx. 50,000" - Solo Crunching and Pool Chrunching Investor Mode look slightly different. I suggest making all look like Solo Crunching. - I suggest adding a number of GRC you will need to stake within, e.g., 1 month, in solo mode. If I am right on the assumption, that the chance to stake is equal to (YourWeight / NetWeight), the correct formula is ChanceHavingStakedAtBlockX = 100 % * (1 - ChanceNOThavingStakedAtBlockX) = 100% (1 - ((NetWeight - YourWeight) / NetWeight)) ^ X. Let's assume NetWeight = 100,000,000 YourWeight = 10,000 as in 10,000 GRC 0 mag or 9900 GRC and 100 mag At about X = 7,000 blocks the ChanceHavingStakedAtBlockX exceeds 50% At X = 10,000 blocks the chance is somewhere at 63%. Another problem is that only 50% of the blocks are POR blocks, right? So 7000 blocks is about 14 days. You get a probability of >90% to stake within 182.5 days with 2700 GRC (also for http://www.gridcoin.us/Guides/acquire-grc.htm) In general, I'd suggest to invest / pool crunch until one has 10k GRC, you reach >90% probability in 50 days. We could also include a calculator for this based on the upper formula. - plural is "Gridcoins" (according to wiki.gridcoin.us) - Gridcoin should be always upper case - everywhere: links often have the same colour as the text on subpages -> please change - you somewhere link to "http://finance.gridcoin.us:8080/images/gridcoin%20decentralized%20voting%20system.pdf", it seems to be offline - http://www.gridcoin.us/Guides/whitelist.htm -"Gridcoinstats" does not have link colour, -Projects in alphabetical order would be optimal - http://www.gridcoin.us/Guides/security.htm - NOTE: PAPER WALLET INCOMPATIBLE WITH RESEARCH CLIENT/COINS! -> and directly after that you tak abour security by paperwallet. I don't get it ;) - "Alternatively, store an encrypted zip/rar/tar on any form of storage medium and keep it safe." -> "Alternatively/Additionally, store an encrypted .zip/.rar/.tar file on any form of storage medium and keep it safe." "pass" -> "password" - "this wallet security guide" is not in link colour, same for every link here - Use Secunia PSI // (Bitdefender paid versions are good!). -> Too much, nearly advertising, please name at least 2 examples or always use "e.g." etc. - http://www.gridcoin.us/Guides/boinc-install.htm - "Navigate to the BOINC website, download and install the appropriate BOINC client on your each of the computers you wish to crunch BOINC work upon." -> "Navigate to the BOINC website, download and install the appropriate BOINC client on each of your computers you wish to crunch BOINC work upon" - (you earn less on a project with 1000 participants than one with 50) -> wrong, dependent on crunching powerof the participants. Maybe: "(an indication can be the number of participants)" - "You must use the same email address for all BOINC projects. " I think you even need the same password, at least for BAM usage. - "Advantages of using an account manager: " Add link to boincstats (or to the guide to BAM below) - "Once you have press the 'Finish' button" -> pressed - "Click the orange 'back to overview' button." -> "Click the orange 'back to overview' button. Sometimes BAM! can not reach projects, check whether the change in team worked later within the projects tab in the BOINC manager client when you are done with these steps." - http://www.gridcoin.us/Guides/gridcoin-install.htm - "If you installed the BOINC client anywhere other than the default installation location, you'll need to specify where you installed BOINC in the gridcoinresearch.conf file." -> Add a guide to find the .conf, e.g. "You will find it when you type %AppData%/Gridcoinresearch in the Windows Explorer or in .GridcoinResearch/ in your Linux personal files." - http://www.gridcoin.us/Guides/acquire-grc.htm - "If you are unable to acquire connections to the Gridcoin network, attempt the following: " add "Verify your port 32749 is open." - http://www.gridcoin.us/Guides/earn-grc.htm - "Verify that each project you're contributing towards has been attached to team Gridcoin" + "within the projects tab in your BOINC manager software" - "Verify that all of your BOINC projects are using the one CPID" -> the one? can you say that? In my German mind the "the" is to much - "You can locate your CPID directly via the project's site, or via boincstats. " + new bullet point "If you are using the same email in every project, "update" all projects from within the BOINC manager softwareso that they can aggregate to one CPID. - "Navigate to the overview page, and verify that your CPID is showing in the bottom left messages section. " -> I suggest adding "Navigate to the debug console Help | Debug window | Console, enter the command list cpids and check whether all CPIDs are the same." somewhere - "back in step 2" -> link to step 2? - "A small balance of GRC is required" -> Ive tested 1 GRC, too low, 2 GRC are ok - "superblock" can you add an entry to the terminology and link to it? - "Help | Debug window | Console, enter the command execute beaconreport. " -> execute beaconstatus might be the better/easier command - add that the beacon has to be resent every 6 months -http://www.gridcoin.us/Guides/investor-gridcoin-setup.htm - Maybe add Investor Version to the header? Kind Regards and thanks for taking care of the page.
  13. Please put your suggestions here: :)
  14. Does anyone need brand new 4x8GB DDR4 2400 unbuffered DIMMs ? I built a dual Xeon 2698v4 rig and it does need RDIMMs :( I'll get some pics in here once I find the time to buy a case. Right not it is located on the living room floor, looking quite ... I'll