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  1. The manual backup problem is known and will be fixed in the next version. If you do not see an outgoing transaction, it is not possible you lost the Gridcoins as far as I know. Try "repairwallet" in the debug console. You can also restart the wallet with -rescan flag if repairwallet does not help. Or you use an automated backup from walletbackups folder. If nothing of this helps, please join Slack in channel #troubleshooting, you can find the necessary links here: https://gridcoin.io/#getInTouch
  2. Please have a look at github, is there already an issue opened? If not, please open one. https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/issues
  3. The "success" of "failed" tansactions are now coming from my wallet as I do not have access to RTMs private keys for the deletion address. The sitiations in that my wallet does not send any transaction is if a user requests a beacon removal with more than one CPID associated with one address (rare) and if a user uses more than one input address I think. @iFoggz wrote the code ;)
  4. Hey VAZ, thank you for the input, but can you be a little more specific where you would suggest to put the extra info/ where you found the "wrong" info? Some of the things you mentioned are more or less bugs that will eventually be changed/fixed and belong to the github issue list rather than a Gridcoin information page IMO. And some of the things seem to be present on other pages than Gridcoin.io, so please either indicate where you saw those and approach the owners of the pages, e.g. CM in the thread for Gridcoin.us comments. If you have some experience in web design or at least can put some HTML code you can send me a PN and you can get access to the got used for Gridcoin.io Kind regards, Quez
  5. Well, what would you like to see? It is suppposed to be a guide for newbies and also active members to find the easiest ways to the most important pages within the ecosystem. If we are missing some links or players in the ecosystem just let us know. We will add an ARM monitoring service just like http://gridcoin.io/#magmon soon. Are there any requests? People are also invited to join the gridcoin.io dev team. We could use some code-input, too Quez
  6. The gridcoin.io Thunderclap campaign has been extended by 2 weeks. Please keep supporting the campaign or add your support, if not already done so. Nevertheless, the 10,000 GRC giveway will be paid on October 1st, so join the challenge, support the Thunderclap and spread word about Gridcoin in social media to improve your chances. Kind Regards, Quez
  7. I am not aware of any timeframe not staking that will lead to loss.
  8. Did you compare the balance of your peers with yours? I believe everything is usual but you can try joining #development on slack and upload your debug.log to let them check whether there is something that's keeping you from staking.
  9. First of all, we changed to a new staking kernel called "v8" that does not consider magnitude for weight calculations anymore. The reason is enhanced security, but sadly chances to stake as a miner with a low balance decreased. I believe your beacon is about to run off. This happens once the last beacon becomes older than 5 months. I do not know why your wallet keeps sending that. It is possible it sent the new beacons on forks. @iFoggz do you have another idea why the wallet keeps sending beacons? Please try "execute beaconstatus" and check whether your beacon has already renewed. Keep your wallet unlocked completely (if it has not been renewed yet) or for staking only (if it has been renewed) As said before, your chances to stake a block (to be paid in solo mode) recently decreased, so keep calm and wait.
  10. Then I suggest uninstalling, deleting the files in appdata and Program Files (!) again (check .conf again). download latest version and start from scratch
  11. Just to be sure, delete everything but gridcoinresearch.conf, wallet.dat and the walletbackups folder inside %APPDATA%\Gridcoinresearch\
  12. I suggest using the Technical Support Forum for such issues. Here could be the solution @ximocoves. I guess your blockchain data became corrupted. @Gunde gave the right answer.