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  1. Can you try to use a backup of your keys (see testnet/walletbackups folder) or stay investor?
  2. @startail could you please have a look at the foundation wallet address? The "Total Assets" state 10 Mil but the "Balance" states 22 Mil https://gridcoinstats.eu/address/SFLRgjBx5HAtR5dedegRLUbQVS6ejvdu6j
  3. I think this is a very good idea! Maybe we can set something up that gives an overview of the members of our community, like https://www.ethereum.org/foundation. We can host something on the upcoming gridcoin.io. That way we can present ourselves as an open, active and real community team. Nickname: Quez, Quezacoatl Real Name: Tobias Becke Nationality: German University Degree: M.Sc. Energy- and Environmental Engineering, TUHH (Hamburg University of Technology) Profession: Project Engineer / PhD student at TUHH, topic: energy system analysis More: CEO Quezolutions UG, blockchain consulting Me and Gridcoin Joined: October 2014 Tasks: Taking care of Facebook group and Twitter account [professional social network input appreciated], business development volunteer Affiliations: GRCnation, Uscore, PiGrid, gridcoin.io https://www.linkedin.com/in/tobias-becke-003300140/ https://www.xing.com/profile/Tobias_Becke Here is me:
  4. Please share/retweet/like.... https://www.facebook.com/gridcoins/posts/914750395331911
  5. Ive never said something about coins disappearing - only about beacons! And this issue is solved. There is nothing wrong with sending and receiving coins.
  6. Perfect. Yeah we had those hiccups but those issue should be solved in the new version.
  7. Dear Gridcoin community, I am working on a newsletter for the Uscore mailing list. Please give me some feedback, tell me what I missed or if you find any typos. Also, please let me know if I can rephrase anything to make it more catchy. The newsletter will be broadcasted in a few weeks when gridcoin.io and the teaser video are completed and online. Kind Regards and thanks for reading Quez
  8. Actually I want to encourage people to start within the pool, as there are much less obstacles until you see first results. But well, if 1k is enough, nice!
  9. I am sorry that you had to start within this last time where a beacon issue appeared. It should be solved now but maybe you beacon is somewhere in limbo caused by the transition phase. What does your execute beaconreport say? Did you try using a backup of your gridcoinresearch.conf to maybe get the beacon to work? Or have you considered joining grcpool.com ? I hope you know you will need about 10,000 GRC to stake within a feasible timeframe on your own (in solo mode)?
  10. I guess we just need to stop spamming with the tipbot.
  11. can we get this on reddit? Maybe futurism?
  12. As long as you stake blocks (=get POR payments), everything is fine.
  13. Makona, do you have a magnitude now? There has been a superblock yesterday evening in that you should be included. Please double check your execute beaconstatus, if it shows SUCCESS
  14. Wait 24-48 hours until your client shows a magnitude. Then its just a matter of chance and the amount of GRC in your wallet.
  15. Your beaconstatus states success and the block explorer sees your cpid having magnitude. https://gridcoinstats.eu/cpid/816d4736b6196a357863cc458d98f7ee Why would you want to delete it? I just want to prevent you destroy a working environment ;)