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  1. Hi sunchrunch, thanks for speaking up! As you may have noticed, we have good reasons for switching to CBR. The most important one is security. You say it yourself, you do not need to stay online which is exactly the reason for our security concerns. Don't worry, we are already working on how smaller balance holders can still get their POR rewards. One idea is the manual reward claim where you can manually claim rewards without the need to stake at all. In the mean time (after CBR has been activated), I propose you join grcpool.com where you essentially do not need any balance (you do not need to stake at all) to get your POR rewards. See more in @jringos steemit post https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@jringo/cbr-proposal-update-1-addressing-some-concerns Kind Regards, Quez
  2. Thanks barton for having a deeper look. Yeah this is not about that it is a .us homepage. The problem is that we, as a German based entity, must disclose some information in our imprint. We must not link any website that offers illegal content and have to check it regularly. We are moving in a highly debatable juristic area here, but it is that case that not having an imprint is illegal in Germany so we basically would provide a link to a website which is illegal. Therefore we may be liable for that. You may notice that this is just one of many reasons for having an umbrella entity being able to handle requests for partnerships. Again, I propose that every major decision has to be voted upon.
  3. Dear GRC community, I am currently working on a Uscore newsletter. We would obviously like to link gridcoin.us, but we can't according to German laws. We will eventually also need to erase the links from the website. The reason: a missing imprint. We would need to have a liable entity putting real contact data there. We think that nobody should do it with their personal info. I think we all agree that we as a community want Gridcoin to grow. We want it to be standing right next to currencies like Ethereum. Thus, we propose to go the long way: forming a non-profit organization run mostly by members of the community. An example would be the Ethereum Foundation, but bigger decisions would base on community consensus (according to the yet-to-be-written company agreement - obviously also voted upon). This organization could + eventually handle the foundation funds - sure, with e.g a 2 of 3 multisig system until we have a better solution + pay developers + handle requests for partnerships (this already happened and could nearly not be handled!) + become a liable institution for situations stated above + bring Gridcoin the professional face it needs to keep up with all the fancy currencies out there (IMO) The organization would pay itself from the foundation funds where necessary (initial costs, setting up contracts, running it, tax accountant, ...) and outsource work to community members where possible (maybe we have a tax accountant in the community doing it for free or at least for lower rates). If there are any volunteers willing to help setting this up, I am all for it! I do not intend to do this, much more important, I do not intend to do this alone if I had to be part in it. If nobody else WOULD volunteer, I COULD do it. I could take my small company (Quezolutions UG :o) that I never used much and convert it to a German Stiftung (= non-profit organization), well or start from scratch. I'd want the foundation to pay all related costs the non-profit organization will have due to lawyers (for setting up contracts), possible lawsuits, insurances (especially against lawsuits), tax office, and to reimburse me for the time that I can't work in a usual job. Therefore I would add a poll some day to vote upon that. This poll result must be honored and not changed at any time as I could, in theory, face personal liability without the foundation funds backing me. Also my company/the non-profit organization should be able to employ people, if necessary, to decrease the time I have to put into it (I am thinking about a part time secretary, taking care of the daily business/paperwork) - again, if necessary - e.g. once 1 GRC = 10 USD I'd probably have a hell of a day answering to requests etc. I'd like to invite interested people in the channel #non-profit-org on Slack or on https://chat.gridcoin.io (we have a bridge linking both channels) to discuss about this, and maybe we even find a team there to do it! Important decisions will be announced here. Kind Regards, Quez
  4. none taken, I feel similar, although one productive chatroom should be used, without many trolls like in IRC, at least for developers teamwork. But I even have decided to add another chat (my company hosts https://chat.gridcoin.io - try https) to get rid of Slack's issues like only 10k messages displayed if you do not pay. I hope we can get to a productive chat environment for real time communication there. Important stuff, especially for discussions should still be posted here IMO. BTW: https://storage.googleapis.com/langfod-bucket/testnetsnap-517494.zip , I believe we COULD solve the inability to sync on testnet easily with a hardcoded whitelist of blocks, but I doubt it will be worth it. @Marco Nilsson ?
  5. Have a look at #testnet on Slack / chat.gridcoin.io
  6. Gridcoin has applied for a 10,000 EUR Digital Communities Prize http://prix.aec.at
  7. Sure, anyone can! Join us in Slack ( https://join.slack.com/t/teamgridcoin/shared_invite/enQtMjk2NTI4MzAwMzg0LTUzMmY0YjdiNzYxYzQ0MDc3MGE1NjQ3Nzg2NWMzZTUzMjAwZjdhMWI1YWUzMDE4YzQyZjVjMjMzOTc1M2RmMmM // teamgridcoin.slack.com) /join #development and have a look at https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/issues Our lead dev is ravon or @Marco Nilsson Welcome!
  8. ODLK1 has been added to the whitelist. https://boinc.multi-pool.info/latinsquares/
  9. I assume your gridcoinresearch.conf contains the wrong beacon keypar, please try to delete your beacon and send a new one. Read this:
  10. Please read this: http://www.gridresearchcorp.com/gridcoin/DeleteBeaconInstructions.pdf and this:
  11. If you can not delete the beacon send me 0.01337 GRC to S34zWrRGk7RNrvddKNubeP3U8Hm9mJTQig from the adress that is connected to the CPID: SJQ9aLVrGmyroQGgHa8e4h3wLL1u87LzTz (use the Coin Control feature for this)
  12. As the wallet indicates your keypair in the local configuration (in the gridcoinresearch.conf) does not match the advertised beacon. I suggest you delete your old beacon as already explained. When you received the 0.00022 GRC your beacon has been deleted. Wait 20 minutes. Then do "execute advertisebeacon". Then you should have a new beacon. Backup the .conf.
  13. I suggest opening the gridcoinresearch.conf, delete the keypair (but make a copy of it as backup first), then start the wallet. Send a beacon deletion as suggested in my first post ONLY from the adress bound to the CPID you want to delete with the message "Delete Beacon". After the beacon has been deleted (0.00022 GRC should be sent to you then) your wallet will send one more beacon. Lock it after the new beacon has been sent.
  14. Thanks for having a closer look. The issue with the user has been resolved.

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