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  1. Hey Ghostlander , TVZ . Orb crew . I had to give up mining awhile ago as it wasnt profitable but i am getting back into the fun as a buyer. Glad to see orb is still going strong !
  2. Lol litterally just this second fixed it never mind . i am sorry .
  3. ghost can you tell david that all the pools on orbit cant be reach with MRR i cant seem to reach him . Ever since that isp issue even since orb and hal are back up i havent been able to mine ... i need my orb fix .
  4. Nice job with everything guys nice to see everyone working so hard towards this solid coin ... LOVE THE ORB . My wallet is on fire from all the staking action .
  5. david the address more importantly the port number isnt on the help page for vap was trying to add it to my pools list
  6. Trying to pick this coin up cant get the wallet to sync i have done the conf and everything but it does not connect to any nodes ?
  7. http://cash.n50.ru/index.php?page=dashboard if anyone has a better cash pool then this one post it .
  8. Like this coin it has potential .. picked it up but no pools i find can handle a real amount of hash the one i use cholks at 500 mh .... This coin needs a real solid pool . And a qt walllet up date to the version that includes the bubble with the staking info .. hope to see this coin continue keep it up . Will continue to support .
  9. i have webspace and can host pages on orbit coins behalf . i have google listings and such .. i am willing to donate space to getting orbit coin a proper website even my time .
  10. looked into check coin ... cant see what all the fuss is about ... The concept of it is retarded ... Its not going to take off like everyone sais it will. Has to be the worst idea for any crypto currency i have ever seen .
  11. Hope to see HBN recover soon . Very awsome coin .
  12. Hmm the wallet update seems to be messing with the POS . last 4 stakes were all orphaned , Keeping wallet closed till what ever went wrong with wallet up date is fixed .
  13. Whats going on with the HBN pool its been messed up for 3 days
  14. Look up the manufacturs recomended clock speed and start there ,
  15. i would imagine your clock speed is miles to high ... i dont use gridseeds but none of my units ever have the clocks set aboce 345

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