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  1. All About Cryptocurrency Mining

    You are welcome. Well, "rig" is a 100% custom thing, thats why there is no rig brand. If the total price is good if you compare the market prices, you can buy a ready-to-go rig. Also if you want a hardware recommendation, I'd like to say to stick with Nvidia GTX 1600&1700 series. New architecture is very power effective, thats why its a better choose than AMD for me. Good luck ;)
  2. CCoin.Link - CoolindarkCoin Link Shortener! Hello everyone. Today i'm proud to announce that coolindarkCoin Link Shortener service. http://ccoin.link You can earn CC for sharing shortened links and also can purchase a campaign and make your own advertisement. All payments are CC based only. So there is no Bitcoin or $ calculations. For now all payments and campaign purchases are manual approved. If the project grows i'm going to hire a PHP developer to make things server managed. Advertisements are 100% visible, easyly trackable and totally valuable. Each visitor you will purchase will meet the following criteria: *Unique within a 24 hour time frame *They will have JavaScript enabled *They will have Cookies enabled *Must view your website for at least 5 seconds You may receive traffic that does not meet this criteria, but you will never be charged for it. Purchasing advertisement campaigns are really cheap if you compare with other link shortener services and earnings are also very good, because generally link shortener services put at least 50% revenue on campaigns and their advertisement plans are managed advertiser based. In ccoin.link, everything is 100% transparent & simple: you can see advertising & publisher rates without country and/or traffic type differences. If advertisers will request different types of traffic, charts will be changed slowly. But you will see advertising & publisher rates again. No secrets! Publishers will earn CC after ccoin.link will get advertisers. If there is no advertisers, your earnings can get low. ccoin.link is hosted on my main webserver right now. If it will grow enormously I will take it to a private server. All ccoin.link earnings will be used for: *Making the service faster *Taking CC staking much more stable for faster transactions *Making cryptocurrency marketing easier *Amplify CC value Please register and follow instructions to purchase advertisement campaigns. You can always find me over: *Altcoinforum *Here *BitcoinTalk *BitcoinGarden *coolindark's Website Thanks :)
  3. Wallet Windows Binary Compiling

    Wallet Windows Binary Compiling Hello everyone, Here is a compiling service for your altcoins. If you are planning to update your altcoin but don't know how to compile; or you are planning to an altcoin, you managed to create sources and could not manage the Windows wallet, you can use my service. Windows wallet compiling from your source price is 10000 CC (coolindarkCoin) If you don't know what is coolindarkCoin : PM me if you are interested.
  4. All About Cryptocurrency Mining

    Search for BitZeny. It's also a CPU coin but using a different version of Yescrpt, that's why you must use their own miner application. By the way, Decred is a GPU coin.
  5. Update : Old sources and wallet links removed from announcement and source and Windows wallet updated with new masternodes. Now you don't need to add additional nodes for sync. ;)
  6. You can use coolindarkCoin for your banner advertisements at AltcoinForum.net now. Here is the news : https://altcoinforum.net/index.php?topic=118.0
  7. All About Cryptocurrency Mining Hello guys, Here is my latest article for newbies about coin mining: http://coolindark.com/all-about-cryptocurrency-mining/ I hope it will be informative to all cryptocurrecy miners
  8. Altcoin Block Explorer & Node Service

    Altcoin Block Explorer & Node Service Hello everyone. I'm giving Block explorer and node service for every coin OP. That will support your network and you don't need to think about what will happen to your coin's network. Terms & Advantages: * Cheap & yearly based payments = 12500 CC (CoolindarkCoin) / Year * You will get unique IP address and you can directly use with your domain. * Hosted at United States * First source, then payment. (First i will compile and test your source. If everything is OK, then i will request payment) * Maximum blockchain size is 15 GB * The IP of the block explorer will also be the node and acts like a server. So you can direct it as a masternode. * You can always reach me over here. Payments are CoolindarkCoin based only. If you like to know what is CC : http://coolindark.com/cc/ PM me if interested.
  9. New nodes and latest blockchain added to the announcement. You can use blockchain zip file to sync your wallet in minutes.
  10. All About Cryptocurrency Mining Hello guys, Here is my latest article for newbies about coin mining: http://coolindark.com/all-about-cryptocurrency-mining/ I hope it will be informative to all cryptocurrecy miners
  11. CoinMiners is back my friends with a better server in the center of Europe! Please clean your DNS caches if you can't enter the site. Thank you :) **Please remember that CoinMiners is the only pool supports DEV** http://coinminers.net
  12. Today's coin list for miners! You can use coinminers.net for all of these coins. We moved our server to a new datacenter in the center of Europe! Coin Name Pool Fee Auto Payment Threshold Coin Announcement CommunityCoin 0% 1 COC COC Announcement BioBar 1,5% 1 BIOB BIOB Announcement BitToken 1,5% 1 BXT BXT Announcement ChanCoin 1,5% 1 4CHN 4CHN Announcement GlobalToken 3% (1,5% for DEV) 1 GLT GLT Announcement GlobalBoost-Y 1,5% 1 BSTY BSTY Announcement StonkaCoin 1,5% 1 STONK STONK Announcement UDOWN 1,5% 1 UDOWN UDOWN Announcement VirtacoinPlus 1,5% 1 XVP XVP Announcement Wyvern 1,5% 1 WYV WYV Announcement
  13. Rhodiumcoin (RHO)

    Hello everyone. With the call of DEV and after a long search of latest blockchain sync, we managed to recover the elder altcoin Rhodiumcoin back alive! Thanks to coinexchange.io admins! https://twitter.com/CoinMinersNet/status/875653283716530177 Please add coinminers.net as a node in your wallets: addnode=coinminers.net Rhodiumcoin is ready in our pool! CoinMiners.Net 1,5% Fee Register-free Mining & Auto Payments Server located at Europe http://coinminers.net If you have an old & passive altcoin and want to recover, reach me! Here is the announcement: https://altcoinforum.net/index.php?topic=75.0
  14. CoinMiners.Net ** Powerful Altcoins Pool Located In Europe ** #1 Welcome To CoinMiners.net CoinMiners is a UNOMP powered pool, located in Europe and running on a dedicated server with great resources! Check all coins from here. Now we serve 33 different cryptocurrencies! : http://coinminers.net/coins You don't need to register to mine. Just set your wallet as your username and some random password will do the job. All coin diffs set. 4 Port selection, first port is low diff and also varDiff, others are static. Pool makes auto payments every 1 hour. It's not low as other pools because very low payment threshold just cause more and more transaction fees which is a disadvantage for you! Coin OPs can reach me over PM. Setting pool for new coins generally takes 30mins and i accept every new coins for my pool. Also, every week dead coins will be removed from server. That's why always keep watching. This pool is 100% mine! So you have admin here. Better to use a pool with known admin http://coinminers.net CoinMiners Twitter

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