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  1. Please give an update on wallet functionality ........Dollar Wallet v1.0.0.0 Wallet does not accept deposits from yobit or coinexchange. Withdrawls on exchanges show completed but when you look up hash or wallet address on explorer nothing is found? When will first movers who hold Dollar coin from Dollar International be able to convert new coin?
  2. Thank you very much How can people help the network? Is running a wallet like running a node, or do you need people to mine?
  3. Great to see a some new progress on this $$ So I have old Dollar wallet v0.8.3.0-dollar-beta and have coins in it When I updated wallet to new version coins don't transfer, and old wallet is not synching?
  4. Anyone else have issues with anoncoin deposits? They don't go through in Cryptsy and even the Anoncoin wallet I have 4 pending deposits going out over 2 weeks that do not go through

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