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  1. Hi again, one more question The description above will not work for Ubuntu 12.04, right? Actually for which other Linux versions it can work or it is only for Ubuntu 13.10? Thank you in advance for the answer!
  2. I have a very simple idea. To store the information from a product warranty into the datacoin blockchain. For example you buy a TVset, then its warranty is codded into the blockchain while you're still in the shop. After some time you lose the paper warranty, which happens often and in 1 year the TV set is broken. Then you go to the reparement service with just the TV set and its unique ID label. It is then found back in the blockchain and the reparement can be done without a cost for you. Good for the users, bad for the reparement services, which may be a drawback. DBApPFRm1dV3X1hH7j2vpArphPDp1mZPr2
  3. Hi all! I started mining as described above, but I have a simple question. When I write the command: datacoind listaccounts I get: { "" : 21.67000000 } While when I write the command: datacoind getbalance I get: 0.00000000 Can you help me to understand the difference? Do I mine something? B.R., paro82

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