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  1. Update re: Pool20 : Phoenixcoin p2pool node The node has been moved from Amsterdam to London server, so had to change IP address - to (The DNS will remain pool20.neoscrypt.de - I am posted this because I still awaiting that to be changed over.) Sorry, it has taken so long to change over. I have only realised, as I updated the site, there were a few other miners using it intermittently. I hope they realised there are 2 p2pool sites to use, in case one was down. p2pool.neoscrypt.de (German node) pool20.neoscrypt.de (uk node) I have now completed the plan to make the pool20 a full node. i.e. reinstalled the web site enhancements I had made pre neoscrypt. Thanks again for anyone who found and supported the p2pool nodes.
  2. Cheers for that, I found a couple of other references to Peonixcoin, I copied about. I corrected the port misstype in the post.
  3. Hi All - the block explorer.. seems to be very slow or none existent this morning 29th June.
  4. I've added some frills to the Phoenixcoin p2pool. and I'm working towards a domain name. It's in Amsterdam. I've made a custom enhanced front end including the status node chart. Next step is to get the customised front ends, in a coherent way onto Github.
  5. If you need a failover. I've got a basic no frills, p2pool node running in Amersterdam at.
  6. Sorry, posted wrong pool address, corrected to Its only temp.
  7. We've got a phoenixcon p2pool for europe, you can use while icarus is down. 1% fee.
  8. Great work on the p2pool, very cool....
  9. Great work, I've started moving my PXC mining to p2pool, and let some people know. Cheers....++
  10. Great radio talk. I really enjoyed hearing you. You did good.....

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