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  1. phoenixcoin p2pool mining

    Update re: Pool20 : Phoenixcoin p2pool node The node has been moved from Amsterdam to London server, so had to change IP address - to (The DNS will remain pool20.neoscrypt.de - I am posted this because I still awaiting that to be changed over.) Sorry, it has taken so long to change over. I have only realised, as I updated the site, there were a few other miners using it intermittently. I hope they realised there are 2 p2pool sites to use, in case one was down. p2pool.neoscrypt.de (German node) pool20.neoscrypt.de (uk node) I have now completed the plan to make the pool20 a full node. i.e. reinstalled the web site enhancements I had made pre neoscrypt. Thanks again for anyone who found and supported the p2pool nodes.
  2. P2Pool for Phoenixcoin

    Cheers for that, I found a couple of other references to Peonixcoin, I copied about. I corrected the port misstype in the post.
  3. Hi All - the block explorer.. seems to be very slow or none existent this morning 29th June.
  4. P2Pool for Phoenixcoin

    I've added some frills to the Phoenixcoin p2pool. and I'm working towards a domain name. It's in Amsterdam. I've made a custom enhanced front end including the status node chart. Next step is to get the customised front ends, in a coherent way onto Github.
  5. P2Pool for Phoenixcoin

    If you need a failover. I've got a basic no frills, p2pool node running in Amersterdam at.
  6. P2Pool for Phoenixcoin

    Sorry, posted wrong pool address, corrected to Its only temp.
  7. P2Pool for Phoenixcoin

    We've got a phoenixcon p2pool for europe, you can use while icarus is down. 1% fee.
  8. P2Pool for Phoenixcoin

    Great work on the p2pool, very cool....
  9. Appetite for a PXC P2Pool Pool?

    Great work, I've started moving my PXC mining to p2pool, and let some people know. Cheers....++
  10. Phoenixcoin on Radio

    Great radio talk. I really enjoyed hearing you. You did good.....

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