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  1. Who da man? You da man! Edit: I like the 2 liner. Looks more sleek
  2. Magnitude update is a few steps process and it's all depending on timing. You will first have to finish completing wu, sent them back, and wu gets verified. Next the project has to update their stats which is usually only done once a day. After that, our NN needs to pick up the stats and stake the superblock. Timing (some luck) is a major factor. eg. If wu does not get verified before the stats update, you lose one day. If NN didn't pick up your stats, because it's not updated, you might lose another... etc. Only when you are in the superblock will mag appear in the wallet.
  3. Open source block explorer ( that I've been testing with. It's a resource hog......... It's also the same bx that cryptoblox used for us before they stopped following our mandatory. Note that the Top 100 address or rather any address balance is not accurate as the bx does not track coin movement to change addresses... etc, therefore, address labeling (foundation addresses, exchange.. etc) is not effective at all, unless every single address is labelled and new labels added when a change address is used. Work can probably be done to make the bx track movements but that person is not me. I'm clueless. Edit: I've disabled the Top 100 (richlist) for now as it's really misleading since it's not functional.
  4. Rob, I waited a little while more before reporting in. The external nodes seems to be doing very well. No rpc lags, syncing blocks like clockwork, and debug is clean. Edit: Load avg on the server is also normal.
  5. I know English is not your native language.. but did you actually read and understand.... instead of just fudding? I'm going to stop responding......
  6. Thanks for the link. There it stands: "As the inputs get split, you'll stake more often, but less amount per time." The community as a whole can not stake more often, because of the 90 seconds. We only have about 900 blocks a day. That's the limit. Maybe big bagholders can stake more often, but small amounts are getting smaller and stake less often, not more often. Sep, yes of course I know that I loose a bit coinage (really not much, I use Coin Control in a meaningful way), but that's nothing beside when I let it split into smallest amounts and I get nothing... Well I get more than 0.42%... I wonder how much everybody here has got the last 10 days? So please, does everybody here gets the whole 1.5%? Maybe that would be the most helpful thing here to post ... I get slightly less than 1.5%. Do you selective read? "Q: I've noticed the amount I stake decreases as time passes. How can I improve my staking? A: The amount you stake is based on two things. The amount of coins in the input and the amount of time since those coins last staked. Over time, as you stake and your inputs get broken up in half you will generally get smaller and smaller amounts as a reward. However, when one does stake, you will get the appropriate amount of interest for the amount of coinage that input has. Q: Well, I want big stakes, so I'm going to send my coins back to myself so they are all in one input again. A: if you send all your coins back to yourself in a big block, you'll get one input, but you LOSE ALL YOUR COIN AGE. it starts over. You might look like you are getting more, but you're not really not. You're just killing your potential to get the full amount of interest you deserve."
  7. Sometimes... I'm wondering if you guys actually know what POS is.... I wanted to write something about it... but..... Anyway, I did a quick google and found this so at least the words are not from me. Read (or not). PS. dc7d, I didn't really read all you post, but if you're moving coins with coin control, you lose coinage, thus...... less interest. Go figure.
  8. Roger. Will do that and let it run. Report when i wake up later
  9. I have zero connections on .8 Who else is running an open/external testnet node? Put your IP here please. Thanks!
  10. Rob, isn't the newbie boost and... payment from beacon supposed to be in testnet only? I'm seeing many irc users.... rejoicing getting the boost and staking blocks... in production.
  11. 1000 sent! And ty for joining testnet Thanks, but I didn't receive it, for some reason! I've double checked the receiving address and that I'm definitely looking at testnet rather than production. My client is continuing to synchronise, and I'm now on block 69716. What is your current version? The latest version is If you're not on that version, chances are you are on a fork.
  12. 1000 sent! And ty for joining testnet
  13. Rob, Didn't check asia for a day or 2... and my debug grew to 199MB! It went out of sync... and debug is filled with nothing but these... Edit: Server load when sky high... load of 6.XX for a 2 core.... that's 300% overload....
  14. LOL I think I'll wait for the next release to start with the 3rd virgin cpid..... lol.. my 2nd cpid is kinda lost and timestamp off due to beacon and previous tx being sent in the fork. In the meantime, I'll start a new wallet and resend in 100 coins and send out the beacon again for the 2nd cpid.
  15. OMG.. you guys.. just got to listen to these. By our very own Gridcoiners in IRC.
  16. I agree this needs to be fixed, but I'm not sure how. It is however something we need to look at seriously and brainstorm. It's not going to be easy to come up with a solution that is both fair to coin holders and researchers.
  17. LOL! I love that ep. That's about all I can do and am doing. But every time I mention a pool is bad imo, spassbold goes into a lump. A few days ago, spassbold says we're accusing him of stealing and stomps out of irc saying he's going to shut the pool. Today, i just posted a link to testnet and asking ppl to follow, test, help... he goes ape shit again and calls me an idiot and others too.. (maybe). So what? I can't even voice my opinion? Everytime I do that, it's called giving shit. While, they go around promoting that pool is the only way and that GRC will die without their pool.... is.... gold? Where's the logic? When you want to start a service, don't expect everyone to like your idea and bow to you (or pat you on the head and say you're doing great like a little kid)? It's not going to happen. As I've say and mention MANY MANY times. You have your voice. I have mine. Don't try to keep me or others from voicing or it will only get louder. EDIT: RT as to users of the pools choosing to give up.. and the risk of not being paid...etc etc.. They didn't choose. They were not informed. The pool has failed to mention many of those things until it was brought up.
  18. I just have to say this. I cannot accept pools. But this the beauty of being decentralised. I cannot stop anything. Neither can anyone. You have your voice. I have mine. Trying to silence my voice is a bad idea. It will only get louder. As for PiGrid saying they need the pool, I can see that and will not deny the fact, that a pool is/may be needed, unless a better solution present itself. But at the same time, I have proven that a totally new cpid can stake in 4 days with just 100 coins and a magnitude of 8 in testnet and we're still testing. Let me explain why I cannot accept pools, especially in our case, unless solutions are provided to mitigate those issues that I will be listing below. Just to add. I am not against pool for my own selfish reasons. If anyone can convince me that having pools does GRC and it's users no harm, I will change my stance. It is centralised, no matter how you sugar coat it. There is a risk of pools using the magnitude that they have gathered to cause the vote to swing in their favour. Imagine pools having a few 20k magnitude cpids and using them to vote. You lose your voting right as a user, because you will be researching for the pool's cpid. That can be solved if pools does their own voting and then using the result to vote in coin, but you will still have to trust the pool. There is a risk of pool owners not paying. Imagine, gathering a few hundred/thousand researchers, building up the pools magnitude... and when it is high enough, stop paying. The pool will continue to be paid by the coin while leaving researchers high and dry. GRC is not POW and it's not a normal POW pool. If a POW pools stops paying, you switch you miners, you only loose that little bit. But as our coins pays for magnitude, and magnitude is calculated from RAC and RAC is a 30 day rolling average..... researchers in the pool will lose that 30 days.... of payment. Removing buy pressure from the market, no matter how small which may be detrimental to the health of GRC in the future. If you can start getting paid with zero GRC, there will be zero need to purchase GRC. Adding sell pressure to the market, no matter how small which may be detrimental to the the health of GRC in the future. If you get something for nothing, chances are you will sell for nothing. Those are the main points.
  19. Well, he makes a couple of good points, but Im a lot more optimistic than that. I mean, Gridcoin has proven over time that its catchy and likeable at the core, and its not a fad. We have grown despite the complicated setup. It shows that people with a little patience who go the extra mile and wait for that rainy day have a deep desire to figure it out. Id go as far as saying its like the weekend car mechanic who wants to take the air cleaner off and add some extra horsepower and get their hands dirty as compared to the person who wants to drive the Lexus off the lot. People who have a vested interest in something don't want to see it die. (Im not saying I dont want it to be sleek/shiny/finished - I want that also - and we'll have both in the end -- so if you want to take the car apart you can; if you dont, you wont have to). Im all for the final phase in making Gridcoin as easy to use as an iphone. The phase where we fix the cosmetics, make some developer assumptions, double check the install and start over until its running by default. The tickets are in for that. We just did not reach that phase yet and frankly those will be some of the easier tickets (as compared to the constant barrage of hacker conferences trying to break blockchains with original attacks). Yes, like SeP said, we had scaling problems without RA, so we implemented RA. I disagree in that we won't find a technical solution to the scale problem. Growth is a good problem to have. We are talking about the ability to scale from 1500 users to 15000 and then to 150,000. Both of these steps are possible. 150,000 : We add a second database to the coin (similar to a second blockchain) that keeps track of superblock activity and we make an integrated payment system that works similar to a pool internally. 15,000: Binary superblocks and we pay researchers from the moment they start crunching. Yes, he does make a good point about research being lost from the time they join team gridcoin and [the time that] they receive the first block. Why don't we solve that right now and pay the researcher from the moment they send the beacon for the magnitude assessed by the NN in the first block? That would alleviate this black eye we are starting to get beat up with. This is iterative. Never be as big as bitcoin? Anything is possible when you offer a valuable service. If we work hard at this and we don't throw in the towel, I see no reason that we won't continue to grow at an exponential pace. We do not have the 'dying signature', we have a growth signature. You can chart the number of researchers in the NN over one year and see that . Rob "Yes, he does make a good point about research being lost from the time they join team gridcoin and [the time that] they receive the first block. Why don't we solve that right now and pay the researcher from the moment they send the beacon for the magnitude assessed by the NN in the first block? That would alleviate this black eye we are starting to get beat up with. This is iterative. " OMG... I LOVE THAT!!!! Why didn't we think about it earlier? It's simple, it's sweet! Need more shower time! EDIT: And the secondary blockchain is excellent too!!!
  20. It's Remote payment or Crypto-lottery. Not DPOR. DPOR is now. I will have a take a few showers to think. lol.
  21. Had a little interesting conversation about GRC dying on IRC.
  22. Rob, Just checking. How often does the coin check for valid cpid? I ask because I woke up and coin was still in investor mode. I had to execute resetcpids before it shows my cpid in overview.
  23. I'm at 68741 Did you upgrade to It's a testnet mandatory. I have 5 connections on my open node. I have only 3 nodes on testnet now and they are all on 66358... testnet fork. lol.