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  1. Hello sexy people! First off, this is an SXC Services related thread for a the SXC Adult Blog Service, that means the site has porn on it. If you don't like porn, disagree with it or if it goes against your beliefs do not click the links, obviously NSFW! OK, so you can now earn SXC by writing content for our adult blog. The blog is getting pretty huge but your posts will stand out by being included in the Blog category and linked directly from the homepage slider. Currently we index network releases from sites such as Brazzers and Reality Kings but are moving into Bluray and DVD and expanding our database each and every day. What are we looking for? 18+ 1. Good content, custom written, up-to 250 words (500 SXC) an article. 2. A genuine interest in adult content, any non hentai niche is fine. 3. People who wish to submit work at-least once every two weeks. 4. This work you will be paid for, so submitting junk or spun content will not be suitable. 5. Initially we would prefer people to review the episodes, this can be done by simply watching the trailers. You can always PM me if you want to contribute in some other way. Can I see an example of how to do it correctly? You sure can - www.porndatabase.co.uk/kelsi-monroe-gets-her-tug-on/ For other details see - www.porndatabase.co.uk/earn-sxc/ You can trade your SXC at www.coinex.pw or www.cryptsy.com or see www.porndatabase.co.uk/use-sxc/ for our current shop list. Thanks for reading this ANN for another great service from the SXC team and your questions, comments and suggestions are most welcome.
  2. SXC hits cryptsy today! congrats to the SXC team on their hard work.
  3. You can find the SXC home page www.sexcoin.info, its completely clean and safe, enjoy!
  4. Thanks Jimmy! If poosibele to include Gr33kpool Gr33kpool PPLNS Type: PPLNS Static URL: http://thec0de.com/pool/index.php Bitcointalk Thread
  5. Hello horny guys and girls, next time you feel the urge earn some SXC by posting your thoughts into the SXC powered porn database. For every short episode review you will receive 1 block (100) of coins. Writing a review is super simple, and can be broken down into three sections. 50 – 100 Words describing the scene, you should aim to answer questions like, who’s in the scene, what are they wearing, where are they located, how good is the set/environment. 50- 100 Words describing the action in the scene, how good are the performers skills, is the scene focused on a particular act (BJ’s, anal, titty fucking etc), what positions are in the scene. 50 – 100 Words giving your opinion on the scene, how good was the porn experience, how fit were the models, were the dicks big and pussies tight, get creative and share your thoughts with the world. The episode must not be more than a month old. All the details are at www.porndatabase.co.uk/earn-sxc/ Get Cracking!
  6. Enjoy! http://sexcoin.lavajumper.com:9699/static/ Fees is 0% for now so there is no need to mine Solo Use something like : cgminer --scrypt -o http://sexcoin.lavajumper.com:9699 -u YourSexcoinAddress -p x --expiry 5 --scan-time 5 --queue 0
  7. ah customers, don't you just love them!
  8. Thanks for the spot! corrected the issue in iis, porn can be so distracting...
  9. porndatabase.co.uk is looking for SXC donations, if you have a few spare check out the the site!
  10. That is a true and interesting observation, just a shame it seems only MEC got an art team tho
  11. Hi buddy, to mine you are going to need the best ATI GFX card(s) you can get, until then search for the CUDA Miner software, it can get a semi decent speed on Nvidia kit, dont bother with the idevices. coinchoose.com will tell what coins are doing what, unfortunately there is no substitute for trial and error and the experience it brings. If you have ninja-skillz you can claim bounties from the bitcointalk alt forum for a coin or get your rig up, send 50% of you hash to any coin you like the look of on BTC-e, verify with OKpay, do that now as it takes a while and they can finicky. With the remainder 50% of your hash, see coinchoose, and go to town on your favourite pool. This is just one approach to getting into mining, be aware that it is mining though, and there are holes everywhere for you to fall down! But its fun and with some practice you can make a some good decisions and make some profits.

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