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  1. LTC/USD At the moment of our last week’s analysis on Thursday, December 6th, the price of Litecoin was around $25.8. From there the price went down to around $23.2 and even spiked further down but the hourly candle has closed above leaving a wick on the hourly chart as you can see below. From there the price went to recover and has increased to $27 but fell again to $23.7. This continued and the price action has formed a triangle, which looks like a bearish pennant considering the price action context. Its resistance line is the support from the previous structure and it was well respected in the past both on the previous structure as support and now as resistance. Continue reading...
  2. You are very welcome! If you have any questions or suggestions, write here please 🙂 Have a wonderful day!
  3. BTC/USD Since last Monday when the price of Bitcoin was at $4178 at the open, the price has decreased by 17.25% measured to the current levels at $3447.9. Looking at the hourly chart, we can see that the price broke out from the descending channel on the downside and went below two significant support levels – the downtrend support line 2 (bold black line) and the horizontal support level at around $3439, going to $3306 at its lowest point on last Friday, December 7th. Continue reading...
  4. LTC/USD Since our last week analysis on Thursday, November 29th, when the price of Litecoin was at $35.14 measured to the current levels at around $29.6, the cryptocurrency has decreased in value by 15.87%. Looking at the hourly chart, you can see that the price didn’t go down in a straight line. Instead, the price fell at first to around $32, which was considered to be a higher high at the time a normal retracement after the upswing that broken the prior downtrend resistance. But as you can see the price increased again after establishing support but failed to exceed the prior high as it came to $35.4 area again and was stopped out. Continue reading...
  5. BTC/USD Since our last week’s analysis on Tuesday, November 27, when the price of Bitcoin was at its lowest point at $3759, it has even spiked to $3683, but the hourly candle has closed above leaving a wick. Since that low, which was the lowest price, has been since the start of the year, we saw an increase up to $4416, which was a higher high compared to the previous one at $4169. From there on the price started decreasing and since it came down to the horizontal support level at $4045, price action created a higher low, indicating the start of an uptrend and an ascending channel outline started forming. Continue reading...
  6. LTC/USD From last Thursday when the price of Litecoin was $35.419 at its open, measured to the current levels on which the crypto is being traded, the price has only decreased by 1.08%. The price did go lower from last Thursdays open, as it was the minor Z wave ending point from which another drop has been made to $27.46 area where the horizontal significant level is. Looking at the hourly chart, you can see that the price interacted with the mentioned level with a spike down on Sunday when the cryptocurrency market was at its lowest from the start of the year. Since the low has been made the price started to recover and has at first came up to the downtrends resistance line where it got rejected. But as the rejection ended with a higher low, enough momentum was picked up for a breakout at the second attempt. Continue reading...
  7. BTC/USD Last week on Monday, November 20th the price of Bitcoin was at $4977, the week’s highest point. From that high, the price went back to the levels from which the increase around $4500 was made and then continued to move to the downside. Measured to the current level of $3748 the price of Bitcoin has fallen by 24.65%. Looking at the hourly chart, you can see that the price action is indicating a downtrend even though it looks like the price has stabilized at around $3782, where the horizontal significant level is serving as support. Since the price interacted with the level for the third time in the last couple of days, currently we are seeing that the price is below the mentioned level. Continue reading...
  8. You can also find the crypto analytics in Russian here .
  9. Dear, Polina! Visit our forum to know more about Forex education. Обучение Форекс - тренинги, курсы, видео, материалы Here you will find list of Forex schools and also some materials and literature about the industry. Also, FXOpen gives you an opportunity to get additional profit without any investment from your side. Join our Partnership program and get extra income. If you have any questions please contact us: [email protected]
  10. LTC/USD and EOS/USD – one more low ahead! LTC/USD Since 6th of November, the price of Litecoin has been in a downtrend and on last Thursday the price was $45.385 at the open. From there the price stagnated at first but at the start of this week on Monday the price started to decrease again falling further down to $32.813, which is the yearly low. The price has been consolidating and is now at around $34.64, which is an overall decrease of 23.40% in the last seven days. As you can see from the hourly chart, the price went below the descending channels support (black interrupted line) and below the horizontal support level at $38.21. The price found support on the next horizontal support level at $33.29 and has been consolidating above it since then. The consolidation has a symmetrical triangle shape, which indicates equal aggressiveness from both sides. Continue reading...
  11. Cryptocurrency market continues to decline The price of Bitcoin has been moving within the range above $6,000 during the last two weeks. However, on Wednesday, November 14, the rate fell to the year low at 5,523 dollars. The cryptocurrency has lost about 13% of its value in less than five hours. The total market capitalization also fell below $100 billion for the first time since November last year and is currently at the level of slightly above $76 billion. On Tuesday, November 20, the price dropped to $4,500. The dip of Bitcoin had a domino effect on crypto markets. The five largest cryptocurrencies also fell by more than 10%, and the market cap fell below $200 billion. Bitcoin Cash, which was forked on November 15, was the biggest misfit, quickly losing 15% of its value. Continue reading...
  12. Both BTC/USD and XRP/USD under strong selling pressure BTC/USD Since last Tuesday when the price of Bitcoin was around $6500 we have seen a downfall of over 30% measured to the lowest levels Bitcoin’s been today, which is at $4529. This move to the $4700 area was expected as the price action formed a bearish pennant from which, if you were to project the length of the prior move from the apex, you would get a target at around $4700. Also, this was the target area for the descending triangle breakout seen on the daily chart below. Continue reading...
  13. LTC/USD and EOS/USD more downside expected On the 15th of November the price of Litecoin has fallen by 16.34% and was being traded at $42.8. Looking at the hourly chart, we can see that the price fell through the descending channels resistance with a massive momentum as the majority of the decline happened in only 8 hours. The price is below the S2 support line at $44.621. I’ve labeled as a support zone forming a cluster around those levels. The wicks from the downside are indicating that some support has been found but I believe that it will hold only temporary. Continue reading...
  14. Compared to last week, Bitcoin is down $130 on FXOpen or close to 2 percent. We are quoted at $6,433 dollars right now. Bitcoin Down as Tether Drops Again As we can see on the chart below, the zig-zag movement in BTC/USD continues. After last week’s small rally this week we’re witnessing a selloff. The divergence between Tether and USD-based bitcoin exchanges continues. On Bitfinex one coin is selling for $6,476 dollars at the moment. On other exchanges like BitStamp and Coinbase bitcoin is trading at average of $6,277 dollars. This is due to the lower price of Tether, a so-called ‘stablecoin’ that is used as a substitute for USD on exchanges that have banking issues. Tether is trading at 97 cents right now, 3% below it’s ‘peg’. Continue reading...
  15. BTC/USD Last Tuesday, November 6th, the price of Bitcoin was at the opening around $6470, and measuring to its current levels of $6438 the price has fallen by only 0.49%. The price hit its recent high the next day on November 7th reaching $6609 and spiking up to $6615 from where the price has been in a downtrend correcting, reaching the recent low at $6380, and spiking down to $6358.7 at its low. Measured from the recent high to the recent low, the price has pulled back by 3,44% but has recovered since its making up for the downfall and is now at 2,61%. In our last week’s analysis, it was projected that “the 5 wave could get a bit higher to the marked zone ($6560-6580) but in both cases, I would be looking at more downside for Bitcoin in the upcoming period as after an impulsive 12345 a correction occurs according to the Elliott Wave Principle”. Continue reading...

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