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  1. i dont know actualy, but it happened to me when Red Mist was inactive and there was some issue with wallet (dont remember exactly what it was, its too long time ago) but as he was inactive someone posted here fix which was supposed to help before new wallet version was done. but I had installed it, it started to "mine" coins inside my wallet, but then i closed it and forgot for some time. when i reopened it again it was unable to connect to ORB network, and all coins which were in this wallet mining process vanished (the mining proces wasnt finished). maybe they are still there somewhere, but i actualy dont know what happened
  2. maybe getting it among verified markets list could help: [This is a draft article for a specification that we would like community feedback on.] A Verified Market is a market whose Market currency has completed a proof-of-developer by a developer verification service such as http://www.coinssource.com/trust-index-verification/ or https://www.cryptocertify.com/ and has traded on the Bittrex site for over 120 days. As an alternative for United States based development teams, we'll verify the identity of the team ourselves with 2 forms of government identification and a video interview. +also maybe some bot producing at least some minimum liquidity and trading volume might be helpful
  3. hmm interesting. I have less active connections to orbitcoin network now with 1.401 than i had with 1.3
  4. It could make it probably much less attractive to newcomers than original ORB settings, as there are several coins with similar parameters already. But there are not many options anyway, still better than dead coin.. as for RedMist, I was his supporter for very long time, but now he seems to be definitely gone (or ORB abandoned by him): Last Active Mar 02 2014 10:07 PM. How long can we wait for him to come back? I think 2 months would be enough time for him to let us know whats going on. btw is there a way to get coins from my old wallet out to 1.4.0 version now?
  5. Ghostlander: once i had a chat with ahmedbodi about this (when redmist dissapeared for the first time), and he told me it would be possible to restart coin and do automated exchange of old ORBs for new ones. Who knows, maybe it could be possible to block all premined coins from this autoexchanging, by blocking the address where they are now deposited [and all transactions originating there from certain block onwards] I don't know if it would be possible to do now; but all aspiring developers could contact ahmedbodi and (if he is interested) create new team to get this moving again [but there is still some possibility that Redmist comes back again for rescue, as we don't know the reason for his dissappearance] this is the relevant part of the chat (hope he won't mind my posting this here :-) ... 8:01:23 PM: could you overtake it in case redmist abandons it? 8:01:59 PM: i mean repair bugs and continue development 8:02:24 PM: i could 8:02:28 PM: but i dont think i will 8:02:32 PM: since he has all the premine 8:02:35 PM: i think it has good parameters. if it was developed properly it coud be hit 8:02:42 PM: i would restart the coin itself 8:03:00 PM: yes, but what about the people who bought? 8:03:21 PM: there would be an automated system for people to cash in their coins for new ones 8:03:35 PM: that would be good 8:03:48 PM: i would have to mine and give those coins away though 8:04:07 PM: i think something like tat was done with solidcoins at restart 8:04:16 PM: yea ... So what do you think?
  6. ok. so i spent some boring time clicking through available blockexplorer data. I was trying to track what happened to premined orbs. Apperently most of them were moving in chunk several hundreds times, from address to address. Looks like it was done manualy. most af them ended up here: http://atlas.phoenixcoin.org:1080/address/oYZWWmnestWnzBhSEqAd7NT5KsBoNP91Lz but there were some smaller, but substantial amounts redirected as well on the way: http://atlas.phoenixcoin.org:1080/address/oLgcttgNrctLXsfWQhXu4A5eQ5J5kWALNr http://atlas.phoenixcoin.org:1080/tx/ef1a10a6f85ae85a5aa83f8ece67133fdcd9790975610ae8512b040c30edb4de#i1 http://atlas.phoenixcoin.org:1080/address/oSwPb9zsukRnqCXPkCLqBNBcW59vZ9TDQe and also, every time it was moved, there was some tiny bits mostly between 0.5-1-5 ORBs split and sent elsewhere (im not sure if it was for bounties or what, but it looks like the were gathered on different address) but i dont know if the majority of premined coins stayed on oYZWWmnestWnzBhSEqAd7NT5KsBoNP91Lz , or was moved later (not visible on this block explorer yet) anyway, it looks weird and suspicious
  7. Does anyone know ORB address where were all premined/bounties orbitcoins deposited? Did they move?

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