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  1. Thank you Currently we are 2nd in volume on C-Cex.. hoping we can hit 1st today!
  2. We're still in the process of getting the new explorer/richlist online. For now here is an updated version of the temp rich list (as of 10 minutes ago): http://www.opal-coin.com/?attachment_id=161
  3. Opal is a rebrand of OnyxCoin V2 Opal – X13 CryptoCurrency RPC Port: 51990 P2P Port: 50990 Algorithm: X13 POW/POS starts on block 15,000 Ticker: OPAL Max PoW Coins: Approximately 15 million 5% PoS Annual Interest Block Reward Schedule 90 second blocks No Pre-Mine Block 0-50 are low reward (15) Block 50-15,000 are 1,000 PoW Ends on Block 15,000 (approx. 15 days) MinStakeAge: 24 hours Max: Unlimited Opal is a re-brand, and entire re-release of OnyxCoin V2. (for more info see https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=724186.0) OnyxCoin V2 was a completely new coin – 100% detached from the original OnyxCoin – in everything except the name. The launch was successful, as was the mining period – and also the transition to PoS. Sadly, the Onyx name was too far tarnished by the original scam, and interest in the coin has faded. It is at this point that Opal was born… Opal uses the OnyxCoin V2 blockchain, which has always been a fresh new chain, but has been completely re-branded and is now backed by a team of committed members who wish to see the coin succeed. We liked what we saw in the codebase, and the wallet, and felt this was a great foundation from which we could build on - the first task being to detach it completely from the original name. The Opal team consists of several, experienced members of the alt-coin community with skills ranging from coin development and programming, to website development and marketing. The team is committed to seeing Opal succeed and will work hard to ensure this happens. New Rebranded Wallet -Rebranding the old onyx wallet with the new logo and releasing up launch of Opal ETA: Complete Opacity Encrypted Messaging -Implement in wallet encrypted messaging and release new wallet update Currently in development ETA: 1 Week Multipool and Market stability -Create and host multipool for scrypt/x11 algorithms with daily payouts in order to set market stability and allow users to acquire Opal through mining. Will hold vote on which algorithms are preferred by community ETA: TBA Proof of Developer -Contact Cryptoasian and set a date and time to acquire ranking for POD. http://cryptoasian.com/ ETA: Emailed waiting for response Anonymous Transactions Implement wallet upgrade to feature Anonymous transactions ETA: TBA More coming soon.. Opal is currently trading at the following exchanges: http://blockchain.opal-coin.com/ http://explorah.net/opal (the richlist on this explorer needs updating - please see: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=761791.msg8774323#msg8774323) Temporary Richlist Mac wallet released later today Follow us for the latest news and progress updates on: [email protected] Bounties for logo entries: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=765387.0 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=765419.0 Logo Contest Complete: Winner (Maximuss) receives 100,000 Opal - Everyone who participated receives 1,000 Opal - If you submitted an entry please PM us your Opal address Bounties for translations (not auto generated!): Chinese Spanish German Dutch Russian Bounty: 1,000 Opal per language About Onyx For those that don't know the history of OnyxV2 please see the original thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=724186.0

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