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  1. On mining pool http://xpool.net:8840/static/miners.html (i mine casinocoins) we have hashrate 6.07 MH/s DOA 144.48 KH/s Comman line looks like this: sudo cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp://csc.xpool.net:8840 -u CYp9DrynPL5PdNumqGPZ9vnP4nvSjA2zkD -p huiwam --chips-count 128 --scan-serial /dev/ttyUSB0 -T --nocheck-golden Output (5s):19.80M (avg):17.40Mh/s | A:141 R:5 HW:8 U:5.2/m WU:6852.5/m [2014-09-04 20:44:32] Stratum from pool 0 requested work restart [2014-09-04 20:44:32] Accepted 4d00d951 Diff 2.59K/1322 Zeus 0 (5s):17.69M (avg):17.39Mh/s | A:142 R:5 HW:8 U:5.2/m WU:6875.9/m (5s):6.494M (avg):17.32Mh/s | A:142 R:5 HW:8 U:5.2/m WU:6850.8/m What is a my real hashrate? 6 or 17 MH/s ? WTF your hashrate in 2 times less ??? Are you reduce my hashrate to reduce my payouts?? Ёб вашу мать да вы охуели????!!!! Take the hashrate up immediately please and solve this problem please. Thank you in advance.

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