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  1. Speedcoin wallet doesn't synchronize. Is there a block bootstrap file for download?
  2. Hello! I have followed you on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/flamur.dyrmishi Here is my address 3P2b5s5ZgRa6EPs7sDEiTJZohVkz8wjzPbx Thank you
  3. https://www.facebook.com/flamur.dyrmishi https://twitter.com/Crypto_Herald Retwitted https://twitter.com/AGTcoin/status/897748551966576641 my waves address 3P2b5s5ZgRa6EPs7sDEiTJZohVkz8wjzPbx Thank you
  4. Erik Voorhees. CEO of ShapeShift, confirms He Will Dump his Bitcoin Cash as Quickly as Possible. Is this going to influence the market?
  5. Please Please Please Would you send me some rimbits RPrX7GeCzLXsNap5UqHEnrzp88q3zLYX6Y Thank you so much
  6. RPrX7GeCzLXsNap5UqHEnrzp88q3zLYX6Y Thank you very much
  7. Now you can get gcoin wallet address in your android phone from google play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vasilkoff.wallet.gcoin … … and start exchange @bleutrade GCOIN ADDRESS GTr4Tr5QBMSiWsL1SMmFnM9KpuhD6XhvHS DOGECOIN DL8YLutsYE5KVNMhB9wcSKDKCYRJdyttvg Thank you
  8. Hi! TsApzen2P6S7TkXP9sqjNNE8RKftwnnmCi my vote TRL TrollCoin 1hu7NJYz7NWDX26rJABee8oJB2J7kgtF9 1172 Vote for TRL thank you
  9. GTr4Tr5QBMSiWsL1SMmFnM9KpuhD6XhvHS Thnak you
  10. user flag39 dogecoin address DL8YLutsYE5KVNMhB9wcSKDKCYRJdyttvg thank you
  11. Flamur Dyrmishi https://www.facebook.com/infogcoin Dogecoin address DL8YLutsYE5KVNMhB9wcSKDKCYRJdyttvg My GCOIN GTr4Tr5QBMSiWsL1SMmFnM9KpuhD6XhvHS thankyou again

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