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  1. Guys, someone mining with http://coin-base.info/astrocoin/index.php ? Can someone tell if you received transaction after 16th March? Thanks!
  2. Swamp, I have same issue but from another pool - from 16th March - do not receive any transaction and should to receive about 35ASR mining here: http://coin-base.info/astrocoin/index.php What's going on thats crazy!
  3. BTC crash today again.. just hope NXT will be 1k USD and not 1NXT=1BTC where 1= 1USD LOL Any ideas how to support NXT?
  4. Hi guys! Something VERY strange with that coin now. My wallet has 898 coins. Note: was not in solo process with GPU or CPU. Coins has been transferred to that wallet manually month ago and any problems happens before, chain updated several time always was OK. Now... Time from time wallet started to show transaction "Mined 0.00 ORB". First, coins starting appears to "Stake" status. Then... I saw that my coins are disappears from the wallet now! So coins that has been OK during month started to disappears somewhere out! No virus or something found. Actually that's crazy. We should to talk with devs before continue to support their network. I think devs should to: - as they promised, exchange v.1.3.2. coins to correct coins. - and finally - where is correct wallet that will allow to send coins to cryptsy? Maybe they will just fill our cryptsy accounts with correct amount mined by us? Seriously, what do we have now? We spent almost (someone even more) month sharing hashing power to the coin that: - IMPOSSIBLE TO EXCHANGE and - HAVE 2 STRANGE VERSIONS OF WALLETS. No one can understand which one is working correct or not: we already tried to send and some transactions not working! DEVs!! Pleeeaaase! Answer my question. I want to continue mining ORB, but I want to be sure that I can exchange it. I have more then 2500 coins and want finally to see them alive and working. Thanks! Screen you can see below:
  5. 3 day behind and stopped updating.... Something with chain?
  6. agree, and also - any issue with delays may happens on any trade engine. So its normal. Support specially created to resolve issues happens.
  7. LOL sure lost of $1 - this is funny. (only withdraw fee something like that) But you read forum on cryptsy, sure most issues there has been resolved, but some people almost got heart attack when got "delayed deposit issue" or withdraw delay. There amount was 10 sometime even 50 BTC. Actually I wonder why those "deposit/withdraw delay happens only on cryptsy". As for me, I got several times same issues and all resolved for now. But looks like such issues happens during some coin have very profitable price on cryptsy-only: once price back to low position - delay issue resolved. Maybe they "preventing" from " buy in coins-e and sell on cryptsy same time".
  8. Most of all issues happens with cryptsy - is delayed deposits or withdrawals. What can I recommend - to prevent such issues, before deposit some coin there- anyone can try to deposit 0.01 before sending big amount. Sure its not comfortable, but will be possible to be sure that deposits working for some coin to use. btw: with coinex.pw, coins-e, vircurex and coinedup I never had any delay like happens on cryptsy. And anyway using cryptsy. Normally they resolving issues if happens (in a case when coin blockexplorer working to confirm your transaction)
  9. I just hope ORB will not die and will continue good prices and return people who keep it correct mined amount
  10. crazy crazy all guys. What can i say: right now I updating clean latest version new 1.3.0 ,lets try tomorrow again if not working (Also I will add here my screens how working wallet-wallet two of my laptops - I could not understand why like that) Actually if someone have two laptops made there two wallets lets try all together . I hope dev is trusty (he was) and we can return coins we mined As for me - I spent almost two or even three weeks 24hrs mined that and now what? Better I mined DOGE LOL
  11. coin is good. but diff already 4k++ so same as buts but no retarget for cpu/gpu. My jalapeno already late for mining solo, but nice coin in a case dev will work to push it to trade. Waiting and see whats happens
  12. somewhere save wallet and blockchain you have now. Then try to reload blockchain (delete .dat files in /AppData/Roaming/Obritcoin directory). Maybe it will be restored (it it appears in the network) I spent more then 2 weeks mining that and now don't know what to do with that coins - impossible to send them to exchanger. They just lost in space. We also trying with other guys on main thread,you may read and see pictures what do we have now. Transactions not working, coins lost on their way (( So if you have several coins - I recommend you to try to send one to exchange. Then you will see if you will want continue to spend your hashpower or not I am waiting reply from developer what he will answer to all of that issues.
  13. Actually 1.3.0 working for mining too. But both show strange issue with transactions 1.3.0 not 1.3.2

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