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  1. CryptoFactory Token Giveaway | CFRS

    😂 owner this thread look very handsome 😂😂😂
  2. Participate in Airdrop to earn free 90 EBcoin very potential, promising project http://t.me/ebcoin_bot?start=RL90II
  3. The Hydro Tokens you earned from this event will be distributed to your Etherum wallet addres within 30 working days
  4. Receive Free PHM coin (mining for mobile devices) The total supply of PHM is 10,000,000,000. 1. Sign up https://crowdsale.phoneum.io/?ref=7660776 2. Activate your email 3. Sign in -> press Airdrop button 4. Do tasks 5. Done Tokens can be claimed after 18th May 2018
  5. Sign up: https://app.dock.io?r=nhanthuan:aaaa6KD6 1. Fill out your email 2. Sign in Your email, click active email, fill infor 3. Verify your account by link your soccial media, join Telegroup (Press Home tab to do it) 4. Press Earn complete all task. 5. Done You will receive token in Q1/2018
  6. Receive free IOST 68 tokens is listed Huobi exchange only fill Etherum wallet, follow, retweet Present IOST token price 0,024$ https://t.iost.io/?c=lhrwZjWI
  7. DEV team very promising
  8. Earn free 6 Hot Tokens very promising coin Access https://thehydrofoundation.com/en/invitations?inviter_id=6d06699e3f064fac 1. Fill your ETH -> press black triangle button 2. Coppy code (follow picture) 3. Press "Send the code to Hydro telegram channel!" -> join telegram group 4. Comment Code that coppied step 2 on telegroup 5. Done, receive 6 Hot tokens
  9. 1. Signup https://ico.savedroid.com/?ref=a3fa78b2-4379-4efb-9414-7562208ce270 2. Activate email. 3. Sign in your account. 4. Croll down, press Join Telegram group 5. Fill your Telegram user – Claim 100 SVD (Don’t fill @username, please Fill your username show below your avatar Telegram) 6. Done receive 100 SVD token instantly

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