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  11. Exenium is a multi-platform cryptocurrency exchange, a marketplace to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Exenium’s goal is to provide liquidity to its own token. Token holders will be able to pay for all services of the Exenium platform, with the spent tokens being withdrawn from circulation i.e. “burned”. This will provide an intrinsic mechanism for the increase of the token’s capitalization, as well as the ability to influence the price of the token throughout the entire period of circulation, with little regard to the behavior of traders. Chat to Bot Telegram https://telegram.exenium.io/go.php?utm_source=referral&utm_refid=CYhNPA4x5D2uyR5TJ752vKf8ju6Jw2zb After pressing Click here to sign in to your web account on Bot Telegram to access Your Cabinet
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