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  1. Ethancoin - Giveaway - 100 ETHAN COINS.

    F & Tw https://twitter.com/khaiquoc EPLxmzSFcdNGAZjKfa4Vau6Fe8Djt1sWp6 Thank!
  2. JackpotCoin GIVEAWAY! 1000 JPC for Following Us

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  3. 150 MonetaryUnit [MUE] giveaway

    7JUAmiN54NAHZ5QmevraufcfJ1GfMpP4A3 Thanks!
  4. Get 100 Doge For Liking Our Facebook Page!

    Hi Altcoin Herald... Liked Your FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/trac.ba Doge Address: DPzpk1giGJ74mV9QM5Nwk5ZU7QsyikrEEh Thank You,
  5. DNotes Giveaway. Help us get listed on Mintpal!

    DNotes DeZoMPDn7gcBqkVSbc6Z5yBSKAtZUcxuko

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