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  1. No no just submit support ticket.But be careful,everybody seen what they made with Lisk and the Lisk statement about that. never trust exchanges.
  2. sure tha Yobit will bring more volume to the coin. users will be lost in the pairs on cryptopia and probably loose pennies if not more.
  3. Do you want me to make you the owner of this thread so you can update it if you need too. I can also update it in the future if you're busy. I'm ok with it so he can update his own coin thread
  4. thank you pushed your reputation too
  5. LdfM1Trtcz48ce6JizcdcFd4c71h9UigGG Thank you
  6. hello!!! 7Ev7xrrbSiY3sigBwaSiwNXha6PJLdvfhs thank you so much