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  1. OPAL - X13 / POW OVER / NO PREMINE / NEW WALLET / ROADMAP - http://t.co/hiMv5TogYs #altcoin via @cryptocointalk

  2. looks interesting, i tweeted for you , ill keep an eye on this one
  3. RT @devnullius: Professional and therefore exciting @wankcoin news! Backed by http://t.co/FqmEsnpwlC, this coin ain't going anywhere any ti…

  4. [ANN] Ʉ Umbrella | The First Insured Cryptocurrencies | BITTREX | Cryptsurance - https://t.co/AdhX33J1uV #altcoin via @cryptocointalk

  5. Looks pretty cool , i will be watching this one , i tweeted for you good luck XD
  6. RT @devnullius: +1000 $SSD for easy tasks??? Really?? Yes really!!! #RT & GO TO http://t.co/6iIby0M1Cv - over 0.003 in raw #BTC value!!Sw…

  7. RT @smokin35: Sync Announces FIRST Altcoin Exchange for Airline Miles: http://t.co/fKsNQrTJ8F via @altcointoday

  8. RT @digitalocean: Easily deploy Ubuntu on a cloud that 150,000+ developers <3. Enter 'UBUNTUDROPLET' to claim the $10 credit https://t.co/…

  9. Verifying that +coomiras is my Bitcoin username. You can send me #bitcoin here if you feel like it XD: https://t.co/dMtDLz2VI5

  10. KnCMiner Further Snubs Neptune Customers With Cloud Hosting http://t.co/2nR7WtUifQ via @CryptoCoinsNews

  11. A New Way to Earn Bitcoin Playing Your Favorite Video Games: Leetcoin !!!#RT @Vindyne8 @pcgamer @Gamer_RTweets http://t.co/N2XX0sXSw9

  12. Cryptocurrency Round-Up: Twitch Accepts Bitcoin, Dogecoin Tipping and Ecuador's Digital Currency http://t.co/1ThsQsDtvw

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