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  1. You are right, this giveaway is now closed.
  2. And din't forget Sestertius Telegram group
  3. transfered 678 HS to Audata 3P389FtVe36tFFeZWcEej1ABWNEU3Sv7Ddu gunit9735 3PALsJb1q2vgAwdZNi2QXZsKDvfoZjGzngG ralphb 3P3kXBHhn3xa23gHxAa5G8WfTLC3B7f7Kw3 Bee Nis 3PC1hMRLXPR7hsdKfPAiwoQ8GVUMYXcqR1S disantes 3PBZYqK11LCVqdqrVCnHKfLgcr5igAmqQbr CryptoSunny 3PGC3cZ6Vj8xbB63P5K6dEGyMQQRiJYcsKz I have still some 6 slots to distribute to. Best luck
  4. You are 15th congrats, 1 st winner out of 10. The 9 other following waves wallets will also get some. Best luck
  5. You are number 13 out of a minimum 15.
  6. Addresses 15 to 25 will win.
  7. 5 more addreses to go begin earning....
  8. HS information. For information, every sestertius wallet holds 1156,35 HS in average. 23 different custommers wallets on july 24th 2017
  9. 24 th of july Sestertius giveaway Sestertius Giveaway: July 24.... Offer today for a free 678 HS giveaway to the 15 th until 25th waves addresses left here below. BEST LUCK TO YOU....!
  10. July 21th Sestertius BIG giveaway This is a Sestertius Paid job, Here is the deal: when promoting Sestertius on waves community telegram group, i got rejected for spam. Did not read the rules correctly. Sorry. Nevertheless, i need to keep an eye to this group for information on this technology. I am sorry and i promise i will never do spamming there, now we have our own telegram group. So for anyone who will send me a successful invite to join wavescommunity telegram group, i will offer 2345 HS. (HS was Romans abreviation for sestertius) Thank you very much. Best luck.
  11. We sincerely hope too.
  12. UR welcome.
  13. Coincitus wins today's game on Cryptocointalk with 5678 HS distributed (the same amount was also distributed on Telegram's Sestertius group just a couple of minutes ago Congratulations.