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  1. Hello, Sestertius is changing its communication channel and is shifting Telegram messagery to more practical Slack platform. So to celebrate this, everyone needs to subscribe to official Sestertius Slack channel, you need to register at To celebrate your registration, you will be offered a bounty of 567 HS for free, so just hurry, and do not forget to leave your Waves address there. The Sestertius core development team
  2. sestertius

    Sorry, this offer has ended on sept 11 th
  3. E-SESTERTIUS, neo-SESTERTIUS or crypto-SESTERTIUS is a new cryptocurrency based on Waves system and Waves DEX decentralized exchange ( SESTERTIUS was the supercurrency used all across the entire Roman empire, across borders, languages habbits, cultures, ages and even wars, every people of the empire accepted it and did trade with it. Now the entire world, and beyond, is the empire, it is time for us to get rid of all kind of borders. SESTERTIUS is designed for trading multiple other currencies on the DEX platform. Using easy to use waves mobile wallet application, SESTERTIUS' second role is a bankless currency. Some trades have already been done against waves, I do not know how. Unlike some other cryptocurrencies systems that were designed to help bankless in Africa and India, but still needs to validate its system and concept, SESTERTIUS relies on a validated network, application and the strength of the Waves blockchain. SESTERTIUS has no need to be validated an can be used right now, at the moment cash is needed (unlike some other primitive cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, using the Waves blockchain is almost timeless). SESTERTIUS can be used for payments processings, man to man all over the globe, all you need for this is a smartphone and an Internet access. Another advantage of SESTERTIUS is that it does not rely on an outdated bank system and its value does not depend on any government. How clean, fast and easy.! The main goal is that people use their SESTERTIUS wallet for goods or service payments. Waves intrinsic value relies on Waves DEX exchange, trades define its value, real fiducial value and capitalization. 1 billion SESTERTIUS were issued on July 11 th on Wave's DEX with SESTERTIUS / BTC pair available for the begining. SESTERTIUS / WAVES pair is available. Actual SESTERTIUS/BTC rate is 0,00001 (1 SESTERTIUS is worth 0,00001BTC, which makes 1 Sesterius worth 0,018€. SESTERTIUS management & tech development core consists in: ElChorten president and CEO Cryptosunny Deputy director and communications officer Official SESTERTIUS communication channels: Facebook : Telegram : Slack : website : Bitcointalk : For info request :
  4. Hello, time limited offer for today only, for Sestertius cryptocurrency. Any buyer, of 50 Sestertius or more on waves Dex decentralized exchanges will be offered a +100% bonus of the amount of bought Sestertius. This offer is valid if you buy Sestertius against Bitcoins or Sestertius against waves cryptocurrencies. Go to this offer is valid until 00:00 CEST
  5. Hello, For today only, everyone buying 50 Sestertius from a single Waves Address will get an extra 100 HS. Limited offer will end at 00:00 CEST Hurry
  6. You are right, this giveaway is now closed.
  7. And din't forget Sestertius Telegram group
  8. transfered 678 HS to Audata 3P389FtVe36tFFeZWcEej1ABWNEU3Sv7Ddu gunit9735 3PALsJb1q2vgAwdZNi2QXZsKDvfoZjGzngG ralphb 3P3kXBHhn3xa23gHxAa5G8WfTLC3B7f7Kw3 Bee Nis 3PC1hMRLXPR7hsdKfPAiwoQ8GVUMYXcqR1S disantes 3PBZYqK11LCVqdqrVCnHKfLgcr5igAmqQbr CryptoSunny 3PGC3cZ6Vj8xbB63P5K6dEGyMQQRiJYcsKz I have still some 6 slots to distribute to. Best luck
  9. You are 15th congrats, 1 st winner out of 10. The 9 other following waves wallets will also get some. Best luck
  10. You are number 13 out of a minimum 15.
  11. Addresses 15 to 25 will win.
  12. 5 more addreses to go begin earning....
  13. HS information. For information, every sestertius wallet holds 1156,35 HS in average. 23 different custommers wallets on july 24th 2017