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  1. OS X builds - Feedback & Bug Reporting

    Yes there is an issue with the current wallet that is being repaired. This from MacOS Guide will re-sync you. ...Manually downloading the Blockchain Snapshot.zip file. (http://download.gridcoin.us/download/downloadstake/signed/) You can then unzip the file and overwrite it's contained files into the "/Users/your name here/Library/Application/Support/GridcoinResearch" directory. Just exit the app before you do this. ~Acey
  2. Gridcoin Slack Channel

    Yes, send me your email address via PM.
  3. OS X builds - Feedback & Bug Reporting

    Are you a MacOS user on Gridcoin and interested in participating in Testnet? Gridcoin wants you! You will be helping to make future versions of gridcoin and helping the full integration of MacOS at the same time. Please visit the Testnet Guide here: http://wiki.gridcoin.us/OS_X_Guide#Using_Testnet You can also help by voting this up at steemit here: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@aceypilot/gridcoin-macos-testnet-guide
  4. OS X builds - Feedback & Bug Reporting

    Jiro can if he has the time. I do not have the training for this.
  5. OS X builds - Feedback & Bug Reporting

    Sure thing. Your strategy and "wait and see" is a good one. It is a know fact that it takes 14 days to acquire a magnitude history...interesting. Glad it worked out for you. We are all learning here....
  6. OS X builds - Feedback & Bug Reporting

    Sounds like you were on a fork. This happens sometimes. Suggest you go back to version and download the blockchain snapshot zip file. unzip it and have it overwrite the associated files in your /Users/your_name_here/Library/Application\ Support/GridcoinResearch folder. Open your wallet and let it resync. This may take a few hours. http://download.gridcoin.us/download/downloadstake/signed/
  7. OS X builds - Feedback & Bug Reporting

    Enter ‘checkwallet’ in the debug console. Enter "repairwallet" if it is corrupted. Also make sure you wallet is unlocked so it can stake. Enter ‘list cpids’ in the debug console. This will show a list of projects that your CPID is attached to and your RAC. If “CPID Valid” is false, then either you have not joined the Gridcoin team, the BOINC project is not whitelisted, your RAC is too low, or your CPID has not otherwise been connected with your wallet. If your CPID is valid, then enter ‘execute beaconstatus’ to see if your beacon is in the Neural Network. If it is not, enter "execute advertisebeacon". v3.6.3.0 is running fine by the way.
  8. OS X builds - Feedback & Bug Reporting

    A guy named josh did it. He makes logos professionally. You can find him on Slack at @joshoeah.
  9. Gridcoin Slack Channel

    What is your slack name so I can send you an invite?
  10. [Testnet] Research Age

    I'm new to testate and on OSX. Is this the latest tutorial? Will have to figure this out as I go.
  11. OS X builds - Feedback & Bug Reporting

    So you are ok then. Good. Many times a simple restart of the wallet will fix various issues.
  12. OS X builds - Feedback & Bug Reporting

    Hi Rufus, Do you have a Gridcoin balance in your wallet? Look here for setup and trouble shooting and get back to me. http://wiki.gridcoin.us/OS_X_Guide#Gridcoin_Configuration ~Acey
  13. Mediawiki/Documentation for Gridcoin

    ...Looks like there are several people here talking to themselves, me included. So I'll just edit away at the wiki, like the original post states. ~Acey
  14. Mediawiki/Documentation for Gridcoin

    Hi everyone, Just want you to know that I am doing some general wiki house cleaning and have updated the OS X Guide and redirected it to the MacOS Guide for rebranding and to match the terminology used on the http://www.gridcoin.us website. Another reason is we need the original link for the search engines, because it is the first link displayed in any type of gridcoin mac related search. Also if there is anyone here with DEV authority, I suggest that you can change the title of the "Main Page" to something more descriptive like "Gridcoin Informational Guide" for example. As it is, the main page looks unfinished and does not match what a new visitor would expect to see. A regular user can not change the title of a main page as far as I know. I can make a redirect page with a new name, but hate to do this if we can just simply rename the main page itself. Have a look at the wiki and I think you will understand what I mean. I am welcome to suggestions should you have any. Thank you for your time. ~Acey
  15. OS X builds - Feedback & Bug Reporting

    Hi Phazz, Did you ever get it working? The Gidcoin Wiki has been updated, and you should find it helpful. Here: http://wiki.gridcoin.us/OS_X_Guide

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