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    I foresee many people turning away from wasting electricity on many types of crypto currencies and redirecting that energy into Boinc. I have dreamed that one day, something would come along like Grid Coin to make that happen... and now it has.

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  1. So you are ok then. Good. Many times a simple restart of the wallet will fix various issues.
  2. Hi Rufus, Do you have a Gridcoin balance in your wallet? Look here for setup and trouble shooting and get back to me. ~Acey
  3. ...Looks like there are several people here talking to themselves, me included. So I'll just edit away at the wiki, like the original post states. ~Acey
  4. Hi everyone, Just want you to know that I am doing some general wiki house cleaning and have updated the OS X Guide and redirected it to the MacOS Guide for rebranding and to match the terminology used on the website. Another reason is we need the original link for the search engines, because it is the first link displayed in any type of gridcoin mac related search. Also if there is anyone here with DEV authority, I suggest that you can change the title of the "Main Page" to something more descriptive like "Gridcoin Informational Guide" for example. As it is, the main page looks unfinished and does not match what a new visitor would expect to see. A regular user can not change the title of a main page as far as I know. I can make a redirect page with a new name, but hate to do this if we can just simply rename the main page itself. Have a look at the wiki and I think you will understand what I mean. I am welcome to suggestions should you have any. Thank you for your time. ~Acey
  5. Hi Phazz, Did you ever get it working? The Gidcoin Wiki has been updated, and you should find it helpful. Here:
  6. MacOS App downloads now! See it here:
  7. Hey the new logo looks great on the GRC home page! The Mac DMG link works great too. Yes, we have a MacOS down load now.
  8. Hey the new logo looks great on the GRC home page! The Mac DMG link works great too. Yes, we have a MacOS down load now.
  9. This is discussed in other forums and a lot of useful info is found here: You are fine so far, but need to download blocks here: and You can then unzip it and overwrite the files in the "/Users/your name here/Library/Application/Support/GridcoinResearch" directory. You will also need to have a small amount of coins in your wallet to stake gridcoin
  10. Good news! MacOS App downloads now! See it here:
  11. Congratulations and thank you for your hard work.
  12. Have you updated to Mandatory version Have you tried restarting your wallet?
  13. Thanks, but Marco invited me earlier.
  14. Hey the Slack sign-up channel is not working. Am I doing something incorrectly by going to the above link?
  15. The Gridcoin OS X Wiki has been updated to a nice and easy installation process. There is also a DMG download available. Some talented people have put a lot of effort into this. For those of you interested, please visit the Gridcoin Wiki site here: I think it would be nice to have this link directly added to the downloads and guides sections respectively on the Gridcoin home page beside Windows and Linux. I am no Dev, but feel that adding some semblance for Mac user support would be beneficial for everyones concerned here. I must confess that I am resentful for OS X being ignored at the cost of everyone here, because there are a lot of Mac users out there that would join us if the proper support is given. If we are as good as we think we are, then maybe its time for a little official support for the unofficial work done in the OS X department. What do you say Management?