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  1. Hello, I think that conversion was not successfull because I don't see converted GRCs in my new wallet. Could you please check what happened? ID: 18cb56ea-9a0a-4b98-aa0d-828705b9b965 New GRC Address: SGDQtiavRKPDZaJyh3zJrVL3BLhpvTHue4 Amount: 109.1234000000 Status: COMPLETED Initiated Date: 11/10/2014 1:34:45 PM Confirms Required: 50 Confirms Left: 0 Initiated Height: 208660 Burn Height: 208662 Paid Date: 11/10/2014 3:51:38 PM Sent TX ID: 4a43d0d00c6b4be50ee83a408642ac813b7ccc28de39ed3f4332f207c53b6759 FORGET ABOUT THIS POST. EVERYTHING IS OK NOW.
  2. hegan


    You are welcome. I am glad that you like it.
  3. Ok, I don’t have a clue what are you talking about here. To me it seems that Rob is asking us for opinion but not listening. Looks like he already decided to do this POW to POS conversion. So, I am asking Rob, why bother with all this discussion? Rob, no hard feelings this is just how I understand this whole situation. I wish I am wrong. I have several questions for you. As I said earlier on this forum I am beginner in mining and crypto currency world. I don’t understand this POW and POS terminology. I am in learning process but still not educated enough to discuss on this subject. I joined to this community because of BOINC. My opinion is that through Gridcoin these projects will gain more popularity. With more popularity we will be able to become more beneficial to whole human kind. Could you please try to explain in plain simple English what impact this change will have to people like myself who bought used computer and started mining with CPU? I am talking about people who don’t have money to buy expensive mining equipment but have great heart and would like to help. Yes, I expect reward in Gridcoin (money) but not because of greed. I would use this money to help to people who need help, to support humanitarian work…… I don’t expect to become rich with Gridcoin. Even if I do, most of money from Gridcoin will be given to people in need. Again, can you explain through an example step by step what would happen to Gridcoins and mining process of a person who mine with not so powerful PC. Give us comparison between these two concepts. What would happen if we continue with POW and what are benefits or disadvantages of POS? There is too much discussion here. Can you create another coin (test coin) with that POS thing and let us test it for some time. After we test it we can give our opinion and maybe vote for it or against it.
  4. Can you review “Whitelisted BOINC Projects”? I started mining Gridcoin with CPU and decided to add all projects listed in section “CPU only based projects: (21 projects)”. When executing command “listitem cpids” in Gridcoin wallet console I have noticed that project “primaboinca” has this error: Not an official boinc whitelisted project. Please see listitem projects
  5. Today I uploaded manual at "Beginner" topic here at forum. I am beginner in mining and crypto currencies and I tried to create detailed manual so that any beginner can start easily. I hope that this manual will help someone http://www.filedropper.com/cpuminingguide
  6. hegan


    Hello all, I promised that I am going to upload manual for beginners in Gridcoin mining. So, here it is. I called it “Gridcoin CPU mining guide”. It is created for Win7 users but I hope that it could be useful for all Windows users. Give me your opinions, ideas, suggestions, critics…. http://www.filedropper.com/cpuminingguide
  7. It's me again with another round of questions. I would like to know more about RAC that Gridcoin use for mining. I realize that I need to have more than 100 RAC per project to start mining with my CPU. What I don't understand is what RAC Gridcoin use because when I look at BOINC stats for some individual project there are 2 RAC numbers. See picture bellow. Or maybe Gridcoin calculate differently this RAC thing because when I compare RAC from BOINC stats and RAC that I get from listitem cpids command in console they are totally different. Could someone please explain? Another question is about BOINC tasks. I have noticed that some tasks on some projects are resetting. I mean task is running up to for example 3% and just start over from 0%. This wouldn’t be such a problem if it will reset one time but it is resetting all the time and task can’t ever come to 100%. Is there something I can do to fix this or prevent happening again?
  8. big_swifty, thank you very much. It is very strange that yesterday I tried what you suggested but with no progress. When I was clicking to “Download blocks” I was receiving some error and Gridcoin wallet were crashing. Maybe clicking “Rebuild block chain” before clicking “Download blocks” did the trick, I am not sure. Anyway, everything is fine now except “CPU projects are exhausted” but I think this is because I have RAC<100.
  9. Hello, I know that this question was asked and I found some solutions on this forum but I can’t fix problem. I have “Synchronizing with network…” problem. It starts to synchronize and go to around 4000 blocks and stuck. This is the problem from beginning when I installed Gridcoin.msi few days ago. I am uploading here my configuration file, debug file and snapshot of Gridcoin-Wallet and BAM with hope that someone will find solution. Thanks in advance. Debug file: http://www.filedropper.com/debug_1 CONFIGURATION rpcuser=R rpcpassword=G rpcallowip= rpcport=9332 server=1 listen=1 addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode=supernode.gridcoin.us cpumining=true email=email i used for boinc threads=4
  10. hegan


    Hello Traderman, I found about Gridcoin while I was reading articles on Coindesk. I was and still am interested in cryptocurrencies so I started on a daily basis to visit websites with news about this subject. Back to topic. I bought used HP workstation xw6200 very cheap and I managed to install boinc and Gridcoin.msi. I plan to mine with my CPU for now. Latter I may buy some graphic card. While I was installing and configuring everything I recorded almost every step and these days I will upload manual I created for beginners so you can review it and edit. English is not my native language so I will appreciate your help in this matter. I would like this topic to be for regular people who don’t know much about computers but have good heart and want to help other people by contributing in BOINC projects and mining of course. In short, this topic should be for complete beginners. It is not going to be easy task to connect Gridcoin, BOINC and regular people because of all this terminology and technical stuff but I am optimist. First thing I would like to suggest is sorting and organizing Forum. For example I have problem with “Synchronizing with network…”. I was looking for solutions to this problem and I found some solutions but on several topics. Why not just open topic with common problems and solutions so that everyone can find solution to the problem much faster rather than losing time reading pages and pages of posts that are not relevant to problem someone has. Another thing I want to talk about is connecting experienced miners with beginners in easier way then just by posting posts on forums. I am talking about direct chat between experienced miners and beginers or even experienced miner to connect to beginners computer through TeamViewer or some other way and solve beginner’s problem. Now I think I have an answer to one of my questions. The more people we bring in the more valuable Gridcoin will be.
  11. hegan


    Hello all, While I was reading articles on Coindesk I came across article “5 Global Problems Bitcoin’s Proof of Work Can Help Solve” where Gridcoin was mentioned and that is how I get interested into this crypto currency. I like the idea but as a beginner in crypto currency world and BOINC too, I have I lot of questions for you. I just recently started to learn about crypto currencies so please don’t mind if I ask some questions that might be stupid to you. I understand that while I am mining Gridcoin currency I support BOINC projects but what I don’t understand is what is giving value to Gridcoin? Don’t get me wrong here but for me Gridcoins are equal to money. I can mine thousands of Gridcoins but if I can’t exchange Gridcoins or buy something with those coins what is the point? Why would someone exchange his/her money or Bitcoins or some other crypto currency for Gridcoins? How many websites or shops accept Grincoin as a payment method? How can I implement Gridcoin to my website as a payment option for my customers? What is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to convert US Dollars or any other fiat currency to Gridcoins and vice versa? Projects like “The Help Fight Childhood Cancer” are more than enough motivation for me to start mining and promoting Gridcoin. I think that every single computer on this planet should contribute to these projects. That brings me to another question and that is: manuals for beginners. I have spent few days researching Gridcoin website and forum and I found only one step by step manual with pictures explaining how to mine Gridcoins. Even that manual is not finished. My question is why there are no step by step manuals for people like myself who wants to help but don’t understand some processes and terminology you use here? Ok, that is all for now. Tomorrow, I am buying one used PC and I will try to configure it to mine some Gridcoins. You can expect lot more questions tomorrow.

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