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  1. Uploaded: Synology_MIB_File.zip GCN: GNEzcCkYAL1RiqMNd2fW2aAEsjbS77HUeQ DOGE: DN99s291jMeomeyYFinJF5LWATJ8MRP6rz
  2. 1FBc4QeF1Da4j2PuSwH3uuz9731LHGoEAT Vote 1269
  3. Added: Dobbscoin / BOB / Scrypt BluePlanet Coin / BLP / Scrypt InfiniteCoin / IFC / Scrypt
  4. http://poolfinity.com/BLP 1% PPLNS, VarDiff, Western United States Main thread: https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/14649-annpool-poolfinitycom-1-pplns-western-us/?hl=poolfinity
  5. Signed up for Cryptex BLP LWzzm4X4PfPVvi5w19qsQ8VPVu62nQxiKu User: grhohertz Thanks
  6. Poolfinity.com is now running latest CNC wallet. 1% PPLNS, Western United States Main Ann thread: https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/14649-annpool-poolfinitycom-1-pplns-western-us/
  7. Poolfinity is up and running Zedcoin v2.2 1% PPLNS, Western United States Direct link to Zedcoin: http://poolfinity.com/ZED Main announced thread: https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/14649-annpool-poolfinitycom-1-pplns-western-us/
  8. 1Credit - 1CR Wallet updated to mandatory 9.06.20
  9. 1Credit is now up @ Poolfinity.com 1% PPLNS, Western United States Running latest wallet 9.06.60 Cryptocointalk thread: https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/14649-annpool-poolfinitycom-1-pplns-western-us/
  10. Bottlecaps Pool @ Poolfinity http://poolfinity.com 1% PPLNS, West Coast U.S.
  11. CESC has been added to PoolFinity.com. http://poolfinity.com/CESC Announce thread: https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/14649-annpool-poolfinitycom-1-pplns-western-us/ 1% PPLNS, Western United States
  12. UWBPUq68aG9QjvFVwrQ2a9U6a7iY1zrok6 #294. Thanks

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