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  3. Did not receive the coins. Is the giveaway over?
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  5. My address is RxuTcn9rTgaWLXQJdg4CLzv4rRKVKNhoFX
  6. BitBean giveaway 1,000 BITB free for the first 500 that complete these 4 tasks: 1. Retweet and like 2. Follow @yeswepump 3. Follow @BitBeanCoin 4. Reply to the tweet (not on this forum!) with your BITB wallet address Twitter accounts must have profile photo and bio, over 6 months activity and 300+ followers. All fakes account or suspect ones, will not be rewarded! Promotion ends at 500 entries or on August 28th.
  7. Ethereum mining is now available at Minergate too! Mine eth with the 1-click GUI miner! Get miner: http://
  8. Most rooms are moving to Slack. Nice idea. Joined
  9. Novaexchange was hacked and it's closing Any other exchange available?
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